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News 2012

December 2012

December 25th
Hello Lise
I hope that you had a good Christmas Eve, the dogs here have had it great with meat and cake.
I was on vacation when the Asger was 2years, so we kept the birthday for him yesterday, better late than never.
And happy New Year to you and the dogs.
Greetings Grethe, Martin, Asger and Freya.

December 23rd.
Here's a little Christmas greetings to me and the dogs, they are put in here on the website, because I think it can be fun for dogs people to hear a little about how it goes with the other.

Dear Lise
A Christmas greeting from Jade and family
We are doing well and are ready for Christmas.
The gifts are bought also Jades.
Jade has proven to be the dog hotel when the family must at the hotel, Jade as well.
Hope you and the 4 legged children are doing well. Your all must have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hugs from
Jade, Ivan, Linette and Nicoline

Dear Lise
Thus our Christmas greetings to you and the dogs,
We look forward to see in the new year.
Niels, Kirsten, Kandy

Dear Stains & Lise
I want a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Auspicious New Year. May the year 2013 be filled with dog treats and good bones.
Jackpot, Niklas, Helle & Zeus

Dear Lise
This is just a Christmas greeting, over here from Zealand, where Pluto has now become so mega large and lovely.
We're fine, and it goes really well with our new "baby".
Pluto loves the snow and the two dogs thrive together. Pluto measures 62 cm and weighs 32 kg. We've got a "laugh" Dalmatian, it's really fun. When we get home, he is always at the door and smiles and smiles. Pluto is so gentle and lovely and we love him so much. Pluto lies in the bed between us, every night, and he stands more up of the kitchen table than he walkes on the floor.
Pluto is slightly ill-mannered, all of our dogs. He is still not happy to drive when he threw up the first time, and probably remember this.
We think he's got personality now, and we love him. Pluto reminds of course much on our first Dalmatian, which we adored, but he has still his own personality.
Every night he goes up in the bedroom, and get Palles pillow. It's time to put in the living room. Dear Lise, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hope we can see in the new year.
Pallet & Kirsten Jens & Pluto

Dear Lise
We return (a little late, sorry) collar with thanks for the loan. Sorry we got off at the last minute with the exhibition, but so severe that Ticko was to keep the hall, I could not grasp it.
He is really a male there is speed in and have a strong mentality. I am sorry to tell you that he has been neutered, which we found absolutely necessary since he began to ease leg up of everything and everyone, from dog trainer, Kim customers to walls and toys within doors.
Things are going well now that he has stopped this nonsense. A week ago he cut himself on something (what we do not know), so it was bleeding heavily from one pad and he still lags a little. How can it go when you are a tomboy ...
Now we are looking forward to Christmas, as we keep at home for ourselves.
Let me conclude by wishing you and your dog a merry Christmas.
Love Sarah, Marcus, Lisa, Lucas, Kim and Jette

Hello Lise
Here it goes well and we'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year we seen in 2013.
Lisa, John, Christopher, Christian and all the dogs

  Dear Lise
We also wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Britta Thuun-Petersen
Punto and family

Hugs from Punto :-)

Dear Lise.
Merry Christmas to you and all your fine dogs, hope all is well. You also get just a Christmas greeting at the last moment before the Christmas race starts.
Hope to see you soon.
Love with Happy New Year.
From all of us.
December 12th.
Winter and snow, yes it's just us, it's great to be able to traipse round the fields where dogs can run free. That is not Idea, she goes to visit the farms around, and get the other dogs to go with her, so she must be on a leash when she can not understand that it is not allowed - FACT!
Goodie's home, she fell ill with stomach trouble, and would eat nothing. But after we had a visit from the vet, who gave her some medicine, she was thankfully fresh again. But we think she to come slightly better before she could get on the field walk.

December 5th.
Hi Lise,
It is with heavy heart that we must announce that Casco died peacefully on November 29, after a short illness. He had calcifications in the neck / back, and at times had severe pain. It became so bad and he had trouble walking. We tried to work tablets for a long time, but finally did it no more. Casco was an amazing dog and special in every way and nobody can take his place. Kind to everyone (not nabon dog)
We miss him terribly much. He will always hold a big place in our hearts. It's a tough time now. Have sent some photos to our Casco.
We will, with this wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Ps, We follow your home page on the web and look at the beautiful puppies. Maybe we hear of us one day ....
MVH Familjen Kurtovic in Norway

November 2012

November 10th
Today told Katcha that Lazy has now found a new lovely family in Jutland. The family has previously had Dalmatian and now Lazy to learn to sail, exciting.
He's just gone today said Katja, it was a little hard.

November 5th.

Click on the picture to go to Punto's page

    Dear Lise
So it's been about time for a little greeting from Punto in both pictures and words. Punto has been a great and clever dog of 24 kg. We are very happy for him :-)
He can all that he must (and more) and is very eager to learn new things.(and more) and is very eager to learn new things. We have gone to puppy motivation with him since he was 10 weeks and is still junior team this autumn. Then it will probably rally - I think we'll be fun. Punto is good: to walk nicely on a leash (most of the time!), Skip, search / find, wait, target, target snout, space, walking on carpet, tub Exercise (elephant) that hill and tunnel exercise. In addition, he loves to run freely at sea and in the woods, and playing ball with the kids. Oh yes - and digging holes :-)
Puntos biggest challenge is undeniably being on all 4! Both when he greets people and dogs. We would not want him to jump up, it is absolutely forbidden! He is now (almost) stopped jumping up at the kitchen table and at couch. He is also very adept at lying on his pillow when we eat the way we want it. In addition, he was cleanly after just a week. Right nice :-)
Re. feed we are right now by switching to Royal Canin Dalmatian food from Eukanuba junior. Eukanuba junior, he has been since we bought him from you. We have chosen to use approx. one month to make the change, so he does not get an upset stomach. We were somewhat startled and worried because he had a trip to the vet after his holiday visit with you, but he was perhaps too small to be cared for - even if it was in "childhood home"? There was enough for many large dogs / competitors around him?
Punto is good to be home alone every day from 8 to 15.30. He gets a walk every day and thrive as I said, really well. The only flaw is that Punto has two different color eyes - good enough in shades of brown - but it will not do as a show dog? Are there others in this litter have different colored eyes?
Hope all is well with you - and your lovely dogs :-)
Love from family Thuun-Petersen

November 03 - 04th
The last show in Herning, as usual, a double exhibition. One day, one could obtain the title DV12 and the next day NV12 so there was a little more dogs than there used, it was fun.
On Saturday was Ticko (Lively Leopard) and the family up and look, they were registered for Sunday but do not exhibit was something they wanted, so they did not come. They must be allowed to think it's not everyone who likes it, but shame - shame that I took some pictures, for he was a really nice guy. They promised me to send some pictures of him, and I hope of course they do.

Otherwise Mille (Little Lady), Lovely (Living Love) and Kandy (Kandy Kiss) there on Saturday. Both puppies were very promising Lovely was number 2 and number 3 Mille
Kandy got VG3, and it was not so bad though Kirsten was a little disappointed, it does she not to be criticism was fine.

On Sunday was Mille and Lovely there again, and then came Molly (Kind-hearted Kisser) and family too.
Both puppies once again achieved very promising, but changed place since Mille was number 2 and number 3 Lovely . Annette showed Lovely for me so I could take pictures.
Molly got VG3 judge seems she lacked a little substance, maybe she's a bit thin. It was all in all a few real nice days.

Click on image to view full size
Oktober 2012

October 23rd.

   Hello Lise (:
thank you for your call today, it was nice to hear how it goes (:
I submit as agreed some pictures of Bella, so I hope you like them (:
Looking forward to hearing from you again, and hear what you think about the pictures (:

Many friendly greetings from Stefanie & Bella (:

Click on the picture to go to Bella's page

October 8th.
    Hello Lise
I just wanted to say that I and Asger spend many enjoyable hours together every day, the picture is from this morning as the sun rose, VERY HAPPY DOG, EVERY DAY!
October 6th.
Dalmatian Club had exhibition in Hvidovre. When I showed the Katcha had reported Lazy and his brother Gabriel (Allivalit Gabriel) to, I'd above and see how it went. I had also told the puppies who live on Zealand that I came, hoping that they had time to come and greet. Unfortunately, it was only Chili and family who could come, but it was also nice to see them again.
Lazy was now in puppy class and was ranked number 2 of 3 with SL2, it was not so bad, well done!
Judge Erling Kjær Pedersen's criticism:
Masculine head, good neck and back, ample sloping croup, usually angled, good chest, strong bones, excellent coat, healthy movement.

September 2012

September 25th.
Hello Lise
Here are some pictures from the exhibition of Vejen etc., we have reported Kandy for the exhibition in Herning (Saturday), so we may see that!
Niels is about to make a DVD for you from the Vejen, so we send it by mail as soon as it is finished!
Love Kirsten Niels Kandy

Click on the picture to go to Kandy photo page.

September 20th.
I work hard to update my website, there's been a lot over the last few months - fortunately.
Forløbig I have updated a bit in the photos, I put just link in here:
K-litter picture page overview
L-litter picture page overview
There you will find links to each dog's page.

September 19th.
Benno came to visit for a few days. Lovely tried as best I can, to get him to play, it went he also contributed in shortening periods. But he now also showed teeth when he thinks it was too much. She was now quite indifferent.

September 17th.
At 7.30 started Kitty and Anna-Maria their long journey home. It would have been really nice to have them visit, the time had just gone too fast. Anna-Maria called, when they had come to Finland, and told that it was a real 'toil weather storm and rain, so the 500 km. home from Helsinki by car was tough, but luckily the good home anyway.
September 16th.
Day 2 of the exhibition in the Vejen, Kandy was not that day, but Mille, Lovely and Kitty were there.
I had a little more control over the video, this time there were dogs, I still have not figured out , to take pictures of it or edit it, so I use some whoops solutions, but the other comes probably. Therefore, this time a little pictures of the puppies. Anna-Maria showed Lovely, and she was again number 1 in front of sister Mille, but today they were both SL (very promising). Kitty got excellent, CK and was second best in open class, and she was fourth best female in the competition class. As shown in the table below, she was the only repeat among the four best bitches. Not so bad, faktiskt REALLY REALLY NICE!! Vejen was actually quite a good show.
Competition Class bitches
Saturday    Sunday
1 - Spotty Buddy Mon Cheri (BOB CACIB)
2 - Dallise's Knick-Knack (CERT)
3 - Dallise's Kandy Kiss
4 - Bon'obis Smiling Saga
  1 - O'Talix's Magic Mc.Luna (BOS CACIB)
2 - Kernehuset's Zitha
3 - Crazy Spots Athena (CERT)
4 - Dallise's Knick-Knack

Lovely was in the big ring on both days, but was not placed, but now she tried it.
Click on image to view full size
September 15th.
The first day of the Danish Kennel Club show in Vejen. Kitty and her sister Kandy was joined in the open class. Lovely and her sister Mille in baby class, so it was really exciting.
Anna-Maria had promised to show Lovely, and the progress she is really good, Lovely was best baby puppy with Very Promissing, Mille got Promissing, and a really good criticism. Unfortunately I had invested in a video camera. so I have no pictures of the puppies, just a lot of video of grass, sky, shoes, tents and glimpses a dog or two, I have not yet figured out that in editing, I have not found out if you can take pictures of a video so they look decent, but it comes.
So finally it was open classes bitches. Both Kitty and Kandy got Excellent Jubii, then Kitty ranked best bitch. CQ and Kandy as second best with CQ in open class NICE! it would of course say that they both went on to bitches competition class. Here, Kitty ranked 2nd best bitch with cert. and Kandy positioned as 3rd best bitch --- and then it was suddenly hard to get my arms back down!

More officially see the result like this:
Dallise's Knick-Knack Exc. best open class bitch CQ 2nd best in competition class CAC R.CACIB
Dallise's Kandy Kiss Exc. 2nd best open class bitch CQ 3rd best in competition class R.CERT
Judge: Norman Deschuymere

It was celebrated with a barbecue sausages, a lovely day.
Click on image to view full size
September 14th.
I went to Kastrup Airport to retrieve Kitty and Anna-Maria. Anna-Maria had rented a car at the airport and we should be followed home.
Kitty had done the flight fine, she was just on top when we met. On the way home we were in the one remaining space and eat freshly baked pizza, it tasted just great. Otherwise, the weather was not something to talk about, and we drove in queue across Funen because of an accident, but we came home then. Anna-Maria think I should take pictures of bridges, so I tried as best I could.
August 2012

August 29th.
In the evening took Charlotte and Happy home to the North after having been here a week.
We did many different things during the week, in addition to being the Medieval Festival and dog show, we were in Randers and try a car, Charlotte might be interested in, and out and sail on Silkeborg lakes, I Gl.Rye and visit the store with old things ect we usually had two dogs with each time, except when we were sailing, we had only Happy with.
Since it is a bit outside the tourist season was Happy, Charlotte and I are the only fit stringent on the trip out to Himmelbjerget . Happy allowed to run loose around the ship, it took care of her, she stole some chocolate and some nuts in the ticket lady's bag, so Charlotte had to buy something new for her in the kiosk when we reached the hotel. (Oh Happy's also only 8 years) on the way back it was raining and there were more stringent fit and so she had to sit nicely on a leash.
We had Idea and Lovely with down and walk at Ring Lake in Brædstrup, and so we were on the field walk with the whole crowd, Idea was on a leash when she has a way of disappearing without a trace of the other in heels, good enough they come back, but I have the feeling that they visit the farms to look for something edible, and they should therefore not, it may be that people do not think it's fun, so a leash. Then the others would be close distance.
Klik på billedet for fuld størrelse
28. august
Hello Lise!
I asked a friend to take some pictures of Kitty and me at agility-training this evening, but they are not that good. I send you a few of them, you can publish them if you want, but as I said, they are not very good, I have to have some to take better ones another time. We have agility-training once a week and make progress all the time. Agility is fun but it is not easy, the dog has to train each obstacle separately and slowly we can start to have some easy obstacle courses. Kitty is very motivated by food (what a surprise, she is a dalmatian :) but sometimes she has difficulties in concentrating, she would rather play with the other dogs... but I guess in time she will learn :)
Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty
26. august
Hello Lise!
Today Kitty and I attended a dog-show in Pyhäjoki with Juhani Lappi as judge. He was quite strict and didn't give many EXCELLENT, as a fact no bitch got EXCELLENT, all got VG, so did Kitty, but his judgement on paper was very nice:
Overall very good. Beautiful head, good expression. Tight body, could be a little bit longer. Good limbbone, excellent paws. Good coat. Even spots, even though some spots go over each other. Good temperament, good movements. Missing teeth.
I was of course disappointed but next time she might get better again, she has developed a good body and think she is very beautiful :)
Our next dog-show will be in Denmark, interesting to see if she will be successful or not... I do not hope for too much so I won't get disappointed but it will be great to participate and to see you and your dogs again.
Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty

25. august
Exhibition Danish Kennel Club circuit 6 in Aarhus. I had enrolled Lovely, and when Charlotte was here, (we had been to Medieval Festival in Horsens on Fridays), she Charter as a driver, again it rained, we had fortunately tent. It was Mille's (Little Lady) debut. It was really nice to see them all again. Mille got SL1 and was best baby, and Lovely SL2. I have not Milles criticism, I forgot to get a copy.
Charlotte stood in the tent and took pictures because of the weather. Then we had to enter and see how it went Mille in the big ring, she was now not located, it is also difficult, but she progress very well. It is not very easy to take good pictures in a hall, so they were not excellent.
When we got home from Aarhus, we went back to the Medieval Festival, I will just note that it is not raining while we were festival either Friday or Saturday
Click on image to view full size
08. august
Katcha came and visited us, she wanted to see if Lazy would be her new dog.
She like him and he traveled with her to Maribo, where he will live with an older brother Dalmatian named Gabriel, he came Maribo without getting sick on the road nice!.
I must admit that there has been some time since he left. I've heard that he's fine and thrive.
Club exhibition on 4 August Lis had helped to take a lot of pictures of Lazy, now I had to advertise a little more with him on the internet, it, I did not, so I sent all the images to Katcha.

04. august
Then there was the club exhibition in Nr. Lyndelse on Funen, and thought it might be fun to show the puppies up.
I rented a car and stopped my two untrained puppies that never had been pretty much out driving in car into it. I thought that you could not really expect anything when one was carrying a pair of puppies who barely had tried to be pulled around in a collar, they were usually in the belt, but it could be very fun to be with. I had also called Mette (Keepers mother) and asked if she wanted to keep me company. That she wanted, and she would take her friend Jette with, she has Keepers best friend Simba (Golden retriver).
It went completely beyond expectations both got SL and Lovely became the best baby, that was a nice surprise. It was altogether a pleasant day even though it rained some of the time, I had fortunately taken tent.
Jette M., Lis and Florence helped me to have a picture taken of Lovely, I wanted to have a well to the Dalmatian. Lis also helped to take photos of Lazy. Afterwards it turned out that several had taken pictures of Lovely while she was in the ring, she was a real little "photo-star", and of course some of them here.
Click on image to view full size
Here is the judge Rune Brunbjerg Johansen's criticism of baby puppies in Danish:
2. Dallise´s Lazy Lord
4 mdr hanhvalp, kraftfyldt hovede, som kunne have bedre markeret stop, noget lyse øjne, ganske fattig forbryst, noget kort brystkasse, godt vinklet, noget faldende kryds, herlige benstammer, bevæger sig noget trangt back, bra frem, har ytmærket steg længe frem og back, behøver mere træning for at vise bevægelser optimalt, utmærket pels og tegning, noget blyg.
6. Dallise´s Living Love
4 mdr tispe, meget lovende, velskjåret hovede med godt udtryk noget slappe øjnekanter, velplacerede men noget store ører, fin hals, herligt forbryst, udmærkede proportioner, utmærket krop og benstammer, velvinklet, bevæger sig noget motvilligt, men har meget bra potentiale, temperament hun er tilgængelig men kunne være lidt mere fri på dagen.

July 2012

Holiday Dog
few more pictures from July. The few days when everyone was here at the same time, consisted pack of 3 puppies, 3 males and 3 females, yes, one is not bored! But fun it is. Jackpot was the last one went home, he left us 30th July.
Click on image to view full size
July 19th
Hello Lise!
Yesterday Kitty and I attended a match-show here in Jakobstad. A match-show is an unofficial dog-show where you get a red or a blue ribbon depending on the judgement and what dog you compete with. It was a beautiful sunny evening but as usual a lot of waiting since there were a lot of dogs competing in different classes, Kitty competed in the class big adult dogs. She got a blue ribbon and competed against about 15 other blue dogs. Only four dogs were picked out and Kitty was one of them! Her result was third best in the blue group and she got a nice pokal and even if both of us were very tired (since we had been standing there for four hours) we were happy with the result and went home with a smile. Kitty is such a star :)
Best wishes,
Anna-Maria and Kitty

July 17th.
Hello Lise.
I am sorry to have gone so long without you've heard from us.
After we got home, we agreed that Bob was probably closer to name him as it has become.
It goes really well with him. He weighed 16 kg at 16 weeks so he is great. We had a little trouble with the feed but came a few weeks ago until some chicken junior feed that works.
He has settled in well and we have had a good life. He still makes little trouble sometimes when he is alone but it is moving forward.
He was also largely cleanly from the start. He has only had urinated inside and it can be shown counted on one hand how many times, so it's nice.
He is incredibly accommodating to all dogs and people so it's great. And of course he learned the usual commands so that everything goes as it should so far.
It's a shame you do not got rid of Lazy. He looks otherwise lovely.
Regards Christoffer

July 17th.
It's holiday time, and as usual is here dogs on holiday.

Here are some spots for eyes. The three puppies having a wonderful time, full speed all the time. I wonder what Punto said to be home and be alone dog again?
We'll see! I came to think of how it was, only to have one spoiled dog in the house? For my case, I go back to 1986, and it's just a few days ago! I've tried to find some pictures that describe daily life at the moment here in the house, they come here!

Click on image to view full size
July 7th. Hello Lise. You get right here a little summer greeting from Ticko and family. It goes really well with him. We are now arrived at the cottage on the North Sea as it gives him a lot of new and exciting experiences :)
Many greetings from Jette
Ps. Sending pictures when we get home.

Now I hope of course just, they have a nice holiday, the weather is not something to write home about. But a nice greeting was it!

July 7th. - Kokkola dog show!
Hello Lise!
Today Kitty attended an international dog-show in our neighbourtown Kokkola Only 10 dalmatians and the judge was Finnish Pekka Teini. Kitty's result was (in open class with four other bitches) EXCELLENT 2 CQ RESERVE-CERTIFICATE. A very good result and I am very pleased. It seems that Kitty has finally developed the body she needs to get EXCELLENT. Here is what the judge said about her (translated into English):

Excellent breedtype, gendermark very pretty girl showing herself happily. Feminine head with the right proportions, quite light eyes. Beautiful neck, good lines in body. Hips with right proportions, enough width in upper thighs. Even spots of the same size. A few teeth missing. Excellent dog.

I am very pleased with the result and the judgement was very good! I am very happy :)
I send you a picture of a nice blanket with Kitty's name on it, that my friend Hanna made for Kitty. Very beautiful isn't it?
Anna-Maria and Kitty

June 2012

June 21st - birthday

Then K-litter 2 years, Yes where time runs, I got to say congratulations on SMS to most, and have talked to some other later, hope to see you at some point. Anna-Maria sent a few pictures of Kitty, seen here above, she is really beautiful little Kitty.
Niels, Kirsten and Kandy is moved (out of a forest, I think), they are busy putting the house and be able, Kandy helps Niels of digging garden. Komo should have ice on his birthday, said Charlotte. Asger must first hold birthday when his father Martin returns from his vacation in Iceland.

I have also been updated Komo and Kandy photo pages. Now I hope that I have remembered all the pictures. Click on the image of Komo and Kandy to see the rest of the pictures.

I have a lot of pictures of Kitty, I need to put on her side, it is not right now, though there are some very funny sometimes.
I must of course also have made ??a link page, so picture pages are easier to find, it comes!

June 18th. The vet came and gave puppies Lovely and Lazy their second vaccination and medical examination. At the same time grandmother Goodie revaccinated at regular vaccination and Rabis, and she got a chip which they must have if they are only tatooed, there was no annotations, so now everything should be fine.

June 16th. Charlotte and Happy was here visiting, Charlotte drove south to visit his cousin in Kolding and retrieve her kitten in South Jutland. Meanwhile, Happy was here. It's kind of fun so here are one from each of Goodies 3 litters. The three are Happy, Idea and Jazz had tremendous hurry to play while mom Goodie took care that they behaved properly.

June 5th. og 6th. The next two puppies Bella and Ticko left home, see more about it at puppy page , which also has pictures of their new home.
Since there are now only a puppy, Lazy, lacking a new family, I have decided to end puppies side of for this time. News about the puppies will now go to news page.

Maj 2012

Since I must confess that I have come a little behind with updates on the news page, I'll just say that on the puppy page you can revisit and read about the puppies, who left home in May. They've all got some really good home. And ... I can finish May month

12th May Anna-Maria sent an email, and said she would come to Denmark in September with Kitty and participate in the Danish Kennel Club show in the way, it gets really fun, hope to could gather some of siblings Kitty, so she can greet them.

May 6th. - Kitty BOB in Jakobstad Anna-Maria rang in the afternoon, and told him that Kitty was BOB and had CAC. the dog show in Jakobstad --- HOORAY HOORAY - CONGRATULATIONS - IT'S JUST SO NICE! ---.
Later she sent the judge's criticism and pictures, it comes here.
Hello Lise!
Here are the results from Jakobstad 6.5.2012 with Finnish judge Harry Tast (9 dalmatians): BOB and CERT. In the group-finals there were a combined group of group 4 and 6 so it was not easy to be chosen but I am very happy with this result. I have tried to translate what the judge said about her:

Almost 2 years, elegant and balanced body, right measurement and height of the body, very feminine head, several teeth are missing, good spotting, smooth step, elbows should be more compact, front movement a bit narrow today.

I send you a photo we took of Kitty today with her prizes, I send you more and better ones when we get them from the woman who took several photos of Kitty at the dog-show. I am very pleased with her behaviour and I am so proud to be her owner!
Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty
Kitty med præmierKitty på dagen.
Foto: Marita Ollikainen (kennel Doh Hill's).

05. majLonnie, Nicholas, girls and Dalmatians June and Dodo came to visit, it was really nice.
Jette and Jens Mauritzen also came to help me to photograph puppies, so suddenly we were many, a really good day.
Some pictures from the day, click for full size

May 3rd - birthday
F-litter, of which only Oscar back (when Freya died last fall 13 years old). I hope so, he did it as well as I talked to Hans Peter last time, but there may indeed soon happen.
Here is a youth picture of him on the back of it says Oscar spring of 2000, and it must the said to be a couple of days ago.
He is from the smallest litters, I have had only 3 puppies, a bitch Freya, which we sadly had to say goodbye to last autumn, and 2 males, both of which came to be called Oscar (maybe year name?), the second Oscar, I lost connection with many years ago, after his family was separated, and he got a new home, so far as I know on a farm in Zealand.
April 2012

There are of course much has happened more in april this year. One month with many visitors, but if I'm ever going to update my news page, I must limit myself a little.

April 30th. - birthday

So here was once more birthday in this house. Grandma Goodie was 11 years.
Some of her siblings are here unfortunately no more. Zenta, Oliver, Giggler, and Puk are all stars in the sky!
Three of the males, I have no connection with the (sadly), namely Gilbert, Lucky and Theo, so I do not know if they're still here.
The last Freya felt good on her birthday, I talked with the family Jungersen, she and the family was of course also here on a visit last year

April 28th. - birthday
Photos of Bella click image for full size.

Today is H-litter 8 years, it is impossible to understand, time passes quickly.
We got a message from Pia, with pictures of Bella, the ones I'm really happy. Pia wrote:
Hi lise
Thank you for your birthday greeting :)
Here we have it all well ... we can hardly understand that Bella is already 8 years old!! It's crazy how quickly time passes.
She is soon an old woman ... but it is fortunately not to notice her: o) so we expect then to have her many more years ...
Wow, where is the lovely your new puppy ... have you been selling them all together? You get quite want to get one again, although I do not think we can ever get as good a dog as Bella ... she is just the best in the world :) :)
Hope you and all the dogs, both large and small are doing well ....
Continued good weekend
Sincerely. Bella and family
I got called a few and said congratulations. Jacob in Ebeltoft, are doing well. His father Aage got an infection in the hospital when he needed a new knee, it has unfortunately meant that he has lost one leg, as Jette says it has changed their lives completely. But she was really pleased to have Jacob (who she says is the world's most beautiful Dalmatian) to take care of her while Aage was hospitalized.
I also talked with John in Hals, they are busy with riding stables and 17 horses shed, both Thor (whose pedigree name is Hippic harmony, it means according to my dictionary horses harmony, it is perhaps an appropriate name now?) and his younger brother Loki is well.

17. april
Something about yesterday's birthday kids:
I talked with Linette (Jade's mother), who also has birthday on 16 april. Jade was happy to come home again, but she had missed playing comrade Jazz little to begin with.
I got a picture of the Joker with his birthday gift on my mobile phone, I'm accidentally deleted - practice - I have to ask Ole to send it again.
Then there was a greeting from Randers, where the twins also have a birthday now. Berit wrote:
Obi is doing well. She is a small one and will always be where we are.
She is a lively and happy dog and she creates so much joy into our little family :)
We are all very happy for her, but especially my daughter has a very special relationship with Obi.
She is our little lovely baby sister.
Thanks for the greeting to the Obi and the twins.
Sincerely Berit
Last but not least, we got a note from Katja. She sent this lovely picture to the right, click on it to see it full size. She wrote:
Dear Lise
Here it goes well, as always. Jazzy has been a truly exemplary dog. She can walk without a leash at home and abroad (Yes, cats and birds disturb her little desire to obey me, but we'll take it from there of course) She is short, a pleasure to have in some places. There are NEVER any problems. She is VERY smiling. So where Tarzan is impossible and not smiling, she is the complete opposite. It is two beautiful dogs that fit so well together :)
I enclose a true lady and the tramp picture :) How Tarzan sneak a little kiss in :)

April 16th. - birthday

Another birthday, Jazz and his siblings from J-litter is 3 years. I have a big TV nakoman in the house (Jazz), especially when nature shows, which I think is fun to watch. I think he was lying asleep on the couch with one eye ajar so he can keep an eye on one or an other animals would stray onto the screen then he is there. I thought, why not take the opportunity to put a few pictures of it. I've been told that his sister Coco also watch television the same way fun! Just Jazz appropriations not comment on what he sees so as it can be a little hard to hear what they say.

15. april
We received an email from Finland, Kitty and Anna-Maria has been on the dog show in Vaasa, Anna-Maria wrote:
Hello Lise!
Kitty got VG 3 in Vaasa International dog-show. I am pleased with Kitty's behaviour and she is such a sweet and well-behaved dog, kind and patient. This is what the judge Arne Foss said about her (in Swedish):
"Mycket söt, ok proportioner. Något ljusa ögon och kunde ha ett kraftigare nosparti. Bra hals, ben och tassar. Utmärkt bröstdjup men kroppen i tyngsta laget i dag. Vältecknad, utmärkt svärta, kunde röra sig med lite mera drive bak. Mycket väluppvisad. Utmärkt temperament."
He obviously thought Kitty was too fat and I suppose one can think she is fat since her back is quite wide, I don't think she is, she is only built like this, but I have to give her a little bit less food to see if her back gets thinner or if she looses in body everywhere else. Our next dog-show will be here in Jakobstad on the 6th of May with a Finnish judge Harry Tast.
Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty

9. april
Second Easter day came Andersen family and brought Jade. They had come home from Tailand in the morning, and was therefore a little tired when they arrived here at noon, Jade was happy to see them.
I think she had a good holiday Jazz and her played a lot. Jazz was also pleased that there was someone who wanted to play, it'd Idea not, she just went around and bragged about the kids. There had been some visitors and greet puppies at Easter, so many of them also came just to meet Jade. Jade was very interested in Idea's milk bars, she also seems pups was exciting, but knew that it was the Idea, in charge.
Below are some pictures from her stay, Jade and Jazz had a lot of fun.
Klik på billedet for fuld størrelse
March 2012

March 27th
Greetings from Aarhus, with new pictures, click on the picture to go to Komos page.
It sounds great with the new puppies on the way ...! And we hope it will go well and that the puppies will be just as beautiful as our Komo. He was unfortunately savaged by an German shepherd dog in approx. 2 months ago and was carefully sewn together afterwards. It seems like he's fine again, although he is very anxious when we meet other dogs on our way. Fortunately he is still just as wonderful and beautiful as always with us. He loves to drive and he loves our walks in the woods and the beach every weekend and the new twin boys in our family ..!!
Hope you are well and hope soon we find our way down to you. Jørgen has to be sick and had surgery (he is fine again) so that's why we never had time to get down to you.
Hope spring and summer offers more time.
Love Charlotte


March 25th
So that rendered her again her Idea, gave birth earlier than intended.
But this time I was not going to be caught out, so puppies box had stood in the living room a week frequently used by the Jazz and Goodie.
during the afternoon and evening she received a total of 12 puppies, unfortunately 2 stillborn (both females). But fortunately, she has 10 puppies left to bursting with health, five females and five males all white with black noses.

March 24th
Linette, Ivan and Nikoline came here with Jade, she should be here while they were in Thailand. Within a very short time, had Jazz munching on her stuffed animal, pillow and duvet, so it was put away until she was home again. It went well with my carpeting. Jazz and sister Jade was playing just fine together. The family was obviously very excited. what she would say to the puppies.

March 23rd.
A greeting from Morgan and Robin with pictures. I have to get done a photo page for Morgan, but right now they come in here.
Hi Lisa and many thanks for the nice birthday greeting
Morgan is doing really well, he's just a part of our family. I've found some pictures from our vacation in Normandy last summer, you are quite right in that Morgan is a hansome guy, I let the pictures speak for themselves. Congratulations on your sister, so the house must be full of wonderful puppies again.
Greetings entire Morgan family

March 22nd - birthday
Idea is 5 years today in the best Romanesque! and she has eaten all the food before I had taken a picture,
also a big congratulations to her 4 siblings
Samson unfortunately we lost in 2009 when he got a stomach turning
Loke Nikki Silke Morgan
March 22nd

We got this really wonderful picture of Asker at the beach. It is put into his picture page, click on the picture to go to the page and view it in larger format and also see the other lovely pictures of him

March 19th.
Now the new puppies soon arrive, I am so excited and Idea uses the time to rest, sensible dog.
Jazz has long since found out that now she did not bother to play more, right now. And should he go and forget it, she says it again in capital letters.

I've talked a little on buttons, though we should have a replacement for my now 16 year old puppy box, but so far I am not come, so now it is dust off, and it must have new hinges and hook, so it is OK.

For about a week ago, my dining table moved so it does not stand straight out the window, Idea indeed believes that it is allowed to jump up on it and look out the window when something happens. It's probably not so smart at the moment, so now she is content to stand on hind legs and look out.

March 11th.
Danish Kennel Club group 5 had the spring show in Brædstrup.
I had enrolled Jazz although he has not fully recovered over his accident 10 months ago (he is rather thin thigh). It was really interesting how it would go when the judge was Inge Lis Kalum Schou, who is a former dalmatian breeder and co-founder of Danish Dalmatian Club, and in addition she is autoriteret judge for the breed.
Biggest size male, well-proportioned head with good dark eyes, a little too strong cheeks, elegant neck, the topline is not perfectly straight and stable, tight angles for and rear, movements from the side could have more drive, very close behind. Proper jet black.

Outside rating, she said that I should have more control over him (sigh, true enough).

March 2nd.
    Ideas stomach started to bulge as a result of our German tour, so the puppy page is updated see more here.

February 2012

Febrary 26th.

Click image for large size

I started to assemble the pictures I have of each dogs kids together so they can get a page of theire own. It's a really nice job, because while I do, I can sit and rejoice that they have had some such wonderful families.
It takes time, so I am not finished yet, but I certainly I present the first pages up, then the rest follow.
Click on the dogs to see the pages

February 16th
Greeting from the Southern part of Jutland
We got a note from Lonnie, who said that she and the dogs Dodo and June moved to into her boyfriend Nikolej in Aabenraa, and they are well. I hope they are all acting together to get time to visit us, it would be nice.

There was a picture of the dogs with a giant teddy bear, they got last year, from her sister - it was quick ravaged - as well it was not so expensive;)

Dodo and June with a teddy bear.

February 11th.
The first show in Fredericia. Idea and I took the train to Fredericia, again I was reminded of what it is like to travel with a Dalmatian as Idea smiled big for a young lady who seemed to be dying of fright.
The conductor appears, however, that she was cute, he sat down so she could crawl round on him and keep his neck, luckily we were off before he found out how dalmatian hair looks on black clothes.
Molly, Annette and the children were also there, it was Molly's debut in the adult class. It was really nice to see them again. I had tricked Annette to go into the ring with Idea, she reciprocated by being bud impossible, poor Annette.
With my usual attention to detail, I showed up with a camera without the memory card (it was sitting at home in the computer), and a phone that was almost flat. Therefore, I was allowed to use Annette's camera, I am looking to get some of the pictures.
Homeward we were lucky we got a lift with Jette and Jens to Horsens and then matched it even fine with the bus.

7. februar
Charlotte and Happy came to visit a few days, it was nice. Charlotte would like down to her cousin in Kolding, we went with Jazz, and visited the vet on the way, we got Jazz vaccinated and looked after. Lars was very pleased with how well Jazz recovered after he was run down by a car in May last year, where he was seriously injured in the hind legs, it was really nice to hear, it looked so good. Jazz was then also in addition at walk in the pedestrian area in Kolding, he was happy with that.
Once Happy had come into the house she took "her chair", she is the only dog that seems to sit in the chair - fun!

Charlotte and Happy (Happy Helper)visited us.

February 6th. Winter has arrived, so we are on the field walking. Goodie is, even though she is not as visible, she is apparent in my footsteps, what is not quite the case with the other two, it happens I lose sight of them, but they always pop up again
Click for full size

January 2012

January 26th. Idea and I took a trip by train to Magdeburg to visit Winnie and Odin. It was a great trip that will hopefully more about the trip later, in the meantime here are a few pictures of our stay.

January 16th I received greetings from both Anna-Maria and Kitty, who have passed the entrance examination for agility, and must start training in late January, and Kandy, Kirsten and Niels who want to show again.
There were pictures of both greetings and it's fun to see the difference between Finland and North Jutland here in mid-January in Finland, they have two cifferede minus degrees, while in Denmark we still have plus degrees ..
Kitty, Jakobstad, Finland

Kandy, Løkken (Northern part of Jutland)

January 3rd.
A nice New Year's greeting from Martin, Grethe and the dogs Asker and Freja,
showing their beautiful hats.

Greeting from Northern Jutland
It's really nice to hear from so many people here at Christmas, and find out they all are doing well.

Here is a greeting from the Northern Jutland, Tanja says that they are expecting a new baby in January, it becomes really exciting, otherwise they have it all good, Joy has a new bed in her room, the other was not something more, and a big bone for Christmas. the picture is from a cold October day the North Sea, where we were blown thoroughly. We had fortunately been good with clothes on, and Jonah and Joy thought it was really nice. We ended the tour with hot chocolate, cakes and biscuits in the car - a really nice trip.

Click for full size