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Puppies 2012

June 17th
A week with only two puppies in the house, Charlotte and Happy (Ideas half sister) visited us. The puppies were out driving in a car, Lazy vomited every time we stopped, so now we know that it is to get him out in the fresh air, when you stop.
Since there really have been some who have wanted to look at the Lazy, we have to do a little more publicity for him. Therefore, I must see to made his own page.
Happy was here one day while Charlotte brought her new kitten Freja in southern part of Jutland. Puppies thought it was great fun with such an aunt visiting.
I've got some lovely pictures of the last two puppies left, in their new home. I am in general very happy that they all have some wonderful families, and obviously hope to also get a Lazy soon. And I look forward to making puppiemeeting later it will be really fun.
Here are the pictures from Stefanie she writes:
Hi Lise.
Here are there any pictures of Bella after she has come home to me (:
She has now been home and meet my parents 2 dogs, and it's just gone so well (:
As can be seen on some of the pictures then bella become very good friends with my parents' golden retriver Baylie: b
She is very clever, and teachable, Bella can now walk without a leash, both where we live and at home with my parents, and she has learned the following commands:
- Sit.
- Lay down.
- Give the paw.
- Roll around (on both sides).
- High five.
So I'm really proud of the little dog (:
"Potty training" goes really well, she's been amazing to go to go to the door when she needs to come out (:
Hope all is going well with you and that there are some sweet people would come and look at Lazy (:
Many greetings from Bella and Stefanie (:

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And here are pictures from Jette she writes:

Hello again
Yes, it rains we can well recognize here. When he has been urinated, he scurries back into the garage again.
He's really fallen for now - you could feel. No whining, just pranks and naughty. Have begun to find shoes and other exciting! things to chew on - and so is Marcus' beanbag just beautiful to sleep in ....
Tomorrow comes the vet and gives him a vaccination (it fits with the horses, which also must have!)
We keep in touch.
Greetings from Jette

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10. juni
So it must be time for another update of the puppy page. 2 more puppies are brought home.
June 5th traveled Bella (Lovely Lisa Bella) to Ulfborg with Stefanie, Stefanies father and mother were with down and fetch her, it was really nice, Bella vomited a little on the way home, but Stefanie says she probably will stop when she gets used to drive, now she is about to find herselves at home, and have begun to be interested in the other dogs around her. On June 6th the family Fredslund came to take Ticko (Lively Leopard) home to Herning, where he will live with four children, he came home without throwing up, and Jette has recently written that he is about to find himselves again, the kids are really happy to walk him and play with him, the family has previously been dalmatian.
Now here only 2 back Lazy, which have not yet found a family, and Lovely who remain. We've had a lot of visitors since last update. Vibeke and my boarder Benno has been here and say hello to the puppies, Benno saw a little nervous out, he is also an elderly gentleman of 11 years now. Mille (Little Lady) has been passed with the family, both dogs and humans, they had a trip to Zealand, where Mille should try to stay in the hut, they came by to pick her pedigree, Jan (veterinarian) could not find any chip, when she was hearing tested, therefore she got a new one, and stud book was in this context, just a stroll past the Kennel Club again, so they did not get it in the first place. Lis (one who looks after my dogs, when I awaY) has been here and greet the last puppy, she has been here several times, but just had to see how big they were.
Saturday came Bjørk and Tove they have had Frigg (Dotters sister), but the children had respiratory problems, so when Frigg died they believed it was best not to have a dog at home. It's a shame for the whole family, who are happy dogs. They have been here many times after Frigg's death. I asked if they wanted to come to puppiemeeting later and they did. We were out and take a walk with the puppies, it was drizzling, so the trip was not very long.
I've got some lovely pictures of the Punto in his new home, the ones I want to share with others, so here they are! Punto has started on puppy training he's just clever!
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May 30th
Oh, 10 days more, now it goes really fast. 3 puppies more have left there childhood home, so now here is a little empty, fortunately, I have heard from everyone, they have made a good travel home and it goes well, they have really experienced anything since they left, the little ones.
I have also got pictures of several of them, I'm just so happy, even stories about everything they experience. Chili (Lola) has already started on puppy training, and Luna has been out and swim, and Diana says she is a well behaved puppy, miracles is not over, do it keeps? Mille (Little Lady) helps his father to build on (she runs off with the tool).
Friday traveled Lucky Lad, now called Punto (it means "dot" in Italian) to the family Thuun-Petersen in Ry, he the family's first dog, and he now lives together with 3 children. He comes back on holiday in July, when the family going to Italy, we look forward to.
Sunday left Luna still called Luna, with Diana and Torben to Funen, they were first in the cottage, where some grandchildren were waiting. For every day she must live in Ringe, she with her father at work when it gets everyday, she is the family's second Dalmatian.
Monday came Christopher, along with his brother and mother, to get Lollipop Lover, now called Buz, Christopher has just moved from home, and Buz is his first dog, they live in Herfølge. Christopher grew up with dogs, and his parents have a dog that Buz can play with. I've already got some cute pictures, Christoffer's father, Lars, has taken.
Here are some pictures from the puppies new home, I've got a lot of Mille, they come in later, here are a few.
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May 20th
So it is already 8 weeks, no how time flies. I've been busy getting into puppy folders as experience says that I'm not good to have them ready on time.
3 of the puppies left home at the weekend, sad but also nice, they have some really nice families. I've been told all arrived safe and sound to their new home, and have already experienced a lot of new and exciting.
Saturday afternoon went Love Legend, now called Pluto, with Kirsten and Palle to Rønnede Zealand, where he will live with Beagle Jens. Palle and Kirsten have previously had a dalmatian.
Sunday morning rose Little Lady, now called Mille, with his family Plougmann to Grenaa, where she will live with the 2 Danish-Swedish farm dog Marco and Malou. So went Lola, now called Chilli with Julia, Janni and Mads to Lyngby, she is the family first dog, and will soon begin on puppy training, I've got a picture of her from her new home, it looks like she thrives .
the afternoon came the family Fredslund from Herning to visit their puppy Lively Leopard, he travels from home in early June, when the family vacation, it was really nice to see them again and say hello to his new father who has not been before.
On the whole, both me and the puppies a bit groggy after the weekend. Now, there are fortunately a few days before the next travel, so we have time to get us.
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May 17th.
A little later update than usual. I would just have our visits veterinarian. All the puppies hear in both ears (that's the BEAR + / + shows), the white figure is also veterinarian, my kitchen scale weighs only 5 kg. All were healthy without annotations.
They took their first ride in the car fine, one threw up, but otherwise they played until they got tired and fell asleep.
Monday evening there were just about to exclaim panic. I had long ago agreed with Charlotte (who lives in North Jutland) that she should come here and help me get the puppies to the vet in Odder.
She would come on Monday night, so we comfortably could get away Tuesday noon. But then she called just six in the evening and said she was south of Aalborg and waited auto help, her belt was blown - whew. Fortunately, the mechanics made her car first thing in the morning, and she was here before dinner and we got it all, we'd even have time to sit in the car and drink coffee and eat cake before we went into Jan (vet).
No. Sex 26/3 1/4 8/4 15/4 22/4 29/4 6/5 15/5 BEAR
1. dog 409 gr. 622 gr. 1027 gr. 1409 gr. 2145 gr. 3198 gr. 4053 gr. 5650 gr. +/+
2. dog 415 gr 604 gr 1035 gr. 1328 gr. 2158 gr. 3171 gr. 4239 gr. 5760 gr. +/+
3. bitch 396 gr 645 gr 1077 gr. 1425 gr. 2248 gr. 3068 gr. 3823 gr. 4950 gr. +/+
4. bitch 382 gr 594 gr 937 gr. 1305 gr. 2075 gr. 3075 gr. 3929 gr. 5420 gr. +/+
5. bitch 399 gr 624 gr 996 gr. 1302 gr. 2138 gr. 3225 gr. 4153 gr. 5300 gr. +/+
6. bitch 396 gr 615 gr 976 gr. 1328 gr. 2095 gr. 3010 gr. 3898 gr. 5050 gr. +/+
7. dog 393 gr 620 gr 1019 gr. 1470 gr. 2276 gr. 3320 gr. 4538 gr. 5720 gr. +/+
8. dog 391 gr 614 gr 1050 gr. 1408 gr. 2250 gr. 3268 gr. 4163 gr. 5550 gr. +/+
10. dog 390 gr. 606 gr 1049 gr. 1570 gr. 2270 gr. 3450 gr. 4358 gr. 6000 gr. +/+
11. bitch 377 gr. 595 gr 948 gr. 1358 gr. 2019 gr. 3165 gr. 4055 gr. 5430 gr. +/+
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May 6th.
A busy week in which the pups moved out in the puppy room. We have also had many visitors, it fits perfectly puppies.
Puppies will not be inside during the day, it's much more fun outside they seem, but in morning they like to inside, as they had breakfast, it was also freezing cold, with frost at night. But in later they would out once again and then they whine until they get their way.
They are starting to go a little on the grass, I should just have put a little fence up, I would like them to stay where I can see them from inside.
Saturday came Jette and Jens Mauritzen from Kennel Friheden in Aarhus to help me take puppy pictures, it was great. Jens used his camera, which is far better than anything I have, so they were really good. See the puppies individually here!
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April 29th.
The puppies are 5 weeks, and there is momentum!
They have been outside the last couple of days and eat at least one meal outside if weather permits.
Jazz seems puppies are very exciting, he's just slightly violent when he would play with them, and then he gets yelled at by their mother.
I must have made puppy room ready, because it is a little tricky, having to carry all outside, and later in again. They also use the time when I clean up the litter box to dart around the room and enjoy themselves (cardboard box is again too small), they are having a lot of fun - whew. To some small spotted tornadoes can reach very short time.
Puppies think it's very exciting outside and taste everything they encounter.
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April 22nd.
The puppies will soon be a month where the time goes fast!
They have puppy food all week, and getting better and better to eat it instead to swim in it.
Puppies are fine now, they go (and runs a bit) and are interested in each other, toys and people happens in general very much now.
They may reach the milk bar when mom gets up, she's not crazy about breastfeeding more, for now they have the teeth.
they have had first deworming, so now it is also over.
they have a slightly larger box to be in when being tidied up, mother be in the it, so it is approved.
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April 15th.
Then the third week, the puppies have the now open eyes and exercise to walk, they are also begun to become aware of each other.
All were presented with puppy food, and I think they taste good, so they will soon try to eat some food yourself, that mom Idea probably think is nice.
Next week they must also have first deworming, that they usually get when they are about 2 kg. and the it does not last long.
Puppies are very good at going out and pee on the papers that are at the edge of the box, nice!
We hear virtually nothing about them all night, the door between the living room and the bedroom is open and Idea finds herself out where she will be. In the morning when we wake up, The puppy play quietly around inside the litter box, at least until the mother jumps in to them.
The older they get, the more difficult it becomes to choose the pictures, so a little more this time.
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April 8th.
Another week has passed, all the pups are about to have opened his eyes, and the spots have been clearer. They have clipped nails the first time since it is certain to be small hooks, they're born with.
Idea takes puppy care relaxed, she is sleeping with Goodie and me in the bedroom, though she also simultaneously fits the puppies completely perfectly in the living room.
All house dogs, Jazz, grandma Goodie and holiday child Jade may well be inside the living room, just they respect that the puppies are Ideas area.
We have had several visitors who have looked at the children here at Easter, Idea smiles friendly to our visitors, and lets all take the kids up and cuddle them, once in a while she goes and takes a rest on the couch, once here visiting, so our guests can entertain her children.
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April 1st.
Then there's already gone a whole week, it's not to understand.
Puppies grow, and where the fur is thin spots become clearer and clearer, I think they look good, what I can see now.
I put my weight table on the website page. I will write the weight once a week. I remember when I some years ago, updated weight on the website each day, it was a little difficult to reach.
It is very difficult to choose some pictures of them I have taken during the week, here are a few pieces, think next week they are probably not white more!
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March 25th.

So she rendered it again her Idea, gave birth earlier than expected.
But this time I was not going to be caught out, so puppies box had stood in the living room a week, frequently used by Jazz and Goodie.
Sunday I was in the garden, I let Idea stay inside, she gasped, and looked like someone who once had thought of giving birth, at four o'clock, I could hear her whining, and I went to watch her, half an hour after she got the first puppy. During the afternoon and evening she gave birth to a total of 12 puppies, unfortunately 2 were stillborn (both females). But fortunately, she has 10 puppies left to bursting with health, five females and five males all white / black, a very uniform litter, today (28/3) is 49 gram difference between the maximum and minimum and all weigh over 400 grams.
Vet was here Monday and examined mother and children, he was very satisfied with them. However, he noted, "Are not they a little light?" I said, I did not know, maybe, thinking how on earth can he see it?
It was only after he had left, I came to think that maybe he thought they should have had spots. Hi Hi!
I got to be better at updating and not just look at the puppy, a few pictures of the kids.

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Puppies on the way! is expected to arrive 30th March 2012
Idea is starting to get pot belly, so it seems that the meeting between Odin (Perdita's Sparkling Star) and her have been successful.
Odin is a handsome dog with a super temperament, he comes from one of the most successful Norwegian kennels "Perdita" now he lives in Magdeburg, Germany with Winnie (Stephanie Wahl).
We are very excited about this litter, which largely are Scandinavian,Idea has many excellent Swedish dogs in her pedigree.

Perdita's Sparkling Star (Odin)
Perdita's Right On Time - Perdita's Alive And Kicking
NO43498/09  Born: 05.05.2009  HD-status:A,  BEAR +/+
Dallise's Incredible Idea (Idea)
Multi Ch. Jilloc's Loverboy - Dallise's Gossip Goodies
DK06451/2007  Born: 22.03.2007   HD-status:A,  BEAR +/+
see pedigree here

Since I do not think that Odin website currently works, here are some more pictures of him.
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