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Puppies news 2009

July 24th. the shiba girl Monique one year old,
came to visit us!
27th July - Puppies news updated.

Before Jenny left Jackpot came back for vacation, so Jade is not all alone, she still has a playmate in her own age. And they have a fun time together.

We hope to find a realy nice family for Jade, my little beautyful sweet girl

We are looking forward to hear news from the other puppies, who had traveled to their new homes. We already have got both e-mails and photos from some of them - nice.

Later we hope, that it is possible to made a day for a meeting see how they all grow.
July 21st - Jenny leaves
Now our Jennygirl leaves home, she is going to live together with a young danish couple and their Icelandic sheepdog Victor in the southern part of Sweden.
July 16th - Jackpot leaves
Helle and Nicklas came to pick Jackpot up, he is going to live in Sdr. Omme near Grindsted in the middle of Jutland. He will soon come back on holiday.
The weekend before Jackpot leaves, we had Mille 11 year old (Cockerspaniel) for the weekend, and the puppies enjoy it much
Mille and the puppies:   
July 8th. - Joker leaves
Joker leaves for his new home. He is going to live together with 3 childeren 6, 10 og 13 year old near Herning in the niddle of Jutland.
Playing puppies:   
July 3rd. - June leaves
Junes new family came to take her home. June now lives near Aabenraa in the southern part of Jutland together with her halfbrother Samson from Goodies second liter, Samson father is Bosson (Jilloc Loverboy).
Lonnie and Mikkel also came with dinner for us all, the weather was good and we eat outdoors in the garden, and had a nice time.
July 1st. - Juwel leaves
Juwels family just moved into their new home at Djursland, Jutland.
Then they came to take Juwel home. Juwel is now named Obi, and lives togerher with two childeren a boy and a girl who is nine years old.
Juni 18th - Jasmine leaves
Jasmine is going to live only 20 kilometers away near Horsens, so we hope to see her and her family often.
Play and learn
Puppies play and learn, they play with mum, bigsister Idea and eachother, all a part of the development.
Something so do:   
June 14th - Charlotte and Happy visit us
Charlotte and Happy (Happy is a halfsister from Goodies first litter) visit us, they have been there before, but this time Happy plays with the puppies.
Happy and the puppies:   
June 12th - Joy leaves
Joy's family came to pick her up, she is going to live in the northern part of Jutland togerther with 3 cats.
Her family brought breakfast (fresh bread and all we need) with them to us all, we had a nice time.
June 11th. - Jazz leaves
Jazz leaves with his new family for Copenhagen, he is the families 4 dalmatian.
The latest one was Dotter's brother Kaiser, he past away June 4th. 12½ years old after a good long life.
Ready to go!
June 9th - Trip to the veterinary
A busy day. First I had to go to Horsens to rent a car, then home to get get the puppies and the mother. We should be in Odder at 10.30.

I also pick up one of my friends to help me. She has been working as assistant for veterinary in the nearest town, and was a very good helper.

The test show that 7 puppies was hearing +/+ and 2 puppies +/-.

Later that day, one of the new puppy families came to visit there new familymember.

Hearing test:   

June 4th - name recognition

Today the ID-maker was her and the puppies are baptized - got their names.
May 31st the puppies were photographed, a great thanks to Karen, Jørgen, Lonnie og Mikkel because they helped me with this.
Below each puppy with their pedigree name, (the name they are called here). Click the photos for full size




June 3rd - Good weather and visitors
Now it is realy summertime. The weather during the weekend has been very good, it was great!
We have had a lot of visitors, some came to choose their new familymember, other just to visit us.
Puppies tought it was realy funtime. They liked to be outdoors the most of the day, and have so many playmates. Also some other dalmatians came to visit us, fun.

Puppies get visitors:   
May 27th - curious puppies
Now all have to be examined, they are very interested in the washing-machine, they think it is just as good as the TV
They are also very good in the garden, I have started to fence in my plants and flowers, so not all are going to be destroyed.

Puppies outdoors:   
23. maj - Idea as playmate
The puppies have moved out in the puppyroom. The best thing is there is direct access to the garden and the terrace, everyone can come in and out with easely.

Big sister Idea has appointed herselves as playmate number one. They have very much fun all of them.
Fifth week:   
Maj 19th

Very soon the puppies have to move to the puppieroom instead of the livingroom, because now they can come out of the case.
Early in the morning I wake up because a puppy cried very loud. It was a bit strange, they use to be quiet, it shown up that one puppy had dropped out of the case, and was alone in the whole wold, terrible!!!
The weather could be better, but the puppies still come outdoors..
We got a greeting from the father (Jilloc's Sperrm Bank) in Sweden. He has been on a dogshow, he got his second CAC, was BOB and was best in the group (BIG). CONGRATULATIONS to him from us all.

More photos   
May 14th - a lot happen now.
Puppies eat puppy-food, they had got teeths, mummy not too happy to give milk anymore because they bite her. They play with eachother.
There have been visitores to say hello, also children. Puppies like to talk with everyone. They also had been outside in the sun together with the hole of the dogfamily.
Photos from the latest week:    
Maj 7th 2009, puppies are now 3 weeks old
All puppies walk around, a little confusing for the mother, who is afraid to lay at them
They pee on newpapers (and a little on the carpet). They sleep all night, we do not hear them at all. Goodie has moved into my bed, and sleeps together with Dotter and me. But as soon she hear anything, she run into the livingroom to the puppies.
They are very interested in mothers food, they put the hole muzzle into the bowl, so they very soon will get their own food.
Last week I borrowed not less than two cameras, so now there is a change for, that I get some photos of our beautiful babies.

no. 1 dog

no. 2 bitch

no. 3 dog

no. 4 bitch

no. 5 dog

no. 6 bitch

no. 7 bitch

no. 8 bitch

no. 9 bitch

30th of April

Today it is mummy Goodies 8 years birthday. It is a warm sunny day, this last day of April. Puppies grow and my camera is still broken, but my friend visited yesterday and took some photos.
Click at the ciffers to see photos from the second week.
Pictures from the second week  

25th of April
At last time for som news, puppies grows, from a birthweight (rather unsure, when they moved a lot) from about 280 gr. untill about 400 gr. Today the weight are from 534 gr (little girl) until 785 gr (big boy). The spots starts to shown, and eyes open in the corners.
My camera is still broken, so I do not have so many photos. Last Sunday, when the puppies was 3 days old, some friends visited us. And they took some photos for us.
Click at the ciffers to see photos from the first week.
Pictures from the first week, click ciffers:    


April 16th - Puppies arrived
The puppies arrived in the afternoon and early night, as usal a stunning experience. Of cause we all got very tried, so yeasterday we rest and slept. It became 6 girls and 3 boys, all with black noses, mother and children are in good health.
Just in these first days of their live the puppies eat, sleep and grow, a realy nice time to spend hours to watch them.
Unfortunately my camera broke down, the lens do not open correct, it just open a third. At first I did not take any photos at all. But in the latest days, I have developed a system, I take the photo on a long distance, and after that I cut the photo so I get so much black of as possible, that is why the corner is black. So here are some photos of my small wonders.

Puppies now one week old
April 14th - we are ready!
Our 13 years old birthbox is washed with Rodalon and put into the livingroom, so now we are ready for the babies - ohhh, maybe we have to get a new birthbox in the nearest furture, but I hope, this one can take one more litter, even it is mest used now. Goodie has inspeced it and she says it is ok.
So now we are waiting curious.


In the middle of Febrary Goodie and I visited Jilloc's Spermbank, called Love, in Sweden.
"The Love affair" has given result and puppies are expected April 19th 2009.
We are so happy, Love is a lovly handsome dog, and Goodie felt in love at once .
Love's owners are Team Jilloc og Timanka but he lives with Lotta Carlsson and her family together with 2 dalmatians and 2 cockerspaniels near Älmhult in Sweden.
see pedigree here!
Dog: S44945/2007 Jilloc´s Spermbank (Love). Born 5/6-2007. liver. Hips B. All teeth
Bitch:  08129/2001 Dallise's Gossip Goodies (Goodie). Born 30/4-2001. black. Hips A. BEAR +/+

Lotta and Love on the way home.
Coffee is served!