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DKCH Dallise's Charming Chappie 13.06.94 - 07.07.2010

On 7 July 2010 (his grandmother's birthday) came the terrible day when I had to say goodbye to my lovely little chap.
The evening in advance he fell and could not rise again, the same thing happened in the morning. So there was nothing else to do but call the vet and tell that now it was now he was going up in dog heaven. He was 16 years old and 3 weeks old, and it is quite well done!
Zabel spent his last morning in the dog basket in the kitchen, where he was hand-fed a whole great paté, it bekom him well, it seems he was quite a fine idea. It was also in the basket he died peacefully with the other dogs around them. His final resting place was the same plot which Jenny was also established in the "Animal memorial grove" in Horsens.
Zabel was a huge personality, such leaves deep holes, he is missed.

As Zabel was 15 years and 4 months, he stole still on the table if he could get to it. The sense of smell was nothing wrong if he were bellowing, and wanted something he could not reach, and I said, there's nothing Zabel, it was me who was wrong.

He was still good, but he is calcified in the back, which progress that he has not raised leg, or in each case not lift you so high, but the sofa and bed, he had no trouble getting up in.

He slept well when he slept. I do not think he heard as well, as he has done. But he did when you called him. The trick, however, a bit more when we went for a walk, but it could be what is called selective hearing.

He was a totally typical male, childish, and that simply never could do that he came to do something wrong, quite impossible to be mad at for long. He knew how he should use his charm.

  Zabel was in 2004 and 2005 Årest oldie in Danish Dalmatian Club (on the older dogs that have performed best in exhibitions during the year).

At times it feels shown something bullied with just female beings in the house.

He is the father of two litters. One of his sons Nuppe (Dallise's Elegant Nupper) has often been a guest in the home.

Zabel guardian of the house with great care and loud, there's only a small thing people do not know is that he loves guests, and would never hurt them.

He has gone to obedience in DCH, and is 2 times been winner of its class in local competitions. (Those in which one must have meatballs with). He is smart, and find it easy to learn different exercises zigzag, roll and so on. Which he is allowed to perform, by every possible occasion, and that he enjoys, even though it can be difficult when the bitches stand in the way , where he must roll or walk.

And he is character tested, he had a glorious day that I am afraid of the testing staff still remembers, even if it was many years ago, he was simply never there where we think he should be.

Zabel loved in his younger days playing with the ball, he could go on for hours.

Other things thing he's good at, is to open doors and drawers (maybe one can find nothing to eat, such as uncooked spaghetti, sauce powder and the like), and then he opened the doors up both those who go inward, and those who turn outwards.

He is BEAR + / +, HD A / B, and all have teeth.