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News 2013

December 2013

So I now finished the year 2013 with all the Christmas greetings, unfortunately there was indeed a sad one as Ticko is no longer here, I wonder what he actually failed yes it simply, we will probably never know cause, unfortunately
But there was Thankfully preponderance of happy Christmas greetings.
the images I'm referring to, I still have to put into their sides, have patience when they are there I take this message of:
Pluto relaxing by the Christmas tree a

Thank you Lise for the sweet greeting
We are very happy with Pluto and it goes well with him, he's healthy and fresh har not been sick or anything else he is happy fresh and very gentle with all is not at all aggressive, he also goes very well with Jens, they have very much benefit from eachother, we come across and visit you this spring.
Kind Regards Pluto Jens Kirsten Palle.
See pictures here !

Hi Lise and Merry Christmas to you, nice to hear from Morgan's Dog family ;-)
It goes really well with Morgan, he is a lovely dog and we have the much pleasure from him.
I send some pictures, some are 2 years old some are new, hope you can use them? As you can se, he is handsome guy!
Happy New Year to you and all the dogs and thanks for orientation, sat with Bella .
Sincerely, Robin Prudholm
See pictures here!

Jade in the festive spirit

Dear Lise and dogs
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!
We - and especially - I am delighted with Prik . She is beautiful and loving and nearly always easy .
Your pictures are funny and fine. Nice kunne share something like this on fb. And it'd be fun to meet and see puppies with dots.
Best regards Kåre

Hi Lise . Many thanks for your greetings :)
We are Rønde to Nikokajs mother with his hole family. The dogs are of course also with us and robbed of gifts for themself too.
Sad with Goodie, it's so hard like that. Great Idea to have two puppies again, could then certainly be fun to see them. Puppy is just lovely ;)
Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all the dogs :)
Sincerely Lonnie, family and dogs .

Dear Lise, thanks for your Christmas greeting, great to hear that all is well with you and all your children. Here with us is doing well, Jade has come into the Christmas spirit.
We need to celebrate Christmas at home so we are 9 people in total.
Yes, it might be fun to soon meet again!
The warmest Christmas greetings, Linette, Ivan, Nicoline and Jade .

Christmas card from Kitty

Hello Lise
Thank you for your greeting and the image.
Sad to hear Goodie, but luckily she had a good life.
Unfortunately, we having a really bad news as we about 3 weeks ago had to say too early goodbye to Ticko.
He had a skin disease which just got worse and worse. The vet could not say what it was, and dispite medication spread the itchy eczema of his body. at last we had two put him to sleep.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and dogs .
Greetings from Jette and Kim

Hello Lise
We also wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
We are all well and looking forward to the new year with hopefully a little sister two Mille and many great and fun experiences and exhibitions.
I work Christmas this year and be on night duty all Christmas and New Year so it will not be the large excesses here with us this year.
Additionally, I am preparing myself for a new chapter in my life as I was elected til municipal council and Occurs 1/1-14.
But we will of couse meet in the new year, I expect we will show in February and then we of course also come and take a look when you've got little people .
Best wishes
Helle Plougmann

Keeper and Nuka

Dear Lise and all the dogs .
From here also many wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we follow in your website so we know there are puppies, it will be interesting ..
We have had a busy fall. Jørgen has got a new job, I was 50 years old, Luke was 10 years and the triplets were just 18 years old and now it is Christmas so time tie all the time from us, but we have the the all good
Komo is fine too, we still believe that he is the sweetest dog in the world, he is so funny and cute to all of us and we hug loves this boy. He loves to get to our cottage and he loves our weekend where Jørgen and I have long walks with him through the woods and the beach here in Aarhus.
Hope we will soon have the time to visit you, it could be nice. Many greetings
Charlotte and Co.
See pictures here!

Dear Lise and dogs, Thank you for your sweet Christmas greeting , IT Welcomed botheration Nikki and us - and we look forward to seeing you in Vejle.
Also Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours .
Loving greetings from Nikki, Yrsa & Henning
Hi Lise, Thanks for the Christmas card.
Attached are a few video clips and pictures of Jade from last summer.
Ivan/Papa Jade
See pictures here !

Hello Lise!
We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope that you will have a great holiday with your dogs and your family!
Anna-Maria, Tero and Kitty

Hi Lise and spots .
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we wish you.
Keeper, Nuka and Mette


I completely forgot att ye have updated the Komo 's picture page some time ago . Click on the picture two see the lovely new pictures of Komo and his family in Aarhus
November 2013

30. november
Sad message

Hi Lise
Unfortunately, we have a very sad message .. Our beautiful Bella's sudden death ..
She was very upset on Wednesday night, and when we got up Thursday, it seemed as if she constantly had to throw up, but she could not .. I go home from work in the morning to look for her, and that she is very bloated and can hardly walk .. We drive to the vet, she sends us to the animal hospital, and operating the her for a stomach turning ..
It seems that the surgery went well, but during recovery could her heart not stand anymore, so she had a cardiac arrest Thursday night ...
It's just so sad and empty .. She was the loveliest, happiest, most wonderful dog .. and we already miss her so much .. Which we had assumed to have her a few more years ..
Hope you and your dogs are doing well.
Sincerely. Pia Lillelund and family

Bella (Honey Heartbeat) was only 9 ½ years - sniff!

November 18th.- 19th.
Idea and I took a trip by train to Sweden. We visited Florence, Rune and gorgeous Zero in Götene.
Rune was kind enough to pick us up at the station, we drove home with him to Fogdegården where Idea talked to Zero, and I got some nice food. So we were driven to the hotel (the same as Goodie and I stayed at 6 years ago, fun!). The next evening we were again caught and was again visited Fogdegården.
Wednesday morning (early) we were picked up at the hotel and taken to the station. We managed to get 1 minute too late to the train so Idea and I ate breakfast at Skövde station while we waited for the next train. The trip home went without any problems, Idea slept and dreamed about what I wonder?
Whether it was more than just a pleasant visit to Florence and Rune, who are some very nice people, well, we do not know yet!

November 17th.
I have been grandma!
DKCH NOCH Toot´s Chantilly Lace (Marty)
Dallise's Jazzy Jenny (Jazzy)
Marty and Jazzy became parents. Jazzy live on Funen with his mother Katja Karlsen in Otterup.
I am excited to follow the puppies grow up on Facebook.
And hopefully, I get to come down and see them "live" when they get a little older!

November 2nd.-3rd.
Herning - Danish Kennel Club's last show in years. I had volunteered to Lovely, now she is moved up into intermediate class.
My leg is still not completely ok, and then I can not run so fast, though my legs nothing wrong, and now I've become quite expect to have a handler.
Erik was busy with his own three dogs, so I asked Lis if she wanted to help, she would happily like to. But she had promised to help Erik if he had two dogs in the competition class, the progress he and since Lovely also to include in the contest class Jette came to acting, it's good to have friends.
It went really well I must say the result was:
Saturday: EXC1 (excellent best), CK (certificate quality) BTK4 (4th best bitch in the day), res CAC (reservation certificate).
Sunday: EXC3 (excellent 3rd best), CK (certificate quality).

Oktober 2013

28. oktober

Hello Lise
Hope all is well!
You get a picture of Jade from Saturday, when she got her Saturday sweets. Jade is doing well and all in Old Holte is still happy for her :) Both Saturday and Sunday, she has over 10km with me in the woods, so she is still very active
Have recorded some video with her ??when she is playing with his good friend Blackie. Trying to send it separately!
/Ivan - papa Jade

October 1st.
Today was a very sad day, vet help Goodie sleeping peacefully into in my bed. I had appeared for a while that I soon had to say goodbye to her, but it's a tough decision! She was a very special dog my little girl, and she will always have a special place in my heart.
Goodie was buried in Animal Cemetery in Horsens, she was allowed to come in the same grave as her great-grandmother Liva, it suited me fine, they had of course been together at home 12 years ago.
She was the fifth dog, I buried in Horsens, they are all 5 together side by side, so now I call it a family grave.

September 2013

September 14th.

   Hello Lise!
Here comes Kitty's prize-picture! She won them today on an unofficial agility-competition. She competed in three different tracks, the first one was quite easy = she got second prize, the second one was a bit harder = she got third prize and the third one was really difficult and meant for dogs that already compete professionally, we made it through even with some faults and overtime but we made it and that gave her third prize. I am very proud of my little Kitty :) Maybe agility is her "thing"!
Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty

August 2013

August 30th.- 31st.
Charlotte and Happy came to visit, they had Freja a neighbor girl. Charlotte, Freya and I were Medieval Festival in Horsens, it was the first time that it was held at the old prison, I think it was a good place, but in some places there was really dark at night. The dogs enjoyed themselves at home while because it can sometimes be hard to come forward when there are many people.

August 24th.
Danish Kennel Club group 11 had show in Varde.
Again Erik had promised to help me, the progress he's really good, though Lovely jump up on him all the time, he had a hard work to get her to stand just fairly quiet. She was best junior bitch with CK, her sister Mille was there too, this time she was number 2.

After the show we went in Ølgod and get coffee at Charlotte, Jørgen and their girls, it was really nice.

August 17th.-18th.
Danish Kennel Club for the first time dobble show in Rønne.
I had not been on Bornholm since we put my father's urn down Svaneke many years ago. I had long thought about getting more, and now there was indeed a perfect opportunity.
Unfortunately I had the pulled a tendon when I dug garden, and could not run. But Erik Winter was so sweet, promising he would show Lovely for me. It also went really well even though he did not know the dog. Saturday, she was best junior bitch with Exc1. Sunday was the judge very happy to give VG, even the bitch who had received cert. Saturday got VG and Lovely got VG2.
I lived in Svaneke with my brother's wife, parents, it was great that I could be there. I also glanced over at Svaneke, where I worked as 16-17 years, the city was much changed since I had been there lately real tourist town now.

August 2nd.
Jette Mauritzen came to visit with her little puppy Pixel, it was really nice. Jette and I had coffee and cake and a little later strawberries with cream. Meanwhile tumbled Pixel and Lovely round, one could sense that they had a little hot, which was held for breaks in between.

July 2013

For the first time in several years, it has been a month of July holiday without dogs other than my own! It is said to be fortunate, since I have overworked my leg, so I've been pretty out of action the entire month, sigh, too bad, there was so much I should have done! I have now learned that you should listen to your body, and not just continue, when there is something that hurts!

July 16th.
Hi Lise.
A greeting from Jade's family.
From Dalmatia in Croatia. Dalmatian homeland. We enjoy the heat and Jade is on dog a hotel in Hørsholm, where she enjoys life with floor heating and daily walks and playmates.
Hope you enjoy the summer with lots of sun going on holiday.
Hugs Ivan, Linette and Nicoline

July 15th.
Hello Lise.
Now Keeper lost about 4-5 kg and it looks great on the stomach.
He plays also 100 times more with the other.
Regards Mette and Keeper

July 11th.
Hi Lise
Thank you for your email, I have only just returned from 5 weeks of vacation, that's why I have not written back before now, was not even with at Asgers birthday, to be held later, he was looked after by my mother and it went well.
Regards Martin

June 2013

June 23rd.
I had time to visit Kandy, Kirsten and Niels, who lives near Charlotte, before I left home.
They came to Charlotte to pick me up, and was obviously just a cup of coffee and cake before we departed. Kandy was very interested in Freja (cat), I do not think it was mutual.
Kandy and family live in a forest, I think it's called Hammer hills (I'm not quite sure). There is great, unfortunately the weather was not very good! But it was really nice to see how they live and how spoiled Kandy is!

June 22nd.
Charlotte invited to the housewarming and birthday in Northern Jutland. It was a mighty nice, we got food in town and coffee and cakes etc. home of Charlotte. Happy were sent on vacation, so she could grab something on the table. I went to bed at three in the morning that I was also a little done, so to speak, but it was a good party!

June 21st.
Birthday K-litter is three years, where time passes! It is probably the litter that has been spread most round about.
Kitty lives in Jakobstad, Finland, Kura in Flensburg and Nahla in Dusseldorf, Dot and Asger living in Zealand, Keeper of Assens, Kandy in Northern Jutland, Bonzo in Hammel , Komo in Aarhus and Molly in Riis.
They all have wonderful families, I have gradually visited or been visited by many of the dogs and their families since they left, it's just really fun. They feel so good all together. Below some pictures of the birthday kids.

June 15th.
Danish Kennel Club had dogshow in Vejen
There were two junior bitches entered Mille and Lovely.
This time it was Mille won the first place, Lovely got VG and was number 2 Mille did it this time great she got Exc.1.og Cq. and then she went on to competition class here she was 4 best bitch and got certificate!
all of a sudden it was hard to get my arms down!
Mille and Helle are so good, I'm just so proud of them ..
  Judge Inger Dahle, Norway.
Dallise's Little Lady DK05492/2012
14 months, excellent type, beautiful feminine head, sufficiently developed body for her age, some soft topline, good bone and angulation, moves with good drive from the side, some cramped rear and loose in front, some heavy spotted, good temperament and well shown.
EX1. CQ. junior class, 4th. best bitch CAC.

June 3rd.
A sad news.
Hello Lise
So could Freya no more we got her to sleep last night.
She had been tired and weak for about a month and had lost a great deal. Thursday we were at the vet, where we agreed that Freya would have peace. We would give her until Tuesday but over the weekend she was even weaker and I asked my neighbor who is vet whether or not he could help. She ignored him and now she has happily peace.
Freya was a great dog and we will miss her calm and patient being.
Dogs do we need again! When or which dog we do not know - now we see.
Very much hope that we can keep in touch - now Freya no longer here - and come and visit you and your dog.
We'll talk
(Freya was 12 years old)

May 2013

May 20th.
Monday 20th. Danish Dalmatian Club show in Svendborg, there were 3 junior females enrolled. Today was Lovely number 1. and number 3. Mille.
Judge was Mark Dunnachie, GB. Here is his criticism of Lovely.
13 months old, densely spottet black bitch, pleasing head, good eye color, correct level bite, good earset and carriage, flames a pretty face, long reach of neck onto an okay topline, and okay tailset, her forechest is developimg and she has a deep chest for her age, just wish she would show more animation, but she comes to live on the move where she shows good front extension and adequate from behind.
EXC1. CQ junior class, 3rd best bitch, res.cac.
And it was not that bad, Per took pictures of us in the ring, and one can easily see she is "hanging", we must see if we can do better.
Before we drove back home, we were out and look at our old house on Viemaen, I'm ashamed to confess that there is something more "styles" about it now than when we lived there, I found an old picture of the house from 1984. Lovely and I also went for a walk in the green area by the railroad nearby, it was a very special experience (so to speak), to walk in the paw tracks Jenny had put there 29 years ago!

May 19th
Pentecost held Danish Kennel Club kreds3 exhibition in Svendborg which might Lovely and I come, for I had lived in Svendborg, before I moved to Jutland approx. 29 years ago. There were 2 junior bitches Mille (Little Lady) and Lovely. They both got EXC. and Mille was number 1, NICE.
After the show we took with Mette home to Assens (she had come to pick us up, and to look at Keepers playmates, ridgeback, who was also the show).
It was really fun and nice to visit Mette, after we had coffee, we went to Jette and Nuka to pick up Keeper. The three dogs had so much fun together that we decided to take a walk in the dog forest before dinner so they could throttle a little. It was a really nice dog forest with natural agility obstacles, Nuka was far the best, Lovely had no idea what it was, so she just ran around and enjoyed herselves. Completely gassed by, they do not, they round home with Mette, so Mette flower pots were a little in danger! but they fell at sleep a time.

May 5th.

Hello Lise!

Today Kitty and I participated in a group-dog show in Kajaani with Finnish Pekka Teini as the judge. There were 11 dalmatians and Kitty's result is in open class EXC 1 CK Best Bitch 3 reserve-certificate. The judge said to me that there is nothing to complain about this bitch and I am very pleased with the judgement but of course I would have liked to receive the certificate! I have translated from Finnish:

A really beautiful feminine bitch with an easy movement and with a very self-confident behaviour. Right nose and skull-lines. Beautiful cheek-bones & expression. Balanced set of body & legs. Beautiful spotting. Moves with an easy step. A beautiful dog.

Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty

May 2nd

Hello Lise
Thank you so much for your birthday greeting ...
It is unbelievable that it is 9 years ago we brought Bella with you ..
She is doing well and is fortunately still a lovely happy, fresh and lively dog o)
I just attach some pictures that I took yesterday ..
she loves when the sun shines, so she can lie out in several half hours; o9
Take care
Many greetings Bella and family

April 2013

April 30th.

Goodie, our grandmother dog gets 12 years in day HOORAY! She is the last of the house dogs who have a birthday this year, so there is some time, untill we must keep birthday again.
In honor of the occasion has been bought a real flag, not such a paper as we usually use, and there has been tablecloth on the table instead of a towel.
Dinner was excellent, she seems, for dessert, she got bones, she was fully aware that it was her day (I also sang birthday song for her), she murmured, when the others looked at HER bone, and they respected.

I spoke to Freya's mother Charlotte, and she told me that Freya held his 12th birthday in style! NICE to hear.

April 28th.
Finally, I made a puppy reunion, I have talked about that for a long time, the puppies are now 13 months, so they are a little big.
Unfortunately it was only Ticko, Punto and Bella with families who could come this time, I can hope that it manages to combine several of them later!
now that was a really nice afternoon, I think!

Another birthday H-litter is 9 years, not to understand! I had the puppies from the last litter (L) visiting that day, but got called 3 of the families in the evening, and heard thankfully, that all goes well. My computer progress knots so I was first sent a birthday greeting next day.
Unfortunately, there's only 5 of 8 back, Dalton died 1 ½ years old from kidney failure after eating raisins, Bella (Jutland) was run down and had to be euthanized 4 years old, Casco we lost the last fall when he had bad arthritis in back and neck, and it was difficult in the end to go, we also sends a thought for them, luckily all had a good life and was really spoiled in it we had them.

April 16th

Now the Jazz and his siblings who have a birthday, think they are already 4 years I have heard from several of them that they have a lovely birthday. They have it all fine, and it's great to hear. Katja says that Jazzy unfortunately not been pregnant, it's true too bad, but I had a little suspect it might be like when I did not hear anything, it could otherwise have been a lot of fun.

April 14th.
Then it was Jazz turn to come for testing. He wanted to run after a cloth, to see what it was. On the other hand, he could not understand why I stood and looked in a certain direction for 3 minutes, he could not take anything that was worth a look at if he looked in the same direction. You're crazy, 'he said! He was not entirely happy sounds, and took a little trip at the plate, he found something more exciting on the forest floor on the other side of the path, and was not quite easy to get to come back.
Press image and see a PDF of the test. (In Danish)

April 13th.
Lovely got the chance to get to Mental test. As always it was very exciting to find out if you know your dog's reactions, usually you will be always surprised I think. It is very very interesting to follow the other racers test. It was a bit cold in the morning but ok a little later, a very fun day.
Lovely did not want to run after rags, she was startled when something happened uvendet but abreacted fine when she had glanced at things. Click the picture of the table and see a PDF of the test (in danish).

March 2013

March 25th.

1000 thanks for your birthday greeting :-)
Punto has been a walk in the woods, playing 'search' with the boys, got a new toy which it packed out and taken sunbathe in the living room. A good dog birthday, we think. Picture on the way.
We return with date proposal in April.
Britta Thuun-Petersen

Pluto greet mom and dad he has held birthday all day with his friends his two crocodiles and Jens, the've been super nice weather today, it's not some coincidence of Pluto is a great and happy dog, he seems to enjoy life have fun tease and play, we are so happy for him kisses and tell him we love him every day, he might well have brought up a little more but he is cute as he is and we will for all the world not be without him.
Greetings Kirsten and Palle
Click on the image to see pictures of Pluto!

March 25th.

Then there's already again birthday, Lovely and her siblings will be 1 year, it goes so fast.
I have a lot of nice pictures of most of siblings, but a few I still missing pictures of, I have plagued for photos of them. So I will wait to put pictures of the children, to I have pictures of them all, it could be fun.
Lovely got a blue rubber animals as a birthday present, it was NOT wrapped, I've seen her read the newspaper, she is really good at getting it to fill much, so I thought that something she could, there was no reason to see it again!

March 23rd.

Idea was 6 years old, it we had to celebrate a little, so she got a birthday plate after there was bone on the menu, it suited her perfectly. It's kind of fun to here is snow at the moment, I remember that Idea was around 1 year before she saw snow for the first time, it was one of those years where it rained all winter. So, I better like winter this year!
We also think of her siblings, and hope they all had a good day, and remember, of course, Samson, whom we lost unfortunately, when he got a stomach turning, sad!

March 13th,
Hello Lise!
I have put two agilityvideos of Kitty and me on Facebook, you can go and look at them if you are interested. They were taken this evening when training. I also include two photos of Kitty, they are not good but it is very hard to take photos when a dog is moving...
And congratulations to Lovely for being best junior and BOB. Very nice result indeed :)
Greetings Anna-Maria and Kitty

I have looked at the videos, Kitty and Anna-Maria is really good!

March 10th.
Danish Kennel Club circuit 5 effected spring show in Brædstrup (unoffical). This time it was Lovely attending, she greeted a lot of her ring training friends and had a lovely long day.
Her mother Idea was on the cover of the catalog, that we were proud of.
Danielsen (dogs photographer) had a birthday, and gave birthday cake - Yum!

Judge was Erling Kjær Pedersen, DK. Here is his critique:
Nice, typical head, well proportioned, attractive neck and back, normally angled, good chest, could have a little better forechest, suitable bone, slightly confluent spots, healthy movement.
EXC1, best junior, BOB

March 3rd.
When we enjoy ourselves in the evening, watching television, Lovely has a absolute favorite place. namely on my stomach. It's also really nice, but just not quite easy to see the television, she shadows for it!.

February 2013

Katja tells that Jazzy (Dallise's Jazzy Jenny) is mated, so we are now waiting excited for the outcome!

February 24th

We got some lovely pictures of Ticko (Lively Leopard) from the family's winter vacation in their cottage on the North Sea. Ticko lives with four children, the eldest girl has taught him some tricks, among other things, to lie dead. And then he steals food on the kitchen table.

Hello Lise
As promised, I send you here some pictures of our (water) happy dog. he seemed at least, it was great to be allowed to run freely at North Sea. Then when you get tired, it's nice to have a nap, though sleeping position is something funny :-)
We'll talk.
Many greetings from fam. Fredslund

Click on the image to see the rest of the pictures from the North Sea!

February 23rd
Hello Lise!
Here is Kitty with her agilityprize she won today! We were competing in an unofficial agility-competition and Kitty did very well, she got third prize The agility-course consisted of 16 obstacles (jumps and tunnels only) and Kitty got through them all without faults but since two other dogs were just a little bit faster then her she was placed on third place. But I am very pleased with her and she behaved very well, following all my orders and running fast. I was so proud of her and myself too! Now she is very tired :)
Hälsningar Anna-Maria och Kitty

10. februar

On 10 February in Fredericia had Lovely his debut in the junior class, it went really well, despite it not easy to get speed on me (sigh my conditioning!).
Judge was Gunnar Nymann, DK. Here comes his criticism:
10 ½ months, very feminine, good size, good length on head, correct bite, good ears and eyes, good length of neck, could be slightly stronger, excellent topline, slightly sloping croup, good chest, good depth in the body but lacks width, normal angulation, could be more flexible in knees and more use of the hindlegs, stable front and back.
EXC.1, junior class CQ, 4th best bitch
well done little Lovely.

Sister Mille was also there, she got VG2, she still had to develop a little more, the judge said.
It was a really nice day with Mille and her family.

Lovely tried a lot of new the day we were namely by public transport to Fredericia.
Lovely had never driven a lift, seen or driven by train or run with the city bus before she took it all relaxed and in stretched paw.
We had to wait when we came home to Horsens again (the buses do not run as often on Sundays), the used Lovely to play with a papillon and a terrier, who was also at the station, it was good entertainment for the waiting human, that were laughing much.

January 2013

January 13th.

   So I should certainly have started 2013, exciting what the new year brings!
Here are just a few things more, Helle has been kennel named "Unique Spots" and has a website, among other things with a lot of nice pictures of Mille, click on the image to see her website!
Lovely has come into season, now it will be fun to hear about the sisters also are in season now?
You can find the latest updates previous years, including christmas greetings by clicking 2012

January 11th.

Hello Lise
Thanks and the same to you. I regret it later response and the long time in between my messages. I stand in between work and school and another job, as has been little pressure. It goes really well with Bob. He is a bit of a mischief but he is also just a puppy :) He is doing really well and has become a really nice and big dog. I also hope that all goes well with you.
Kind regards
Christopher and Bob.
There were also some really nice pictures of Bob (Dallise's Lollipop Lover) with the greeting. Click on images for full size

Asger's New Year greeting
Click for full size

When Happy is not very happy New Year shootings, and as it used to be quite peaceful here in the countryside, came Charlotte and Happy visiting New Years Eve. My dogs are not afraid Year's Eve, perhaps because here is a little way to some that shoots of which they obviously good to hear anyway. Happy also took evening completely relaxed, but she was aware, when there was nothing edible in the fairway. Below some pictures from the evening, which passed quietly and peacefully, my own dogs slept as usual throughout the evening