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News 2011

December 2011

December 8th.
Christmas Greetings from the two siblings Komo and Kitty.

November 2011

November 28th.
Now at last updates are here!!!

Lars Werner called and told me that they had to say goodbye to Freya (Dallise's Fabulous Freya) during the week, her heart could no more, she was 12 ½. Years. I am always so terribly sorry and sad inside when I get such a message. But I know at the same time that she has had a wonderful life and family have done the right thing when they have let her be at peace. Now I hope they get over it, even though it is so hard and they will remember her with joy. Lars Werner has promised to send some pictures and maybe they come to visit once.

Hello Lise.

Hope you are well, it is sooo long time since you've updated your website, we were worried about there is anything wrong to you? Which of course we hope not! Here in Aarhus goes nicely with our Komo we still love a lot, he is still the most spoiled dog in Aarhus. A large and powerful dog that fits the entire family.
We are talking of.


There was a lovely picture of Luke and Komo with, click image for full size.

November 19th.

Kittys result from Jyväskylä

Hello Lise!
Here is what the judge thought of Kitty (judge Laurent Pichard, Switzerland) and Kitty in intermediate class with about eight other bitches (not all got EXC). Resultat: EXCELLENT. Jippiiii

! Good size, attractive, 17 months old. Needs to get a little more substance but ok for her age. Correct head, scissor bite, proper tailset, could have a little deeper ribcage. Nice proportion of loin, could have a little more angulation. Moves ok, but should have a little more regularity.


I can agree with the judge that Kitty didn't move as well as she can and I don't know why she moved a bit unsecure, it might be the floor.... but hopefully she moves better next time! But I am very pleased with this result and what the judge had to say about her!
Greetings Anna-Maria and Kitty - REALLY BIG CONGRATULATIONS FROM US!

In the afternoon came Lizzy and Coco (Jasmine Jungle) past and brought dog food. Coco and brother Jazz got over a little, they both seem it was fun.
They come back when it gets frosty weather, so we must walk in the fields.
Lizzy had homemade cake for the coffee - delicious ..

November 5th. - 6th.
The last exhibition in Herning. Idea and I was there, she got VG on both days, that was it.
BUT Sunday Ole, his youngest daughter Nana and Joker (Joker Jumping)came and visited me - wonderful -! We looked at the dogs and stalls and got grilled sausages, it was really nice.
Ole said that he and the Joker had been a local obedience competition on Saturday, and Joker was number 3, NICE! they also go to agility I've heard. I had no cameras, so I have no pictures. Ole told that they would have plenty pictures of the Joker, I do not think I've got somebody that I better call and beg a little about, now that I've got more space on the mail server, it makes the hope that people do not get their images back again.

Oktober 2011

When I think back to October so I think I dug up weeds in the garden throughout the month, there were mega much. The time was right, it still looks nice. I also put the fence facing the ground firmly, so now the dogs in the harbor as they are supposed to be. Now I just put my new mailbox up and some small things, so I have a very good conscience right now.

Oktober 29th.
   Foto: Marita Ollikainen (Kennel Doh Hill's).
Hello Lise!
Now we have been to the dog-show in Seinäjoki. As always Kitty got VG even though she got a quite good judgement, but it seems like Kitty is a bit different shaped than other dalmatians in Finland, especially in her face (even though it is her sweet beautiful face that I love the most about her :) She has got more body now and there was nothing said about her being to skinny or light. Here is the judgement in Swedish:

Feminin tik med ganska bra proportioner, bra skalle men alltför tunt nosparti o. underkäke, något ljusa ögon, saknar några tänder i underkäken, fin hals o. överkropp, bra skuldra men rak överarm. Tillräckligt vinklad bak, bra tassar, rejäl bröstkorg för åldern, rör sig med bra spänst, tillräckligt steg fram, ngt kort bak, ganska bra tecknad. Härligt temperament.

I don't know if Kitty will ever get better then VG but I will attend dog-shows next summer too, if she doesn't get better than that then I won't attend more dog-shows. I will concentrate on something else then, like agility. There are no courses available at the moment but as soon as one appears I will try to get Kitty in that group. I don't care if Kitty is not successful on dog-shows, I have already had one very successful dog and I was prepared to start over with a new dog, but if that doesn't happen it is so then. Kitty is the most wonderful dog I know and every time I think about her I smile especially when I think of her sweet face and her lovely manners. Show-dogs are for human minds not for dogs minds, Kitty and I will have a wonderful life together even if she is not successful :) And if I had to choose over again a dalmatian for me I would still choose Kitty!
Take care!
Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty

September 2011

September 25th.

Idea and I got a ride with Jesper and Kingo (Berner Sennen), so we went to Danish Kennel Club circuit 5 show in Billund.
Coverdog at the program is Jazz, fun , he also looks out I think.

Judge criticism
4 years old, excellent size, could be a little stronger in body, good head proportions, correct bite, excellent cheeks, good skull, good ears, strong enough neck, good topline, acc. junctions could have a little more forechest and connect better with elbows slightly tucked under line, very narrow behind, very well in fromt, could have longer stride and more drive.

Judge: Gunnar Nymann

Now, both Idea, her mother Goodie and her grandmother Dotter become BEST IN GROUP at unofficial shows, great!
September 18th.
Kandy and Niels had their debut at the Danish Kennel Club show in Bjerringbro, the weather was not with us, it rained all day.
We were obviously very excited, but despite the bad conditions they managed it really well. Kandy got Excellent and was third winner in the class. I'm proud of them.

But a wet pleasure, it was now. There was a picture of the different breeds in the catalog next to the section where the breed was, and funnily enough was Dalmatian one we knew, namely Kandy's sister Molly, she was photographed in Fredericia in spring, and they had used one of the images to the catalog . Therefore, the picture right here.

Judge Bertil Lundgren, S. - The judge's critique:
Good proportions, feminine head that need filled in foreface, good neck, adequate angles, good chest, strong back, moves with sufficient steps, good bone.
EX3 .

Bad weather - bad pictures. (poor excuse) Click for full size
September 12th.

Kandy's holiday is now over, great joy when she saw Kirsten and Niels again.
They had a really good holiday "over there" but Kirsten had missed Kandy when they were walking, and wished she was with.
They brought a dream cake for the coffee UHM!

As usual, not quite easy to get a handle on troops when I want to take a picture of everyone, but here they are.
From left: Jazz, Kirsten and Kandy, Goodie, Niels and Idea!

August 2011

August 27th.
Mini puppies rally. I had promised to try to gather some of Nahla siblings when they came up here on vacation. It turned out not to be quite easy, everyone was busy, but the Kandy was here without family and Mette and Keeper came luckily. So, a few were here. I had promised Sabine and Danny sandwiches, and Mette was asked if she would come and help me. But we were so busy looking at Kandy and Keeper, who immediately began to romp around with each other that Sabine and Danny managed to come before anything was ready, oh, me and planning, it gives a little mess.

So it ended up we rubbed our own sandwiches in the kitchen, a little pinched in the livingroom was Jazz and Goodie and were not exactly silent, now I am deaf, but I do not know how the others had it, then I thought why you put them into the garden so we could have been in the room, it had probably been a little quieter. You are always wise afterwards.

We went for a walk with the puppies and Sally, on the trip we met a labardor who thought it was so exciting with the dogs, so it wanted to go, it was certainly a selective hearing, the owner had to go out and get it back the garden again.

I asked Sabine if she would try to call Kea, so we could hear how it went with Kate, I had not heard from them, and figured that it could be because of the language they speak no English and I speak no German. We caught up with her, and Kate (now called Kura) was fine, they are happy for her, and she sleeps in the bed, and has also taken the couch. Kea promised to send some pictures, the ones I have now not been given yet. Sabine said she would call them again and I think it certainly would be nice.

Click on the image to see it full size
While Keeper and Kandy at once began to play with each other, had Nahla a little more reserved with them, ie equal to the Sabine and Danny began to talk about that now they'd better get back to Blåvand, then she also to be with Danny took pictures of them as they ran races in the garden, I hope he sends them to me, it will be fun, the ones I took were too far away.
When Sabine and Danny was ready to go back to Blåvand, Danny said that Nahla was not so old yet, so it was as much as possible, that they came to Denmark again, I think it could be great.

August 25th.
Kandy came on holiday while her family took a trip to the U.S. to visit family over there. She soon came good in the dog family, as shown shown in the pictures.

Jazz and Kandy had much pleasure in each other, but the mother could also be acceptable. Grandma Goodie was good to snuggle with, although she sometimes scolded when she did not really think they showed the proper respect for old age.
I have a ton of pictures that I took while she was here on holiday, I may put them on my homepage a little later, now Christmas is coming after all, so even when there is time, yes, I know not.

Click on the image to see it full size
August 20th.
Show in Varde.
Danny and Sabine, Danny's parents, sister and Sabine's mother, and Danny and Sabine 3 dogs were on holiday in Blåvand. That is why I volunteered Idea for the show in Varde, hoping that we could meet.
When they heard that I would come to Varde, they said that they would come there and meet with me.
It was a really nice afternoon, it was also fun to meet Sabine's mother, she is for daily childminder for the dogs when Sabine and Danny are at work.
I only have these two pictures from the day, but I know Sabine took some really good pictures, I hope I get when I get sent the pictures I have promised them.
I just would have wished that the weather had shown from a nicer side, it rained almost the entire time they were here, and it is perhaps not the funniest thing that holiday by the sea when the rain is pouring down!

Click on the image to see it full size

August 5th.

Click photo for full size
Friday afternoon, Jørgen, Charlotte and their 3 daughters and the Dalmatian Freya (Goodies 's sister) visited us. It was really, really nice, it was long since I had seen them, to be honest I had not actually seen the twins on the other pictures before, it was a good really good experience to meet them "alive".
Jørgen said they had been camping with Freya, and one day she got upset stomach, (of course) outside veterinarian's office hours. She was now well, although they were not quite sure if she had had a minor stroke, they thought she was biased in her mouth and drooled a little, oh, they are also getting older, the dog girls, but cute, she is !

August 3rd
Click photo to se more
Anna-Maria wrote:   Hello Lise!
Now I have got the photos taken by David Dalton. You can use them on your homepage but do put out the name of the photographer, please. I think they look all great and I have got a lot of comments on Facebook and all have been positive! I hope you like them too!
Today Natas former owners came here for a visit just to see Kitty. They were so curious about her after seeing her on Facebook etc. that they wanted to see her live and they really liked her, they thought she was beautiful and had just the right looks for being successful. Well, I think so too, but we'll see... I think Kitty has got a little bit more body now since I have been feeding her more and I think I will go to a dog-show in October close by here (International dog-show in Seinäjoki, about 120 km from here). Hopefully she will get Excellent now...
I have a lot of photos taken during our vacation too and as soon as Tero has downloaded them from his camera I will send them to you... There are photos of Kitty eating blueberries in the forest, sitting in a fast motor-boat etc. Hope you are well and that your dogs are fine too.
Hälsningar Anna-Maria och Kitty

August 2nd
Kandy's owner Kirsten and Niels visited us with Kandy. It was really nice to see them again.
Niels shared the goodies out and it was not bad at all.
In late August, Kirsten and Niels are in America on holiday and Kandy comes to stay here, it'll be fun.
See more photos here

July 2011

July 31st

Idea and I participated at the Danish Kennel Club show at Vejen. We had been there Friday the 29th then Idea got VG.
On Sunday went better, we must say, so I think the result should be here.

The judge's critique:
4 years. correct size and type, nice feminine head, dark eyes, scissor bite missing 2 p4, wellset ears, good neck, shoulder and topline, correct tailset, very well angulation, good forchest, correct spotting, moved well.
EXC1, CK open class bitches.

Judge: Theo Leen, Belgium

Summer greeting from Jackpot and family

Helle wrote:   Hi Lise and Spots
Hope everything is well with you and that you enjoy the summer even though it offers a little rain sometimes.
Here it goes quiet, and life has begun after a lovely holiday.
Some of the holidays we spent in the cottage of Sealand, and Jackpot enjoyed to the fullest to be on vacation, but just with the exception of the ride as he still not quite good friends with.
But now he wants go with the car, and even jump in, but motion sickness can appear occasionally.
As you can see from the pictures we have so much a holiday dog. Sun, sand and watch a little water is just wonderful.
Have a great summer here.
Greetings Jackpot, Nicholas and Helle

July 29th
Click for full size
At the Danish Kennel Club show in Vejen had Katja and Jazzy their exhibition debut, it was really exciting.
Katja had asked Lone Øgaard (KENNEL MOKUSHI) daughter to handle Jazzy in the ring, she did it really nice. Jazzy got EXC and was second best in open class, we were just proud - nice day!
The judge's comment was not very long but here it is:
bitch of very good type, somewhat steep in front, otherwise good body, moves well from side, could be better behind.
EXC2 open class bitches
Judge: Knut Sigurt Wilberg, England

July 25th

Charlotte and her Dalmatian Happy came to visit for a few days, it was really nice. Charlotte helped to run a lot of stuff for recycling, and container, something I find it difficult without a car.
On Tuesday we were in Kolding shopping. In the evening we visited Charlotte's cousin and her husband, we had coffee in the garden and fed their carp, I took a few pictures.
July 21st.
Anna-Maria wrote:    Hello Lise!
Yesterday Kitty and I attended a Match Show here in Jakobstad. I have put two pictures of us that you can publish if you want. The photographer is a friend from work Margaretha Sjöstrand. There were a lot of all kinds of dogs at the Match Show and Kitty had a nice time I think, she was very excited about playing with all kinds of dogs. We got red ribbon and Kitty behaved well, stood fine and everything was nice. It took a while before the red ones had to compete against each other and Kitty got tired of waiting and couldn't really concentrate any more so we were not picked out amongst the four best. But I see this Match Show as good practice and Kitty was as always very kind to other dogs, children and people. She was very tired after these hours and she fell asleep at home.
We still have vacation and Kitty likes it when we are at home. We have just been cutting the grass outdoors and Kitty was playing with her annoying rabbit around us, running up and down, having a good time. A couple of days ago my sisters daughter and her two small childen came for a visit and played with her, throwing the rabbit so she could run after it. Kitty loved it and the children loved it too. They love dalmatians because their father's parents have a dalmatian in England (a rescure bitch age 14) and they are used to cuddling with her!
Hälsningar Anna-Maria and Kitty

July 19th.
Bijou and Silke have gone home. It was really fun to have them visit, but perhaps also a bit hectic, as both Idea and Silk was in seasom, Goodie was at the end of her season, Bijou was the only one who did not come into season, so it was to find out who that would be where, when! And remember to close its doors for the middle of all was the Jazz, he howled like a wolf, and made everyone cry, but fortunately only once in a while.
Silke (which is color variant lemon) is a lovely smiling little girl, just talk to her she smiles, like her sister Nikki do, I could not help taking pictures of it, some of them are here, so you can see her beautiful smile.
The litter as Idea, Silke and Nikki belongs to is of course a somewhat special litter, you have to say, when I sent the papers in to register the litter in the Kennel Club, I got the papers back with for me a totally unknown father of the puppies.
It was a Friday, so over the weekend I looked at the Swedish database, to find out who was the father of the pups, it appeared to my great surprise, being a poodle BITCH, oh yes, miracles is not over!
When I contacted the kennel club, it appeared that they had read his father's pedigree number wrong, it was corrected, so the puppies got the real father.


July 8th.
'm busy in the garden at the moment, the weeds are taking completely out of hand, and hedges to be cut. Therefore, it is perhaps not every day I look after the mails, but today it rains and I found out that I had some lovely pictures from Aarhus of Komo (King of Kisses) and the children.
I hasten, therefore, to get them on side before it again becomes dry.

Komo seem to thrive, he and Luke coming along nicely, as you can see. I look forward to seeing them all again, it will be nice.

Click photo to see more

July 4th.

Silke (Imaginative IceDancer) and her "big sister" Bijou (Kernehuset's Bijou) came on vacation while their family is in Greece, the two girls spent the first hour of crying at the back door, hoping that they were picked up again. But now they have settled in well and thrive with the rest of the pack.

Benno going home this weekend, it may be he thinks it's nice, he has been thorough in place of all the ladies.

Goodie is heat, so I'll just watch it on her, she is very interested in the male members. Idea is also in heat, but not that far yet, it comes. Bijou comes perhaps also, but I do not think she has it yet, I'll just keep an eye on her. .

July 2nd.

Anna-Maria wrote:    Hello Lise!
Today was Kittys last dog-show for the summer in Kokkola. The judge was Finnish Soiler Bister and like all other Finnish judges she is strict and doesn't easilly give EXC or CK:s. I am very pleased with her judgement of Kitty even though it was again VG. She didn't count any teeth and Kitty behaved well as usual. Now I just have to wait for Kitty to get more body, the rest seems to be ok!
Here is what the judge said about her: Beautiful lines, good bones, head still quite undeveloped but a feminine bitch. Narrow angulation in front, excellent rear. Good tail. Very well developed in body (hull) for her age. Spots would be more clearly separated. Good movement from the side, too narrow behind. Good temperament. Shows herself beautifully.
We are now in Lappajärvi, hot weather and Kitty has been swimming and so have we. Hope you are enjoying your summer and I like what you have put on your homepage about Finland and your visit. Thank you!
Hälsn. Anna-Maria and Kitty

Hälsn. Anna-Maria and Kitty.
July 1st.

Then the holiday season begins. Benno (Memory Dalsjø's Benno) arrived here the first in a week's vacation, while his family is in Poland.
It's then a brown spotted touch the dog family, Benno is running an older gentleman, he will soon be 10 years but still playing with the Idea.
he's a little nervous about Jazz, Jazz even do nothing, so he gets to get rid of him most of the day, it has to be vacation.
Benno can also find on playing with Goodie, but they're also peers.
but most time he lies now on the couch or run and play in the garden, there is still full speed at him
June 2011

June 24th.
Lonnie sent me these lovely pictures of her dogs June and Dodo, who plays in the garden.

They are really cute. When I look at the pictures, I'll have to remember last summer when they vacationed here while their family was in France.
June was højløbsk. One morning when I came out to them was the young gentlemen Dodo and Jazz munch their way through a door, Dodo and June enjoyed themselves properly while the Jazz went merrily around them, so he had probably also taken up some freedoms. He is the most dominant, so he was probably the first. June had a trip to the vet and have a cooling spray, who says it must be so boring? The entire flock was approximately 1 year at the time, real teens.
Click on image to see more.

June 23rd.
Click to see more

   Danny wrote:
Hallo Lise, thanks for the birthday wishes.
We are still having so much fun with our little girl named Nahla.
Attached you will find a few pictures from Nahla.
And below you will find a Video from her playing with Sally and Alisha.
We are still a happy family. And enjoying everyday.
We will be in Denmark from the 13th of August to the 12th of September.
We will spend our Holidays in Blavand. But we have a car. So we are able to visit you.
So please send us your Address.
Greetings from Germany.
Nahla and her Family

We are looking forward to this!!!.

June 21st. - birthday!
That day was the K-litter 1 year birthday. I have to hurry a little to get it put on, yesterday arrived a complaint from the Keeper for not flagged forhim.
On the birthday I was on my way home from Copenhagen, and on the train I was sent a birthday greeting for most of the kids, and got answers from them really nice, I'm just not very good at texting and got no time to respond before we were in Horsens. When I got home and checked my mail, I could see that I have received pictures of some of the kids, so they come right here, I also got a lot of pictures of Nahla and her "sisters".
June 16th.-20th.
From 16 to 20 June I went to Finland to visit Kitty and her family, they live in Pietarsaari 500 km north of Helsinki.
I had some really lovely days there, it was a great experience that I experienced so much that I could write a whole novel about it.
it should not be too messy, I have decided to share the story up into three things that will come here on the page as I get the hang of them, namely:

1 Dog Show
2 Kitty's birthday (a little too early) but a really good afternoon.
3 Everything else.

So I finished the exhibition section.

It was really fun to see new dogs and people at an exhibition, so progress is not so much that there were so many dogs.

Click on the catalog to see more from the exhibition

This is a picture of the incredibly delicious cake as Anna-Maria did when we were celebrating Kitty.

The cake consisted of two layers of meringue with chocolate while, upstairs there was whipped cream and finally a lot of fresh strawberries - uhm, it was not ringing.
Click on the picture of the cake and see a lot more about Kitty's 1 year birthday.

It's been some great days in Finland, the weather was top notch but the last day, Sunday, when it thundered and rained in the afternoon. Now I've got track of the pictures, many of Kitty, of course, they can be seen if you click here!

May 28th - 29th.
Click for more pictures!

The weekend 28th - 29th May had the Danish Dalmatian Club clubshow in Vig, it is very close to the Asker, Freja, Grethe and Martin live. I have previously lived with them during a club show in Vig. So I asked if I might come again. It also was an opportunity to see the Asker, I have not seen him since he was 8 weeks. I was welcome and if I wanted to show Asker in the ring, we could also join him.
I would obviously like.

Now there was, after enrolling the tedium that Asker was bitten by a viper, and he raised up under his chin, the treatment he got after visiting the vet got the swelling to fade away, unfortunately he began raising again just before I came, and it became worse and worse, so would Martin to the vet with him again on Monday morning. We decided nevertheless to go to the show with him and although he was somewhat increased under his chin, his debut against all expectations. Asker was second best junior male in a class of four, he got CK and later became fourth best male dog of the day, that he cashed a nice rosette to which we obviously have immortalized him

Male of adequate size, excellent type, good head but would like darker eyes, correct neck, good body, a little steep in front but behind the good angles, well spotted with good color, moves well from side but a bit close behind, good temperament and well showed.
(head disfigured part of a large bulge under the chin)
EX2 junior class CK BHK4
Judge: Aase Jakobsen, Norway

May 24th.
It is now 20 days since the Jazz were knocked down by a car, it goes fine forward with his recovery, here are some pictures, Jazz came home from the animal hospital on 6 May evening.
Click for full size

May 22nd
Click the photo to see more!

Today Kitty attended a group 6 dog-show in Lappo with Per Iverssen from Norway as judge (16 dalmatians and no-one got CK so there were no BOB!). I am again pleased with the result VG (even if EXC of course would have been nice) but he said that Kitty is still a baby who needs to mature, give her one year and maybe she will develop into something very nice :) He liked her temperament, she was a lovely young dog he said and I couldn't agree more. Here is what he said about her, in Swedish:

11 månader ung tik, ännu en stor baby o. behöver mycket tid, bra storlek, trevligt huvud, bra hals, bra bröstdjup för sin ålder, bra djuplinjer, önskar kraftigare baksteg med mer lårbredd o. knävinkel, bra rörelser från sidan, ngt ostabil fram o. bak, bra prickar, mycket trevligt temperament. Välvisad.

Kitty will attend two more dog-shows this summer, one when you hopefully come here, on the 18th of June and one in our neighbour-town, Kokkola, on the 2nd of July. I might take her to one later in Autumn close by, but we'll see. Otherwise we will wait for next summer and see if Kitty then will get EXC and be completely matured over all. But I am very please with her behaviour over all, she is kind, happy and likes greeting other dogs and people. In the car home she is very tired and sleeps in the backseat (like a rabbit with her feet out :)

Greetings Anna-Maria and Kitty
14. maj
Click picture to see more!

I was allowed to visit Dot (called Norma before she left home) and her family in Herlufmagle. It was a really nice afternoon.
Dot has proven to be an active little creature, she open the doors, stealing food, have destroyed much, eating shoes and so on. She has also been impossible to keeps home, she crawls over and under the fence, or just bite a hole in it.
It was not much I looked to Kaare and their second guest Lenni, they were putting a new fence up so the creature could not get out.
Kaare said that the dogs had been with him at work all last week and although they just were in the office, they were very tired when they got home. It's funny Dots sister Banda (Flatcoated retriver) also smiles, they said that they had first noticed after they got Dot, and she smiled, I saw it already when they picked me at the station. Although Dot has done much mischief said both Eve and Kaare she was cute.
May 14th

Here are todays result from the group-6 dog-show in Malax, 8 dalmatians and the judge was Riitta Lahtovaara from Finland. Four dogs got EXC, two VG, one G and one S. In Kittys juniorclass was two bitches, Kitty got VG and the other bitch got S. I am very pleased with this because the judge was very strict and hard in her judgement. I'll try to translate what the judge said about Kitty since it was in Finnish

Very good feminine bitch with high legs but enough length of the body. Good head-length, nose could be fuller. Long thin neck, good topline, correct form of chest but a bit deep. A bit narrow angulated. Correct quality of coat and spotting. Could move a bit more efficiently behind. Friendly temperament.

Greetings Anna-Maria and Kitty.

I got new photos of Kitty, see her gallery, click photo.
04. maj - Jazz!

Late in the afternoon, Jazz entered the fence out to the field (now new fence has come up), he seems neighbor's place on the other site of the road is very exciting, so he visied there, when he return home and ran across the road, he was knocked down of a car.
He could not walk on his hind legs, but dragged himself into the house.
I got called vet watch, who fortunately was Lars Preisler from Lund Animal Clinic, I know him he has repaired my other dogs before. (pictured is his logo), then I got hold of Karen Hoest Kennel Porskærlund (Shiba) who came and drove us to Lund.
Lars looked at Jazz hock, who was injured, and said he may be able to fix it using screws and wires, besides hock Jazz was injured on paw on the opposite leg, and had some bruises on the thigh, Jazz was so hospitalized, and I took some shocked back home.
Since then gone 3 weeks, Jazz is recovering, he walks on all fours, and his bruises are almost completely healed and the potential looks fine. Right now he sleeps on the couch with his legs upward.
Lars says there will be some time before he is okay again. He should take it easy for a while.
May 3rd - birthday!
F-litter is 12 years, again I lacked E-mail addresses, so I should have called their people, that I did not do before Jazz was injured.
April 2011

April 30th - birthday!
Milestone Birthday Goodie and her siblings being 10 years.
Unfortunately, several of the litter that is not here anymore, among other Giggler, Puck and Oliver, but they all had a good life.
I made a 10 numbers of fish cakes, which were cut into pieces, it seems Goodie was a good idea.

April 28th - birthday!
Then it was H-litter, Goodies first child, turn to have birthday. That is not to understand that they are already 7 years. Because of my computer crash last fall, I lacked back some email addresses, so not everyone got greetings, I also have misplaced the address to Casco in Norway, but hopefully I find it again when I clean up. I talked with Bella and Jacob families and sent a birthday greeting to the few I still had email addresses for one measly game - sigh. We remember also the Bella Jutland and Dalton, who unfortunately is not here anymore.
   Happy visited in Feruary 2011
April 19th

Click photo to see more!
Here are some new photos of Kitty again :) As you can see the snow has started to melt and we have finally beautiful spring weather. Kitty enjoys running free in the woods, on fields and forest-roads. She is very excited about finding all kinds of smells under the snow.

Kitty will attend two dog-shows in May, one on the 14th of May with a Finnish judge (a group 6 dog-show) and one on the 22nd of May with a Swedish judge (also a group 6 dog-show). They are outdoors so hoping for good and warm weather! We are still training on Tuesdays, ring-training and obiedence. Kitty is very good and obeys me, sits like a statue and waits for my commands :)

Greetings Anna-Maria and Kitty
April 16th
Exhibition in Kerteminde, I had asked Mette and Keeper to come. Jazz and I got a lift with Helle and Johnny from Horsens, we were very happy for that. It was really wonderful to see Keeper again, he is a little super dog. Keeper overexploitation was happy to see Jazz again, he laughed and laughed every time Jazz came near him, it was a nice but very cold day, we froze with decorum, but it did not rain. .

April 16th - birthday!
Today, Jazz and the rest of the J-litter 2 years. Jazz is, of course, been celebrated with a meal, it fell to his taste, and a blue ball with sound, he could not quite understand that no food came out of it.

I've talked with some of the siblings owners. All is well. Jade had birthday same day as her mom, it was celebrated. Joker goes to agility, he likes it. Helle promised me new pictures of the Jackpot. June will perhaps visit in May, Katja talking about taking Jazzy to a show and Obi has moved with his family to Randers, I have to see if I can collect some of them, it could be fun

April 10th

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Now Kitty has been to her first dog-show in Vasa, an international one with 28 dalmatians and four other junior-bitches. I am very pleased with Kittys result and behaviour, she was not afraid at all, stood well (running around was a bit slow, but we have to work on that) and she was over all very happy and liked it when there was a lot of people and dogs around. Kitty is such a lovely dog! The judge was from Belgium, Jos de Cuyper and he gave Kitty VG (as to all the other junior-bitches too) and this is what he said about Kitty:

10 months. Elegant junior. Very feminine in head. Elegant in neck. Body has to mature overall. Could be better muscled behind, angulation could be better. Deep breast, good ribbing, spots going over each other. Movement ok.

Now we just have to train more and see how Kitty developes. I will attend some other close-by dog-shows soon in May, but they are all group-dog-shows for group 6.

Hälsn. Anna-Maria and Kitty

A big congratulations to them both from Denmark!

March 2011

March 24th.

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Kandy now got her own gallery click the photo to see the nice photos!

(I have updated Kitty's gallery, see more here!! I have a lot of photos I will put in this gallery later).

Molly has been photographed see a little of the results here

As soon I get photos from the puppies, I will make a gallery for each of them, look for it.
March 22nd - Birthday!
Today is Idea and the rest of the I-litter 4 years old. Everybody is old and celibreate their birthday.
Photo of Morgan here!

19. marts
Coco (Jungle Jasmine) visited with John and Lizzy, she had a fun time with her littermate Jazz.
Benno (Memory Dalsjø's Benno) came for vaccation in when his family are on the Canarie Isles, Benno now 9½ year still plays with Idea..

John, Lizzy Jazz and CocoBenno and Idea
March 13th.

DKK-kreds 5 unoffical show in Brædstrup. Molly was in season and she stayed home,
Dalielsens Foto took photos of both Jazz and Idea see the results here, www.danielsen-foto.dk
I think the photos are good

Jazz EX1, BOB
Idea EX1, BOS
Judge: Frode Jevne, Norway

Match 08th.
Asker (Knowing Knight) is now 8th monch old.
Martin, the owner of Asker send me some very nice photos of Asker on the beach.
Click photos for full size

February 2011

28. februar
Some realy nice photos from Finland, Anna-Maria and her friend Tiina were in the forrest with their dogs Kitty og Tuuli (flat coated retriever). .
Kitty is now in her first heat the same is her sisters Nahla and Molly..

Click for full size.


Pictures from Katja

Two lovely dals Jazzy and Tarzan
Katja the owner of Jazz's sister Jazzy was visitor at the Kennel Club show in Fredericia she send me a photo from the show and one of her Dalmatians Tarzan and Jazzy. !!!
No comment!!

February 24th
Wilma, now named Nikki (Idea's sister) and her new family Henning, his wife and their grandchildren Frederik and Nikolej visited us.
Nikki (Ideal Ivory 'n' Ebony) got a new family last year after we sadly lost her old owner, who died from cancer.

February 19th
Komo and his family from Aarhus came in the morning they had breakfast with them to everybody - nice. Later we walked the dogs in the field, everybody had a good time, it was a little cold because it was blowing.

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Keeper now has got his own family. In the afternoon Mette, her daughter Helle and Helle's boyfriend came to take Keeper home to Assens. Mette was the owner of Dottter's sister DeeDee, who died two years ago, now she wants to have a little maledog in the house. He has got a really nice home, Mette tells me she in the momment every night sleeps on the floor in the livingromm together with Keeper, because he is affraid to walk the stairs to the bedroom. In the daytime Keeper is together with Samson (Golden retriver), he is owned by Mette's friend Jette.
Winter vacation s
Charlotte and Happy came and visited us a part of the winter vaccation, it was nice to see them. Since they have been here last time they have moved to a new house in another town, so I am looking foreward to visit them to see how they are living now.

Febrary 13th
AT Danssk Kennel Klubs first show 2011 in Fredericia, Keeper and Molly 8 months old got their show debut in the puppy class both got promissing.
Judge: Helge Werner Hagen, Norway

Keeper (Dallise's Key Keeper)Molly (Dallise's Kind-hearted Kisser)

January 2011

I am so lucky to grt a lot photos of the "children", I like to share them with others..

Click the photo to see more.
Kitty is traveled far away from home. She now lives in Jakobstad, Finland with Anna-Maria.
Click at the photo to see more.
Komo is the puppy who lives closest to us. He lives in Aarhus with his fasmily.


January 13th

A sad message Puk (Dallise's Good Girl) died in the night 9½ year old.
Puk was a very sweet lovely girl and is deeply missed by her family and me. Last time I saw her was when they visited us last spring. .

The sisters Goodie and Puk with Puks family


Christmas greeting from Jade

Christmas greeting from Jade and her fmily in Holte, with a lot of photos indside see more here.
January 2nd
The 2nd of January, we participated in Danish Kennel Clubs circuit 6 New Years Show in Silkeborg.
It was Keeper's exhibition debut, he had not been trained, but he did very well.
It was a festive day. Annette and the kids came and helped, Anette showed Jazz great, it was really nice, and afterwards were served champagne and cake.

Puppy class:    Dallise's Key Keeper SL, Best puppy
Intermediate class: Dallise's Jolly Jazz EX1, BOS
Open class: Dallise's Incredible Idea    EX1, BOB, BIG4
Judge: Birthe Møller Hansen