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Int. Ch.
Comical's Brown Sugared Leroy
Int.Nord Ch Aramis N. Ch. Brage N. Ch. Busby’s Aiko 
Kolo-Lines Glory
N.Ch. Busby’s Bellatrix Ch. Sernland Snowy Owl of Olbero
Ch. Spotnik’s Busybody
Førby’s Fresh Naughty Nellie Ormolu of Olbero GB Ch. Tantivvey Target of Olbero
Natasha of Moerton
Bonnie-Bee Ilbertas Nifty Nick
Ch. Ilbertas Osanice
Hazylivalove Int Ch Olbero Ozonelayer GB.Ch
Elaridge Endeavour
Ch. Golden Boy of Trumpeters
Sernland Danielle
Olboro Organdic Collar
GB.Ch. Wardell Whatizname
Organdie of Olbero
Dk. Ch.
Førby’s Fancy Outsider Olivia
Ormolu of Olbero GB.Ch.Tantivvey Target of Olbero
Natasha of Moreton
Spotnik’s Cream Cracker Olbero October Legend
Int/Nord Ch Cocheperro out of the blue of Olbero
see photo of dog point at the name - some photos missing