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Nord. Ch.
T-Cart Quampas
S. Ch.
Bobbysocks Athos
Int. Nord Ch.
Indians Meccalero
Int/Nord. Ch.Indians Fort McKenzie 
GB.Ch. Washakie Miniver
S. Ch.
Luonnonpuiston Terece
Ch. Pepperdot Pentathlon
Ch. Lunnonpuiston Azzie
Int. Nord. Ch.
Gems Delight of Theakston
GB. Ch. Beaumore
Night Owl of Olbero
GB.Ch. TantivveyTawny Owl of Olbero
Lucombe Arabella
Konvalje Stella D’oro GB.Ch. Miragua St. Valentine
GB.Ch. Konavlje Cream de la Cream
Brenda Brown
Bosville Colbost Curlew
Whardell Whatizname
GB.Ch.Lizadal Lancers Lad
Gaypalls Miss Milly
Bosville Kilmare Kestel GB.Ch. Randan Emporium
GB.Ch.Kerry Piper of Bosville
Dk. Ch.
Førby’s Fancy Outsider Olivia
Ormolu of Olbero GB.Ch.Tantivvey Target of Olbero
Natasha of Moreton
Spotnik’s Cream Cracker Olbero October Legend
Int/Nord Ch Cocheperro out of the blue of Olbero
see photo of dog point at the name - some photos missing