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Born: 21-06-2010

Sire:    Indiana Jones of the Living Spots (Joschi)
Dam:  Dallise's Incredible Idea (Idea)

D Dallise's Knowing Knight(Asger) W/B DK12967/2010 B Dallise's Kandy Kiss(Kandy) W/B DK12971/2010
D Dallise's Key Keeper(Keeper)  W/B DK12968/2010 B Dallise's Kissing Kate (Kura) W/B DK12972/2010
D Dallise's King Of Kisses (Komo) W/B DK12969/2010 B Dallise's Kind-Hearted Kisser (Molly) W/B DK12973/2010
D Dallise's Kind Of A Miracle(Bonzo) W/B DK12970/2010 B Dallise's Koh-I-Noor (Frig) W/B DK12974/2010
B Dallise's Knick-Knack (Kitty) W/B DK12975/2010
B Dallise's Kind Karla (Nahla) W/B DK12976/2010
5 weeks old
1. Kind Karla "NAHLA" - Bitch - +/+ 6. Kandy Kiss "KANDY" - Bitch - +/+.
2. Kissing Kate "KURA" - Bitch - +/+. 7. Key Keeper "KEEPER" - Male dog - +/+
No.3. Kind-Hearted Kisser "MOLLY" - Bitch - +/+. No.8. Koh-I-Noor "FRIG" - Bitch - +/-.
No.4. King Of Kisses "KOMO" - Male dog - +/+. No.9. Knowing Knight "ASKER" - Male dog - +/+.
5. Knick-Knack "KITTY" - Bitch - +/+. 10. Kind Of A Miracle "BONZO" - Male dog - +/+



The puppies are here 3 weeks old
The numbers are the numbers I use when the puppies are weighed, and is not the order as they are born.
nr.1 female
nr.2 female
nr.3 female
nr.4 male
nr.5 female
nr.6 female
nr.7 male
nr.8 female
nr.9 male
nr.10 male