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News 2014

December 2014

December 7th.
Then Joker becomes a photo model

Merry Christmas

Christmas Greetings Ole and Joker (Jumping Joker)
Moonie (Dallise's Magic Moonlight) Was best junior with junior CAC and club CAC at the international exhibition in Kassel, Germany today.

It was then the second time Monnie achieved junior CAC in Germany, since she came up in the junior class on 17 September.
Well done Moonie and Helle, I'm proud of you!


November 2014

November 29.
Christmas Exhibition and Christmas party in Sørbymagle at Slagelse.
A long but pleasant day I left home at seven in the morning and came back to Horsens 17.45, unfortunately, it turned out that there was a bus home before 19:23, so I went for a walk into town and got peered over the Christmas exhibitions and acted a little grocery shopping, and was so at home at about eight in the evening.
I had asked Palle whether they would like to try that exhibit Pluto (Love Legend), they wanted to, and that was very exciting.
Pluto had unfortunately got "chewing bone buds" (too many treats he could not really tolerate know from Jazz) so he was not in the best coat form, it also came as a surprise to him that the judge took him in the crotch, he watched carefully for that she not came and progress it again ... but apart from that actually really good for such an untrained debutant, he was number 3 with VG of four. I would just note that the number 2 with VG and number 4 with VG, both have 2 CAC's, with that in mind, I think he did really really well, and was very proud of him and Palle, well done both of you.


November 19
Megan came on holiday for a few days while her family was in Italy. She is now 11 months, but for playing it must be yes, mother and sister Lovely got their case. Unfortunately, the weather is not at its best, it rained, so therefore they were inside most of the time and tumbled round. And where hvar Jazz so in the meantime? Well, he was very much in the kitchen in Megan's brought along cage, it seems he was very good!
02. november
From Anna-Maria og Kitty (Dallise's Knick-Knack) in Finland


B-banan Tellustävlingarna 2.11.2014
and so it came, the long awaited 0 where time stretched to! Luva and a third place. I am so proud of Kitty and the judge boasted of her at the ceremony, what a clever Dalmatian :)

Kitty got a very good result today, this is the track with no faults and minus-time, a third position and a first! I am very proud of her.
See video here.

November 1st.
1. and 2. November was the last show of international Herning. I had been allowed to borrow Mathilde, she was not quite pressure at all, it went something on Saturday, where she got excellent, but on Sunday she was afraid of the judge and got a KIP. Moonie was also her first show as a junior in Denmark, and as usual she managed and Helle very well. Lovely was also she was shown by Helle, it went really well. There was of course pretty much difference to judgments clean Saturday and Sunday so the result was something different (such exhibitions after all!)

Monnie (Dallise's Magic Moonlight)
Sat. EXC2 CQ. - Sun. VG2
Mathilde (Dallise's Music Maker)
SAT. EXC. - Sun. CBJ
Lovely (Dallise's Living Love)
Sat. EXC3 CQ. - Sun. VG2

October 2014

October 31.
Mathilde came to visit for a few days, her family was going to an event at the oldest daughter's school. So would of course just playing with mother Idea and sister Lovely, it rained, so we were most inside.

October 25.
So I was again in Grenaa and visit Mille (Dallise's Little Lady), her puppies and the family Plougman. There was a full house puppies father Cæcar (Kratskovens Enzo), his owner Deborah Abiero and her niece were there. Deborah's niece took photos of the puppies, the ones you can see on www.kennelunikspots.dk, Deborah's niece also took most of the lovely pictures at the puppies, you can see here, I was really happy that I also had to get the images - 1000 THANK YOU - to her!

October 18.
At the show in Dortmund yesterday got Moonie (Dallise's Magic Moonlight) V2, res CAC VDH and club res cert she made it so great, well done Moonie.

September 2014

September 29
So I finally came up to Grenaa, to see my grandchildren, Mille's puppies. They were super sweet and pretty, it was a pleasure to meet them "live". I was also very impressed with how nice the puppies lived, perfect conditions for a good upbringing. And then the garden, it was the nearest involved for dogs playground, with pen and activity room great.

September 27.
Kirsten, Palle and Pluto (Dallise's Love Legend) came to visit. It was the first time they were here since they had brought Pluto. It was really nice to see them again, nice that they bothered to drive all the way over here from Zealand! It was fun to see how happy the two siblings Pluto and Lovely were for each other, since they had not seen each other for a few years, but so would of course also for playing. Mother Idea settle mostly just seeing them "the crazy young ones" she said !!

September 06th.
So I was "Grandma" again!
Puppies born 5/9-2014.
6 males, one liver and 5 black and 4 females 1 liver and 3 black.
Mother: Dallise's Little Lady (Mille) Father: Kratskoven Enzo (Caesar).
Breeder: Helle Ploughmann, Grenaa.

August 2014

August 24.
Danish Dalmatian Club show in Sabro.
The weather was not with us for long periods of rain was pouring down, a rather wet experience.
Moonie, Mathilde and Lovely was there.
Moonie was best puppy while Mathilde was VG4 and Lovely got VG.
Helle showed Lovely for me, Lovely was fake pregnant and not in the mood.
The judge was Anette Vieler.
I will see if I can find a few pictures from the day.

August 23.
Danish Kennel Club's circuit 6 show in Aarhus. A really stupid today.
At first I could not find the exhibition site and came too late, I could not find Megan, I would show in the puppy class. The result of this was that I was something up and running.
Niels, Kirsten and Kandy was there, got them I hardly talked to, acidic.
Today's results were:
Monnie SL1 Best puppy, Megan SL3
Lovely VG3 and Kandy VG4,
Judge Jochen Eberhardt, Germany.

July 2014

July 18.
Nikki's family returned from their holiday in the US, and came to fetch her home.
Nikki seems it was really nice, she had a big smile, and run around and greeted them all.
July 14th.
Megan just came to visit, she thought it was sooo nice to greet the family again, and this time there is also an extra aunt (Nikki) to greet, and then she started to play with the other, she had a good time herself!!!
July 12.-13.
I had been invited to visit Kandy, Niels and Kirsten in Northern Jutland.
It was a really lovely weekend, where I just was spoiled. Saturday we were down at Kirsten's horse, and watch her ride, it was a really sweet horse, and fun to see how well it went.
Sunday rained and blew it, so we kept indoors.
July 04.-18.
Nikki (Dallise's Ivory 'n' Ebony) came on holiday in the dog family, while her family Henning and Yrsa from Vejle holiday in the United States with daughter and grandchildren.
She enjoyed herself properly with play aunt Lovely.
June 2014

Juni 29th.
So we had again visited by a couple dogs children namely Happy and Mathilde. They all seemed to enjoy themselves really well all together. Happy 10 years Idea 7 years and Jazz five years are all children of Goodie while Lovely two years and Mathilde five months are children of Idea.
June 21.-22.
Danish Kennel Club's international double show in Vejen.
Results Saturday:
Dallise's Magic Moonlight (Moonie) SL1. Best baby.
Dallise's Living Love (Lovely) ECX3. open class
Dallise's Little Lady (Mille) VG4. open class
Judge: Ferdinando Asnaghi, Italy
    Results Sunday::
Dallise's Magic Moonlight (Moonie) SL1. Best baby. Dallise's Living Love (Lovely) ECX1. CK, 3rd best bitch CAC res.CACIB Dallise's Little Lady (Mille) ECX2. open class Judge: Knut Sigurt Wilberg, England
June 21st.
HOORAY today become K-litter 4 years. Congratulations to Asgar, Bonzo, Keeper and Komo, and the girls Kitty, Kura, Dot, Molly, Nahla and Kandy.
Fortunately, we know that they have it really well, and regularly see pictures of them. Just as they are good to put photos on facebook, 1000 thanks for that !!!
Here I have chosen to put some pictures of Kitty, running agility, it's she and Anna-Maria really good, we are proud of them.

May 2014

May 31st.
Danish Dalmatian Club show in Nr. Lyndelse. There was a full two exhibitions on one day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon!!
Results morning:
Dallise's Magic Moonlight (Moonie) SL2.
Dallise's Living Love (Lovely) ECX4. open class
Dallise's Little Lady (Mille) ECX. open class
Judge: Jens Bøhme, Germany
    Results afternoon:
Dallise's Magic Moonlight (Moonie) SL1. Best baby.
Dallise's Little Lady (Mille) ECX4. open class
Dallise's Living Love (Lovely) ECX. open class
Judge: Åke Cronander, Sweden
May 4th.
We had Mathilde visiting from Saturday to Sunday, while the family was birthday. It was really fun to see her again, that way you can always keep track of how big they are now, the little ones.
Mother Idea and sister Lovely also think that it was a lot of fun with her visit. Even Jazz surrendered when she shuffled on his heels.

April 2014

April 28th
Then it was H-litter turn to have birthday, they were whole 10 years. Unfortunately, it was only half of those who are still here, of Dalton died the young, after eating raisins that made his kidneys to put out. Bella (Jutland) was hit by a car and had to be euthanized when she was 4 years old, Casco had arthritis in the neck and back, and was only 8½ years, and last fall survived Bella (Fyn) not a stomach turning, we send our warmest thoughts to these lovely dogs, it was good time they all have here!! The remaining fine, that is, I do not really know anything about Penny, but will try to grab her owners. Jakob's fine, I talked to his mother. Thor also thrive with little brother Loki (Idea's brother) and 28 horses, it sounds exciting, so I must see if I can come visit again in the summer. And Happy in the picture is probably the one I'm see most to and she is doing well.

April 16.

Jubii it was Jazz and his sibling's 5th birthday CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! I have heard from some of the others that they have had a lovely birthday. Jazzy progress now special noticed when she was out and gallivant round the city, and was hit by a car (someone had shown forgotten to close a door), but luckily we got off with fright, she had been a little sore, but came herself. It was all in all a lovely day.

April 12.
Stefanie and Bella (Lovely's sister) came to visit. It was really nice, I lured them a trip to the woods to look at anemones. As can be seen in the pictures, there was now no anemones, right where we were, but it was a great trip anyway. Additionally enjoyed Bella is true with Jazz and Lovely, while Idea she had a little jacket of her daughter, so she had to stay inside, which is quite understandable when they think they should decide everything..

April 5
Megan's family to celebrate his daughter Christina's great exam and have a lot of people to party, so they asked if she could come down here visiting, and she had obviously like. It's probably a little tired family who picks her today, but I wonder if Megan could not also prove to be a little tired? She has Anyway had fun:-)

Marts 2014

March 27
Finally, I pulled myself together to visit Henning, Yrsa and Nikki in Vejle, I have simply talked about for several years, without it had been for nothing. It was a really nice afternoon with homemade muffins and a lot of cheese uhm! A really lovely reunion with them, and the very grinning Nikki (Idea's sister), who of course had perpetuated with a few pictures.

March 25

Then it was Lovelys and L-litter birthday, really heartfelt congratulations to them all, they are now 2 years old and would then be an adult (just now they know!). Lovely got a new collar with reflective edge and a ball of string, it's her favorite toy. Jazz has now bitten the ribbon, but I've tried to paste the same again with duct tape, it keeps yet. But otherwise the dogs now indifferent, they WILL easily even if there is only a stump string back. We got sent birthday greetings to her siblings, there were a couple we did not get hold of it, we must try later. And then there is also the sad to Ticko not here anymore, it's not nice to think about.

March 22

Idea and the rest of the I-litter rounded the 7 year HOORAY and CONGRATULATIONS all together, Idea celebrated the day relaxing now that her youngest children have left home. But I'm sure she will be happy when they come to visit again! She got a bone as she is very fond of as dessert.

March 16
As the final piece of sausage end traveled Mathilde (Music Maker) to Ølgod, and now lives with the family Jungersen. They lost Goodie's sister Freya last summer, a few months before we had to say goodbye to Goodie, they were both 12 years too little seems as well
. Along with Freya had also Sille from Pia S. Jensen, but it is now some years ago they had to say goodbye to her. Now we have to see about Mathilde can live up to her predecessors, the hope we have.
The family Jungersen came in the morning and had fresh rolls with, really nice.
There was now a little empty afterwards, but all dog children are doing well in their new homes!!!

March 15
Great departure, whole two puppies left home. Nala (Modern Missi) traveled to Næsbjerg, where she now lives with Rasmus, Lene and their four children, she is their first Dalmatian, and you can see she thrives by those we have already received many lovely pictures from there.
Monnie (Magic Moonlight) traveled to Grenå, and now lives with the family Plougmann along with her older sister Mille (Little Lady) and two lovely Danish-Swedish farm dogs, they'll all keep her breath!

March 14
The next day Megan (Mighty Megan) so picked up, she traveled to Hasselager near Aarhus, where she now lives with the family Søndergaard, they had to say goodbye to Alley (Memory Dalsjø's Alley) last year, so now we hope the Megan can be a worthy sequel!

March 13
Mastermind is now known as Jack left home as the first one. He now lives with the family Mikkelsen in Stevnstrup they have had 3 Dalmatians before him, that they know little about what they are getting into, but they're all different.

Februar 2014
We had a great deal visitors in February, it's not all I've got taken pictures of, but below is a small sample (not puppy buyers), it's also a little hard to remember it all, when you get behind with updating of the website - whew !!! altså!!!

February 22
Jette and Jens Mauritzen came to help me take pictures of the puppies with their good camera, it was really nice. Before they went back home Mette and Jette from Assens (without dogs), and a little later Helle (Mette's daughter), Nahla (Mette's granddaughter) and Johnny (father) from Aarhus, as we were a few. I've been out on facebook and chop some pictures of my own was not good, they were shocked.
I had tried to put some cardboard up along the edge of the box, to prevent the puppies to emigrate, but it did not work correctly.

February 18
Then Charlotte, Happy and neighbor girl Freja by traveling again after they have been here for a few days during the winter holidays. We managed to get a ride to the Aqua in Silkeborg and Horsens to shop, Charlotte bought a table so that Happy had to be between the legs as they were going home. Charlotte was doomed to be cook while she was here, so I relaxed really of - nice!

February 15
The family from Ry came to visit with Punto and homemade Dalmatian cake uhm !! Punto seems now his younger siblings were some weird anyone, but a little exciting! And I got the rest of the cake, so Charlotte and Freja also could taste when they came later in the day.

February 14
Then came Joker (Jazz brother) and family from Herning to visit, it was a long time since I had seen them, so it was really nice. I do not know why I do not have pictures of them all, but there it is! Joker seems to think that the puppies were a little weird, such little some. Ole goes for obedience and agility with Joker. Nana and Joker had been on the child and dog holiday camp.

February 10
The family Skriver from Aarhus, which has Komo, came with breakfast with the entire (without a dog), it was a really nice visit, and of course I have no pictures from the day. I said that so I had to come to visit them, to greet Komo, when it will be, I do not really, but I will come.agen. Jeg sagde, at så måtte jeg jo komme på besøg hos dem, for at hilse på Komo, hvornår det bliver ved jeg ikke rigtig, men jeg kommer.

February 9
At the Danish Kennel Club's first International Exhibition this year in Fredericia, participated Lovely in intermediate bitches, well shown by Lis Andersen, the result was excellent2. She was only defeated by a Swedish bitch who also progress it really well in Denmark in 2013.

February 4th.

Dear Lise
Thank you for your Christmas greeting. We follow the pictures of Chilis small new sibling!
Chili feel great! She is a sweet and loving dog that we like very much. Julia is really fond of Chili, and they are often on the floor or in Julia's bed.
Chili does not make as many accidents anymore, but she still can not let food stand, if we leave something on the table. She can sit, cover, roll, crawl, search and much more.
We attach some pictures of the dear dog.
Love Julia, Mads and Janni

Click on the picture to see the photos of Chili.
January 2014

30 January
I finally got updated Morgan and Pluto's photo pages. If you want to see them please click the pictures below.
It's really nice to get pictures of the dogs, I'm really happy, and then others can see how beautiful they are!

Pluto and Jens
January 24th

Hi Lise and all the dogs.
Then I pulled myself together and collected some pictures for you Bob. I also hope that you all came well into the new year.
Best wishes
Christoffer Tine and Bob

Click on the picture to see the rest of the pictures of Bob.
January 17th
So got Idea puppies. As usual, several days before the 63 days, but it is we know to turn to now.
Puppies growing up can be followed on the puppy page click here

January 12th
So now I guess I've been shot the new year started, see the Christmas greetings in 2013.
Now I better have, finding a puppy box and get it into the living room. There is some time to Idea to give birth, but she has the sooner taken the Mickey out of me and it's not so funny, so rather early!

January 9th.
Katja and her mother Rita, came to visit, they were going to Odder to get Jazzy 's puppies hearing tested. It was great to see the puppies alive and to see Jazzy again . It is really some beautiful and cute puppies Jazzy Mouse is the mother of.
The weather was now not right with us, it was raining, so it was a little wet pleasure, shutting them out in the garden, puppies seems it was mega fun, they ran around and examined everything.
Most of the time we stayed in the kitchen, which is free from loose wires (that's living room is not), the puppies had a good time to tie laces up playing with my dogs' toys and close down one of my sandal, so they took a nap before we let them out again before they had to leave.
Hearing test showed that all the pups were fully hearing on both ears it was just wonderful! I hope they get some real good home, and we see them again! Katja has any case done a really good job, the puppies are social, confident and inquisitive as these little creatures should be.

January 8th.
Hi Lise
Many thanks for your Christmas email, yes it took a while to respond, also hope to get in a happy new year, we keep an eye on your website.
Here Asger a small taste of a New Year's lobster.
Regards Grethe and Martin

Click on image for full size

January 7th.
Hello Lise!
How are you? Hope you are fine. Kitty and I competed again in an unofficial agilitycompetition and this time Kitty was very good, she was a bit slow in the beginning but suddenly she started running fast and we competed in two different tracks, in the first one she was second best and in the second one she won! I was so glad that she got some speed in her because without that there is no use in competing. I think we are ready to start competing in official agilitycompetitions this year and for that I need to buy an agility-license.
I am also thinking about sterilizing Kitty this winter because she will not be used for breeding. After her last "löptid" she got "skendräktig" and it was very difficult for her, she wanted to make a nest for her "puppies" everywhere even when we had agility-class she went into one tunnel and started making a nest there :) Everybody laughed but I didn't find it that amusing... I had to get some medicine for her from the vet so she would not think about her "puppies" and it helped. Now she is herself again but if she will get this difficult every time I think it will be best for her to be sterilized!
I saw the picture of Idea's puppy-stomach on your website, I hope everything will go well and that her puppies will be healthy and beautiful! I wish I could come and see them but I am afraid it is too long a journey, at least in the winter.
Take care of yourself and your dogs!
Best wishes,
Best wishes,
Anna-Maria and Kitty
GREAT GREAT, they are so good both of them!

For the second year in a row came Charlotte and Happy New Year and celebrated with us. We had a quiet and peaceful New Year's Eve, and although the neighbors this year was home and shot fireworks just on the other side of the road, the dogs were totally just happy and slept most of the evening.
We had purchased quite a few cake that we took during the evening. We agreed that we did not need to open the champange so we had a toast in what we were drinking, it was also excellent