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Dallise's Darling Dotter 28.10.1996 - 09.11.2010
Dotter got ill shortly after her 14th birthday. The best for her was to put her to sleep, but is was very hard to loose my two old dalmatians in so short time.
She was a very special dog and will always have a place in my heart.

As young she was a bit reserved to strangers, but not now, who is the first when guests arrive, she want to be in the front because maybe they have something eatable in their hand, and then there is no limit how forthcoming she is. She is simply born fond of food.
As she has a tendency to be a bit stout, she often gets less food, which she don't like very much.

She is mother of two litters, one from the last litter Goodie, lives here. She is a extremely good mother she takes care that the "childern" is brought up properly, she plays with them and takes care of them.
On the other side Goodie ought to know her place, which she tells her regulary.
Dotter became grandmother for the first time in spring 2004, she was a very good babysitter for the puppies, also because she got milk and helped to feed them.
She is very fond of carry things in her mouth, she walks about the house with my dirty socks and something like that, and at the same time is can be used to pulled with Goodie, (things do not always survive).

She had twice attend the Danish Kennel Clubs familydog course, she had been very fond of the different exercises, but she don't like me to leave her, so she don't get a diploma.
Dotter is mental tested, and BEAR bilateral +/+.