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News 2015

The rest comming soon!    

April 2015

April 16
April 16 High HOORAY !!! then there birthday in the house again! This time it is the house dog Jazz (which is the raisin in sausage end) so they all have birthday this year. He and his siblings being 6 years old today. Hearty Congratulations to Jazz 'brothers and Joker Jackpot and sisters Coco, Obi, Joy, June, Jade and Jazzy hope I get a really nice day everyone!

April 13
After necked had most of Sunday Got Lovely the first puppy 23:45 and she got the last approximately 08:30 (Why always the night a mess?) She got 7 males and 6 females. We were very tired both Lovely and me the next morning whew. But now Lovely suit puppies perfect, and I'm about to recuperate again.
March 2015

March 25
Hip Hip HOORAY !!! then there birthday in the house again! This time it's a slightly rounded Lovely and her siblings who will be 3 years.
Hearty Congratulations to Lovely's brothers Punto, Pluto, Lazy and Bob and sisters Bella, Chili, Luna and Mille. Hope of getting a really nice day everyone.
March 22
Hooray! Today is the I-litter 8 years. So now they are called veterans. We have just heard that they behave like puppies yet - lovely !!
We were also told that Silke soon raises a trip to Greece with her family, it's really exciting.
We wish you all a happy and hope Nikki, Silke, Morgan and Loke have a wonderful birthday!
March 8
Then it was time for the Danish Kennel Club circuit 5 annual show in Brædstrup.
The judge seems now that Lovely had just plenty of fused spots, but despite it ended with EXC. and BOB.
She was not placed in group competition. All in all a good pleasant day in our neighborhood.

March 6.-7.
There should be a dog show in Assens on 7 March. Mette invited Lovely and me to visit her and Keeper, and we could not say no to.
We arrived on Friday afternoon, and after a walk in the woods with dogs Lovely, Keeper and Nuka, then we went home to Mette where I was princely waited and got a nice dinner with beef tenderloin - uhm!
Eh yes, now I had had, as usual, no power on my camera, but reached when just, to get a few pictures of laughing guy Keeper. Next day drove Mette Lovely and me out to the place that was dog show, later she and Jette also came there and looked. Moonie got bitch's certificate - great Helle and Monnie, they can just that. Lovely was not really in the mood, but it did EXC.2.

February 2015

February 10
Lovely and I took a trip by train to Kassel, where we visited Melaine Müller and Domino Only One (Oscar). Lovely seems it was a brilliant idea, she and Oscar got on well together, and got some tremendous run tours until Lovely think that they could also run out to the road, so it was stopped. About what came out of this, well, we must wait to see! You can see more about Oscar on http://www.dalmino-only-one.de/

January 2015

January 17

Hurray! Today the M-litter is 1 year. They are all grown up to be beautyful and well behaved dog. We wish they will have a great day!!


Best start at the year 2015 is a picture of the relaxing dogs of the house!!!

Now we have entered the year 2015, so I will start a new page for the year. We wish all our friends much luck in the new year. Hope it will be a fantastic year for everybody.

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