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Puppies new 2015

Puppies born on April 13, 4 black males 1 liver male, and 2 black bitches 3 liver bitches
Pedigree for puppies click here.

Now at last all Lovely's puppies have found their own families, we are so happy and looking forwards to follow them in their new homes!

January 15th. 2016
Nero has a new family. At his first family in Aarhus showed their little daughter unfortunately signs of allergy, and the doctor's instructions, which were that getting rid of him, they found themselves family Mikkelsen Meier, who lives in Hjortlund by Grindsted. We welcome them. The family has two daughters of 4 and 8 years, and a small Westlie Maggie. They are already very happy for him. and tell us how he compromising on facebook, it is so nice to keep up with his life.

January 10. 2016
Prinsess Norma got her own family at last. She now lives in Vordingborg together with Charlotte and Bjarne and their two dogs Walther half dalmatian half labrador and Carlo a liverspotted male dalmatian from Tenna Johansen.

August 30.
After the show we were invited out to the family Jungersen in Ølgod where they gave something really delicious food uhm. The puppies were fine with being on the visit, they studied it all, and then fell Nero asleep on Mathilde's pillow, Norma puffed a little more round, but among other things, to catch soap bubbles, it was not easy, I think also she got the banana at a time when she was tired, she went and lay down to sleep together with his brother. I had (as usual) forgot my camera, but luckily they took other pictures of the puppies. At one point I remembered that I could take pictures with your phone, it is now not very good, or do I not understand it, but I got when tampered images from the phone so they come here too . It was now some very tired puppy, I took it home, I neither saw nor heard anything to them.
And so my poor mobile pictures
On 30 August had Dalmtinerklubben show in Varde. I had enrolled Nero and Nini, but Nini was well traveled, so Norma came by as a spectator. So I packed the car and drove to Varde, when we came to the puppies had vomited all over, but they're not accustomed to driving a car (they vomited not on the way home).
Karen Høst Poulsen, who was in Varde with her Shibas, had promised to run with Nero, it was she also really good at. Nero was best male baby puppy Here is the Norwegian Judge Anne Buvik's criticism of him
4 months, mature male puppy, fine proportions, masculine head, very good neck, well placed shoulders, excellent bone, harmonious in his angulation front and rear, well developed chest, just a little more weight even for a puppy, stable movements, good stride, good color , good drawings, good temperament, VP1
August 22.
Nini got a new family, she now lives in Germany with Jan and Judith, not fare away from father Oscar, they will be going to the dog training at the same place, hope to get some photos of father and daughter will be fun :).
August 17.
Some pictures of my lovely dogs children, which of course is getting bigger and bolder, they are in the process of changing teeth, but so far the incisors and the small primularer are new.
August 7.
So it was Worker tour to leave home. He now lives with the Jensen family in Grenaa and has come to be called Felix, the family has had three Dalmatians before him.:)
August 4.
My friend Karen was visiting and we went for a walk with the puppies two at a time, they were not quite easy to keep track of in order to take pictures of them, but it went anyway! I aks also Karen to try the ring train Nero, but I do not have pictures of this. Now we'll see if he's going to a dog show in Varde.
July 30.
Then you got again spots for the eyes! Jens Mauritzen came to visit with the dogs Stripe and Pixel, puppies think it was grand, they enjoyed themselves with guest dogs. Here are some pictures, most have Jens taken with his good camera

July 23
Charlotte and Freja was visiting a couple of days, we took a walk on the path with the pups one at a time, one time two at a time, Charlotte's dog Happy 11 years was support teacher.

July 17
Nelly left home, she must stay in Stenlille with the family Johansen. It is the family's first Dalmatian, they have had already two other dogs, a Chihuahua and a Danish-Swedish farm dog. She should be dad's dog, he has previously had a Labrador, so it is probably a change :).

July 8
Jette and Jens Mauritzen came to visit and greeted the puppies. They think we should take some of the puppies with the dog forest, then four of them. Worker, Nero, Norma and Nelly was with. They just think it was grand especially mud holes, some of them got a little more spots than they used to have :-). I had (as usual) forgotten the card to the camera home in the computer but Jens has been so sweet to send these pictures.

July 4
So, traveled Nova from home, she will be staying with Henrik, Janet, Fie and Dalmatian big brother Rico (who is from Kennel Spot Thymus) in Frederiksværk. It is the family's first Dalmatian bitch, they have had a male before Rico. Now I'm not so good at getting updated my website, so she lived with the family for a while, and fine, she came by the way home without throwing up on the trip, great. I've got some pictures and videos of her, they are in the group Dallise on facebook, it is as always great to hear from the kids.

July 1
Some pictures of one of the few summer days in the year, the puppies enjoying the weather, maybe it's almost too hot .....

June 29.
Here again some collecting images from the last 14 days, unfortunately, my camera given up after having lagged behind a while, so I try to take pictures with videocameraet, something not always succeed just good, why not here so many pictures, but I'm going that I'm going out and practicing when the website is updated.

June 13.
Now it Nice Nanny's (Miley) tour to travel from home she will be staying with Sanne in Ishøj near Copenhagen. It is Sannes first Dalmatian, but she was able to share her daughter Helene dog Paddy (Frihedens Sepia) with her the last two years, now Paddy then got a "little sister", it's lovely. Paddy already has a human baby brother, who has visited here, he's a little baby but greeted puppies.

June 08.
So, traveled the first of dogs kids Nimble Newton (Sulley) from home he will be staying with Helle, Johnny and Nahla in Tilst near Århus. It is their first Dalmatian, but Helle grew up with Dalmatians, and Nahla has of course known grandma dog Keeper (Dallise's Key Keeper) since she was born. It will be fun to see how the Keeper and Sulley comes out of it with each other.

June 07.
Jette and Jens Mauritzen came of course completely unexpected and would help take standing pictures of puppies, they were also very good, there was only taken image of the page Jette called "exhibition side" heads are from the puppies were 6 weeks it has Lis Eva Andersen taken, and the heads are used as the cover of puppies folders.
Dallise's Noppy NeroDallise's New Network
Dallise's Nimble NewtonDallise's Nevertheless Noble
Dallise's Naugthy NoahDallise's Nordic Norma
Dallise's Nice NannyDallise's Neat Nini
As pups were 8 weeks. Karen and Charlotte helped me new stand pictures we progress our best! My camera was broken so I took pictures with my videocamera.
Jette and Jens Mauritzen came unexpected visit after we had finished, and Jens took pictures of the puppies left side, the Jette called the exhibition side, with his super camera, they come here later, along with all the other pictures I want to show. But there is a magazine called "Dalmatian" I must have made the first!
Dallise's Noppy NeroDallise's New Network
Dallise's Nimble NewtonDallise's Nevertheless Noble
Dallise's Naugthy NoahDallise's Nordic Norma
Dallise's Nice NannyDallise's Neat Nini
Dallise's Nifty NovaDallise's Natty Nelly
May 25.
The puppies are now 6 weeks and Lis Eva Andersen is here to help me to take standing pictures of puppies, that she should just have 10,000 thank you for, it was so nice, it was also to some other pictures that I now finally gets put on the website, I've had a lot of pictures lying, shame on me!
May 24.
Just a little collecting pictures of the puppies, most are from week 21, where the puppies were five weeks any of the pictures are younger, but I do not think they have been put in before. It was also a time where Dallise's Nimble Newton (Sulley) and Dallise's Nice Nanny (Miley) met their new families for the first time, and there is also pictures of.

May 18
Sunday the puppies became five weeks, and it's still mighty hard to choose how many images to be on the homepage. In fact, it becomes more difficult the older they get.
Now we have Oscar's new test, it says he is Bb, so he can both get black spotted and liver spotted puppy. So far so good. The new genetic test is sent to the Danish Kennel Club, where there are someone, I do not who, which must approve the test, and thus say that they agree with me that my puppies father is Oscar.
Puppies papers are sent to the Danish Kennel Club now, we are just waiting for the final OK.
The whole thing has been a little turbulence, I think now there's a little more relaxed, so now I can also better concentrate on that advertise puppies.
During the week we received nice box with Dalmatians out on, inside there were toys for the puppies, it was from Melaine and father Oscar, the puppies were very happy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be a little better, so my puppies can get out more, right now it's cold and wet, so not exactly true puppies out weather.
May 12th
As shown in my photos, I've pretty hard to limit myself.
They're all just so super lovely the puppies, and I do like to show them off.
We still have not received the officell form of genetic testing from Germany. The Kennel Club will not register my puppies before they have seen this form and approved it, so my stomach still feels like a big knot, I am looking forward to set things right, this has not been particularly enjoyable.
The Kennel Club also say that I have behaved entirely correctly, when I saw that I had liver spotted puppy, and thought I had used a male who was pure black (could not get liver spotted).
Although this is probably an experience I will NOT come completely over (I think it will always sit deep in me), I am now glad that Jazz is not involved in anything, I think it was terribly embarrassing to I, who after all have had both male and females together for 20 years, had no control over whether the dogs had been together or not. Granted, there have been incidents throughout the 20 years, among other things, the once devoured a door, but then I have seen it, and indeed seen them be together. This time I had absolutely no idea that there could be something happen before I suddenly stood with liver spotted puppy. And had the new test revealed that Oscar was pure black, well, so had the other two have been together, whether I understand it or not, so we are delighted that it has proved, THAT IT WAS NOT! !
May 7th.
Yes, there are again new. Melanie told yesterday that she had called the company Laboklin who are doing genetic testing in Germany to hear how it went with the new genetic test she had made of Oscar. She was something chockeret for now test showed that Oscar was not pure black but also bears liver. So why is the paternity case put on hold until she gets it endnelig instantly confirmed with the official form. If it appears that it holds water, there is no doubt that Oscar is the father of the puppies, and we avoid the other mess, so it's not so bad.
A few more pictures, it has also become, they're just lovely the puppies - FACT!

There is no suspicion of blue eyes, but I'm looking for a little longer to be sure. I have also started to test hearing, it's exciting, I actually think it looks really good, but of course I continue to try, and they must of course also to Odder and tested as they get older!
May 3rd.
The puppies are three weeks today.
It has been a week (or slightly more) with up and especially downturn. The downturn began when I suspected that I had liver puppies in the litter - WHAT the hell was that - I had the proven chosen a male who was pure black, and he scould only give black puppies. I contacted Melaine in Germany, and told about my doubts, she was just so sweet and immediately said that in the case of liver, she would have made a new genetic testing. So now we are waiting anxiously for the result.
If the test turns out to be the same as the first, is there something that has gone awry here, because there are only one that can cause my liver puppies, namely Jazz, not to play additional time I have decided that there should be created a paternity of litter. The Kennel Club said in the case of two fathers are puppies registered as two litters. Whew it's all ACID ACID ACID, I have a pain in my stomach and do not sleep very well.

But the puppies, they are just fine regardless of whether they have liver or black spots. They all have eyes, and I see eye color and think they look alike, but let's see. The puppies are beginning to intressere for each other, and seem puppy food tastes good, they've got taste all together. So now they are almost ready to eat themselves. When the pups began to lose their numbers all the time, got some of them collars on, so I could tell them apart, now I think that I have mastered it, so not all wear collars.
April 24
It's a little hard to get time to update, time passes quickly in the moment! The puppies are growing, several have eyes cracks, spots are starting to become visible, and the puppies practicing walking. Otherwise, time to sleep and eat. Here are some pictures taken in the last week.
April 14
Here are the very first pictures of Oscar and Lovely's children, they are just so lovely, I should just say. I already have a lot of pictures, so it's hard to choose, but watch out! Later, I hope to have time to tell you about the night Lovely had children.
Our trip to Germany in February when we visited Melaine and Oscar have borne fruit, Lovely's belly is getting a little thicker. The pups are expected to arrive approximately April 14. We look forward and are really excited!!
Dalmino Only One (Oscar) is selected as the father of this litter from its good looks and lovely temperament.
Oscar is bred by Kennel Dalmino in Croatia. Today he lives with his owner Melaine Müller in Schauenburg near Kassel in Germany. See more about him on his website: http://www.dalmino-only-one.de/
Mother is Dallise's Living Love (Lovely), she is the house's youngest, she has a lovely temperament, she can simply with all people and animals. She was a really sweet big sister to her mother's last litter in 2014, when she received little training in puppy care, and now we look forward to seeing her as a mother.

DK05496/2012   B: 25.03.2012   White with black spots
Dallise's Living Love (Lovely)
Ch. Perdita's Sparkling Star - Dallise's Incredible Idea
HD: A   BEAR: +/+   Gentest: BbEE (lemonfree)
HR 12041 DA   B: 11.11.2011   White with black spots
Ch. Dalmino Only One (Oscar)
Multi Ch. Dalmino Voodoo Vision - Multi Ch. Dvojica Velvet Glove
HD: A   BEAR +/+   Gentest: BBEE (lemonfree)

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