About the Dalmatian-Day

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Dalmatian-Day (activity-day) for Dalmatians and their families every spring in Aarhus !

A day where all kinds of dalmatians and their families can meet and have a cosy day. They are able to try a lot things (unofficial) like agility, obdience and show.
Then they can this way find out if they want to go to more official competitions.

Show what tricks the dog can carry out and the spectators pick the best one out for a prize.
It is also possible to show dals with blue eyes, pacthes, pigment defects in a special class, so they can win a prize as well. After all that we have dinner and talk dals.

Dalmatian-Day June 10. 2006

BOS DKCH Sdr.Gaum Faust - BOB Bell-A-Mir's Essential Emily
Judge: Alice Christensen (all round judge)

Dalmatian-Day June 4. 2005

BOB Bell-A-Mir's Eagle Eye - BOS Curias Shakiras Soul
Judge: Annete Vieler (Kennel Førby)

Stephan med sønner Charlotte med Abbey Ulla viser Goodie flot Stribe 2 bedste tæve Der var også politi tilstede!! Pokaloverrækkelse Hvem mon de kikker på?

point at the ends


Dalmatian-Day 2004

BOB DKCH Sdr.Gaum Faust

BOS Curias Shakiras Soul
Judge: Anette Dalsjø Jørgensen   Kennel Memory Dalsjø