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Puppies news 2014

Puppies born 17th. of January, we have 1 male and 4 females.
Pedigree for puppies click here.

March 16th.
Then all the puppies journeyed and here is a bit empty. But ... I'm really happy to Facebook where I've got greetings and photos of all, it's really nice!
They have been busy and fun days, and a little sad, the last four days. Here are some pictures.
JACK (Master Mind)
now lives in Stevnstrup
with the family Mikkelsen
he is their 4th Dalmatian
MEGAN (Mighty Megan)
now lives in Hasselager
with the family Søndergaard
She is their 2nd Dalmatian
NALA (Modern Missi)
now lives in Næsbjerg
by Rasmus, Lene and 4 kids
she is their first Dalmatian
MOONIE (Magic Mooonlight)
now lives in Grenaa
with the family Plougmann
they have 1 Dalmatian more
MATHILDE (Music Maker)
now lives in Ølgod
with the family Jungersen
she is their 3rd Dalmatian


March 13th.
Just a few pictures here before dogs kids soon move to their new families.
The weather has been really good the last week or so, and the puppies have been very much out and explore the garden (and tasted of all things), it's not all stomachs did so well! but they have had a lot of fun.
Puppies folders are finished, it's great, so I do not need to think more about them.


March 7th.
The puppies has tried to drive a car. It went fine, no one was motion sickness. Hearing test went really well, it turned out that everyone heard in both ears, it was super nice. They were also examined health and there were no remarks.
Lis my dogs fit was with, to keep track of the troops, it also went fine, it was the second time she was in Odder, so she knew what had to be done. Lis was before she voluntarily retired clinic lady at the vets in Brædstrup.
Now the puppies are soon ready to leave home, I need to create some puppies folders they must have with.


March 6th.
The puppies have had a little stomach ache, I think it was because they got "Vet Dog Biscuits", they are not quite good for puppy stomachs, but now it's fine again.
We also train, it is to urinate and do in the garden, it are going along reasonably, it means that most once to pee on the way out in the garden, but we have since allowed to try. It should probably be better, but there's so much exciting on the way out.
We are now waiting for the man to be chipping coming, so get the puppies their stud books, and tomorrow we Odder travel hearing testing.


March 2nd.
The puppies are now moved from the whelping box, as they are now so large that they crawl out of it.
Since I'm not quite sure if there was hot enough in the puppy room (there is a little leak out there), they ended up in the kitchen, it suits them well. There is a little further out in the garden, but they are now good to go with out (sort of), there are always a few who are a little astray, and to be helped.
They've also got a cage in the kitchen so they can get used to this one, before we go to the hearing test in Odder.


February 22nd.
Jette and Jens Mauritzen was so sweet to come and help take the stand pictures of the puppies. They were then 5 weeks and 2 days.
Click here for stand pictures

February 19th.
Now the puppies have gotten a little more speed, and started to play with each other. They are also happy to talk to people, and have had from the fact that here was: adults, children and dogs to visit. Big sister Lovely think they are lovely, sometimes I can be quite nervous about whether she gets licked all the fur of them! The puppies have gotten some little soft toy to play with Jazz and Lovely pick them now out of the box all the time, they have little difficulty understanding that it is inside the box that stuffed animals should be.


February 18th.
We have tried to take a picture of each puppy's head. Some I have more pictures of than others, so I have to take the best I have of each of them!
Click on the image to see full size


February 11th.
The puppies are now starting to get a little solid food, they seem puppies food tastes great. Yougurt and the like we are waiting around with to they have learned not to traipse around in the food, it can easily come to see funny out, without things like that to help it.
During the week, they must also have first time deworming.


February 4th.
Now weigh the puppies between 1,672 and 1,770 grams, so they are well able. The time is still mostly used for sleeping and eating.
When mom comes into the box, and do not lie down right away, so they can get food, then complain they do so! The bad mother, but were now not so long before she settles and milk bar opens up .


January 31st.
Then the spots become a little more visible, most of the puppies have opened their eyes and are beginning to test the legs.
Idea is starting protect her food bowl, she has bad experiences with kids who eat her food! But I think she can be quite quiet, they have hardly imagined eating her food yet!


January 28th.
I have promised myself not to carpet bomb the page with pictures of the puppies, but it's difficult when you have such a bunch of little babies. So here are a few.


January 24th
Knot in my stomach is still there and I still feel that I am beside myself!
BUT, who can help but to rejoice in 5 grainy sausage (because the spots are starting to shine through), there are so fat that they are better to roll than to climb?


January 19th.
An awful Sunday! Today something happened that never burdte could happen! Companies The started when I woke up at Idea cried, and I found a lifeless bitch between her front legs .
The vet could not find any reason for its demise than Idea might have been on it.
Lis came to visit, and we wanted to make the puppy box even more safe, so we put the puppies up in a box (something I have done many times before) while we worked . When they should back in the whelping box, I found to my unspeakable horror that my little patch bitch also was dead. I then went on display in a sort of shock state.


January 17th.
On the night of 17 January began Idea, adding up to a birth. When she had no puppies in the morning, we went to the vet with her, he scanned her and found 2 dead puppies, and said she had to have Caesarean section. Shortly after they called with the result 2 dead and 7 live puppies - it was nice!


Father: INTCH. Jilloc's Zero Zero Zeven
Born: 08.02.2010 . H/S. BAER +/+ Mega O Free
All teeth. HD.B.

Mother: Dallise 's Incredible Idea
Born: 22.03.2007. H/S. BEAR +/+ Lemon Free
clean black. HD.A. AD.0

Zero is selected as the father when he has a lot, I appreciate both in temperament and appearance, I mean of course that he and Idea will be able to some beautiful and healthy puppies. Because in my opinion they fit together well.
He is already the father of many litters, and has some beautiful children, he lives with a son and father plus other at Team Jilloc and Timanka in Götene, Sweden.
he's a good show dog, he is INTCH, SECH, DKCH. At the same time he is also a sweet and calm family dog, what more could you want?

Idea is a wonderful family pet, calm down and speed away. She lives with her half-brother Jazz and her daughter Lovely, until last fall was her mother Goodie here.
She is mentally tested as a young man with a good result, she afregerer easy when she is exposed to some challenges, she is a stable dog.
Of course, she has also been on shows, in addition she was the best baby as little, I think that her best result is excellent 1 with certificate quality officell exhibits, in addition, she has been a group winner at fairs.
She is now 6 years old, and this is her third and last litter. She is a great mother. She takes it all quietly, and often send visitors a big smile, she says "see my beautiful children."
We are so lucky that her children have had some lovely families, dogs thrive with other dogs and children, and we are fortunate to hear how it goes. Some of them have been exhibited, they have done well, and a few have received certificates. (One from each litter).
Now we of course curious as to what is in Idea's stomach.
Idea is retested BBEE, which means she's lemon free and only get black spotted puppies..


Idea 6th. of Januar 2014