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Puppy News 2010

December 21st.
Christmas greetings from Kitty (Dallise's Knick-Knack) owner: Anna-Maria, Jakobstad and Asker (Dallise's Knowing Knight) owner: Martin, Asnæs

December 10th
Ghristmas greeting from Nahla and family in Düsseldorf. Nahla swims in the Rhine even the water is cold. I am looking forward to see her and her family next summer. She lives together with her sisters Sally + Alisha and their servants Sabine og Danny. Click for full size.

December 10th
Kitty left home she traveled to Finland to live in Jakobstad with Anna-Maria. Kitty and I took the train from Horsens to Copenhagen Airport were we met Anna-Maria in the evening, next morning early Kitty and Anna-Maria flew to Helsinki via Berlin, after arrived to Finland they drove a car to Jakobstad, 500 kilometers in a blizzard, they came safe home in the evening after a long journey.

December 1st,
Norma (Koh-I-Noor) now called Frig left for Zealand. Kaare came early noon cause of a bad weather forecast which promised snow in the area they live. Frig now lives in the southern part of Zealand together with her big sister Banda (Flatcoated retriver).

November 26th
Anna-Maria visited for a weekend to find out whether Kitty was her new Dalmatian. She came together with the first snow. It was not nice weather this weekend. Fortunately Anna-Maria decided that Kitty was her new little girl..

3 puppies
Three puppies live in autumn 2010.

31. oktober
Lovely photos of Kandy from the first week in her new home.

October 24th.
Both Kate and Kandy left home. Kate traveled to the family Teichert, who live in Flensburg, and Kandy got a new home by Kirsten Karla, who lives in the northern part of Jutland. The family Teichert have had two Dalmatians before Kate.

October 22n
Lovely photos from the puppies new homes.

September 30th,
The vet and his niece visited and the puppies got there second vaccination and medical examination everyting was just fine. . They also got some new toys and have a fun time..

September 9th.
I am online again after the computer collapse. Meanwhile much has happend 2 puppies have left home for new families. We've had visits from puppies families both brand new and slightly older, and then I started to get photos of the puppies new home. Click photos for full size.

September 2nd.
Due to computer break down there are no new updates at the moment. But very soon I will be back with updates and new pictures of the puppies.

August 22.
Another busy week has passed, the puppies are now beginning to leave home. My printer is broken. It gives extra busy. Besides these things there have been many visitors. The pups have had ample opportunity to greet many different people and a single new dog.

August 15th.
A busy week is completed, it began Monday with "baptism", where the puppies was chipped. Wednesday we went to the town Odder for hearing tests, health check and vaccination. It was also the puppies first road trip since we normaly do not have a car. The week ended with at Saturday we were visited by the puppies father Joschi and his family, they came from Dusseldorf, Germany, to see the children, and everybody think they were very beautiful.

August 8th.
The 6 week passes, the puppies are now quite good to go outside and attend during the daytime. They are also becoming very good at gardening, my garden looks more and more used in addition. It is giant fun to have visits from children, especially if they have shoe laces. The puppies are now some highly social creatures who are glad for all who come. They are what I call "take-me-up puppies."

August 1st
Another week has passed, the puppies are getting better and better at running. The entire four different persons (Martin, Jette, Jens and Karen) who have helped me to take pictures of the puppies, I must see to get made a presentation of them. Now I have actually just the luxury problem that it can be hard to pick one image. Unfortunately we had little rain during the week, so now have puppies also tried to be wet, oh, how many towels to use when entering.

July 28th.
Now the puppies are 5 weeks and out in the garden every day, how long depends on the weather, but they are closed off to pee outside, yet they are not absolutely sure of this, but it is moving forward. They also moved into space with access to a garden where there is more room to play inside. Altogether there are many new things to explore and assess.

July 28th
We had a visit from Grethe and Martin, who had to find their new family member. Martin helped to take pictures of the puppies individually, he also took other pictures, here are a few.

July 19th
The puppies are almost 4 weeks. They have been much better to eat puppyfood. Grandma Goodie love being a nanny (yet) they've soon many teeth. First deworming is now over, it is always a festive thing, but they were now good to eat it without any fuss. Puppies care about each other, other dogs and people now, they want out and see the world outside of the box, it should also soon. It's an exciting time, we are in session now.

12. juli
Now the puppies then been three weeks. The puppies will now have their own food and they eat any of it. They are quite good to attend to the newspapers, but of course it also slips. They have started to be interested in each other. But they are still too small to reach the milk bar when the mother stands up, even if they try to use her legs as hjælpeværktøj.

July 8th
Now I think the time has come when the small are going to eat puppy food, they think for mother's food tastes really good, and although she snaps angrily from them. and try to push them away, one can see the images shows that it has no great effect. .

July 5th.
Another week has passed. All puppies have now opened their eyes. They started walking, two steps with one leg in each corner, and then rolls puppy, no it's not easy to keep balance. The nails were cut.
June 28th.
The first week has passed. It goes just as fast puppies grow and thrive, and the spots are beginning to be visible, it's almost like they become clearer and clearer by the hour. Idea doing motherhood in fine style, unbelievable I am surprised every time a new bitch becomes a mother for the first time. She greets visitors with a big smile (see my beautiful children). Fits her children completely relaxed. She becomes more and more interested in what else happens in the house, but still fit the children in the best way. Last night I fell asleep on the couch, and who slept with me (Idea).
The houses other dogs have also welcomed the new small, Zabel and (now) great-grandmother Dotter, looking just a little on them and then it it while Grandma Goodie think they are quite wonderful.
21. juni
Then I got caught out! Sunday evening I went to bed, all so normal looking, Idea and Zabel slept on the couch as usual, and I figured that a birth was several days away, so nothing was made clear yet.
At 2:30 I woke up when Idea howl loud, I thought "what the heck is wrong" and went in to see what was wrong. There was a restless and much gasping dog who was waited for me and GISP! puppie box must be in now instantly, I thought!
It was a little easier said than done, I should first rearrange things so it could be there, and so would of course also clean a little where the box schould be should be, and the box indeed also had to be washed a little.
Within a short time, like all pure chaos, with moving furniture, rolled carpets, vacuum cleaner, bucket, etc. In the middle of it all stood a big green dog bed, in which Idea got her first-born at. 03:10, and where she managed to get three more poppoes before I got everything in place.
I please, sharing time between being a birth helper, a removal and cleaning woman, but eventually it was all okay, and I could move mother and children into the box, and thrown blankets from the dog bed into the washing machine. Then we come so far - NICE!
The time approx. 9 Vibeke came, she had to fetch Benno and had rolls with, we became a quick cup of coffee and a fresh roll. After she had left Idea got a puppy, it was unfortunately died at birth, it was a little bitch.
After another one hour, I called the vet, he came and checked the whole family, Idea got lime, and he said it was a nice litter and mother had no more puppies inside. I was a little tired after the game, it is first now that I tell about the family increases, mother and children just thrive.

It is now the 15th of June, and here is new pictures, of a sweet pregnant dal-girl.


Pictures of Idea's stomach the 8.juni, it has begun to fill up a little! It's really exciting what is hiding in there.

VHD/DZB26780  b. 10.04.2007  W/B  DCC Ch.
Indiana Jones of the Living Spots (Joschi)
Sire: Int. Ch. Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter
Dam: Friendly Tammy of the Living Spots
Hips: A   BEAR +/+   Lemon free    All thee
DK06451/2007  b. 22.03.2007  W/B
Dallise's Incredible Idea (Idea)
Sire: Int, S, N, Dk Uch Jilloc's Loverboy
Dam: Dallise's Gossip Goodies
Hips: A   BEAR +/+   Lemon free   Homozygot black

It is the first time both Joschi and Idea will be be parents, so we are delighted and truly exciting on this litter. All puppies will be blackspotted, while Idea is carring black.
You will obviously get a lot more about the waiting time later.

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