Dallise's Incredible Idea   born: 22.03.07
Idea is from the 2007 litter by Bosson.
She stay home because my other dalmatians is growing old now. Zabel is now 15 years, Dotter will soon be 13 years, and Goodie, her mother, has past 8 years. You never know how long time they still will be here, hopefully long...
Last not least because she is a heartbreaking little girl, a ease to live with. And a joy to her mother, who love to play with her.


After Idea's brothers and sisters moved to their new families, we have had a older sister and brother (3 years) on vaccation. Great playmates, after all Idea thinks it was very nice when Nellie (shiba inu) visits, she is 3 days younger than Idea, and they had a good puppies talk..

Idea went to puppies trainning course together with about 20 other puppies from many different breeds, from Irish Wolfhound til Dashhound.
She loved to come there to play, how mush we learn? she did not think this was the important part of it. She had became very good to travel by busses. We had to drive 15 kilometers by bus to the training.

She went to her first show in the start of September 2007.

Since October 2007 she is ring trained together with many other breed.
It help a little, now she starts to stand on her leg (sometime) Even she try to play with the other dogs all the time. She is also a bit better to show her bite.

Some new photos of Idea here!