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Januar 2016


Jubii HOORAY so was the M-litter 2nd birthday CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! I hope that they have had a lovely birthday.
I have found pictures of them, after they have left their first home, and as you can see, they have all been incredibly lovely and beautiful dogs. I am proud of them !!

15. januar
Nero has a new family. At his first family in Aarhus showed their little daughter unfortunately signs of allergy, and the doctor's instructions, which were that getting rid of him, they found themselves family Mikkelsen Meier, who lives in Hjortlund by Grindsted. We welcome them. The family has two daughters of 4 and 8 years, and a small Westlie Maggie. They are already very happy for him. and tell us how he compromising on facebook, it is so nice to keep up with his life.

January 10.
Prinsess Norma got her own family at last. She now lives in Vordingborg together with Charlotte and Bjarne and their two dogs Walther half dalmatian half labrador and Carlo a liverspotted male dalmatian from Tenna Johansen.

January 1st.
Happy and Charlotte wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016.

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