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News 2010

July 2010

July 5th
I got a couple nice pictures of Katja of her dalmatians Jazzy, and Tarzan..

June 2010

June 27th.
27 June I went to Middelfart to look at the Dalmatian Club club exhibition. I had agreed with Katja that I should meet with her and Jazzy down there, so I went with Jazz. It was really nice to see Jazzy again and meeting Katja. It was for some pleasant hours, where we chatted and looked at the stains. You were there a lot of down there, because Dalmatians had been to World Dog Show at Herning 25 / 6, and many remained to Middelfart. Both Jazzy Jazz and behaved really well, them we can be aware. There was of course also took pictures ..

June 2010

June 20th.
The latest news before I end this updating. We've just got to know that Coco and Lissy has got a great 1.price the final obedience test before the summer recess. Congratulations to them.

Here are some new pictures of our "Trumler" Idea, now you can both see and feel that puppies swarm in her stomach, it is so exciting!
Since Wednesday Benno has been on vacation while his family is in Sweden, he remains an sofalayer. Monday morning comes Vibeke and fetch him, she brings rolls to the morning coffee - NICE.

June 19th
During this week I finally bought a gizmo so I can get pictures from cell phone onto the PC, so I thought some unfinished business from April in Düsseldorf and Aabenraa, I want to here while I refresh myself some lovely days.

On the way home from Germany, we visited Lonnie, Dodo and June in Aabenraa, Mikkel was unfortunately caught in the work. It was really nice to see the dogs did well, and they thrive. We tried to take some pictures of them with cell phone, but when there was momentum, they were not so good but here are a few.

The first night in Dusseldorf, I was invited into the city, the others who were with was Jenni, her mother and younger brother and the whole family Schmidt (Pasxal, his younger brother, father and mother), although it was still in April and it had just snowed in Denmark, we sat outside for most of us had pizza, it tasted really good, we took turns taking pictures, so we got everyone on board. It was a really nice evening.

During the day we visited Joschi and Jenni in Düsseldorf, lived Idea and I with the family Schmidt in Jenni's friend Pascal room. Every morning Jenni came and picked us up and then we went for a walk down to a dog place near the river Rhine with Idea before we drove out to Joschi. Sometimes we met other dogs at the place, Idea seems it was very nice.

16. juni
Then there are new pictures on puppy page of Idea's stomach.

June 14th
Today I got this e-mail.

"Dear Lise

Just wanted to tell that I am the happy owner of Jazzy. She now lives in Otterup Nordfyn with another Dalmatian named Tarzan. (Him in the foreground.)

She is incredibly estimates, smiling and happy and fell quickly to. I can see that you are actively watching all of your puppies, which pleased me, so I hope I can become a part of it, though I have not been involved from the start.

Sincerely Katja "

Of course we offer Katja welcome and look forward to seeing her. I have since received a long mail from Katja, I must see it to get the answer.
Since it's been a while since I had updated the website, I think I had better get done first.

June 13th - Zabel's birthday
Today our old cool maledog is 16 years. Well what do you do? Celebrate him of course! The menu consisted of two tuna steaks and little new Danish katofler which creature likes. But a dessert banana which he used to like, I could keep it for myselves do you not have more steaks?
I have not been able to get the colors quite good in the pictures, but hope it goes anyway.

June 8th.
Then there are new pictures on puppy page of Idea's stomach.

June 5th.
We should have cared for Jade while her farmilie was in Legoland. It was unfortunately not what happen because the day before she should arrive, she hall door one foreleg, and then she must not play for a week. Therefore she had to stay home and was cared for by a grandmom.
The rest of the family came nonetheless over and greeted us. It seems Jazz was fine for Ivan were playing a lot with him. And then it's really nice to see them again.
June 1st
The day came Jolly Jazz return, his family was thoroughly tired of him, they said that they had had enough, he won everything and tell it in pieces, and was not to educate.
Now that he has been here for 14 days, I can only say I have on my mind that he was being under stimulated, he has assumed some bad habits. You I'm trying to familiarize him with, and it goes forward. Additionally, he is a normal teenager at 14 months. I'll try to find another good family for him, someone who will go to training with him, and like anyone who has a dog in advance. But right now there are some other things that have first priortet. And it's always good to teach him better to know first, so you are sure what to do.

May 28th
The visit to Düsseldorf has given results. Idea is pregnant, a little info about Idea's coming children. See more here

May 22nd.
We had a visit from Coco (Jungle Jasmine), Coco and sister Idea enjoy to play, it was fun to see her again.

May 2010

Now I must see to update this page, it is long since I've done anything, I will do my very best to remember everything.

May 3rd
Today Dallise's F-litter, (Zabel is the father and Dotter mom), have birthday, 11 years, BIG CONGRATULATIONS.
Before I even got me somewhat diminished in this context called Lars Werner (Freya's owner) and told that she had a nice birthday. She is healthy but has become a little deaf, something they take into account the family.

It was very nice to hear from him again.

April 2010

April 30th
So it was Goodie and her siblings from the G-litter having birthday HIP HIP HURRAH AND CONGRATULATIONS, they get nine years. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to a few of them last year, it is sad and all too soon, but it's not always we can decide - unfortunately!
Goodie was entertained with nine slices of sandwiches, she likes it but she ate all the meats before the bread, it has been allowed when you have birthday

April 28th
Today came Puk (Good Girl) visit with Leif, Linea and a grandchild. It was really nice seeing her again, it is soon to be a long time ago. It was certainly nice to see Leif and Linea again, it was a nice afternoon.


Today April 28th is also the day of the H-litter six years birthday --- CONGRATULATIONS --- where time just rushes out, it's not to understand that there is been so long since they were quite small. I hope everyone has had a really good day, I've talked to Thor's mother, and both he and his brother Loke is doing well, Thor is the calm while Loke has fire in the rump.

26. april
We came just a short visit in June, Dodo and Lonnie home in Aabenraa in the evening, Mikkel was not at home, it was fun to see how they lived, and it was really nice to see the two junior thrive, there were speed, Lonnie took some pictures of the dogs with my phone, some of them where the dogs stood still was very good but a couple piece was only the stripes, I need a cable to get them on the computer, so they are there inside the phone for now ..

23 april
Idea and I took a trip to Dusseldorf to visit Joschi (Indiana Jones of the Living Spots) and Jenni, hopefully more on that later.
It was a really nice and pleasant trip where I met a lot of nice people, and Idea were pampered and relaxed with Joschi . We had one evening down by the Rhine and look at a spectacular firework display.
And then we were invited out to Mrs. Uta and Mr. Helge Stolper, Kennel of the Living Spots, they had 13 puppies born on the 10th April and they were just so sweet. And it was really fun to talk about the "old" dogs we've known.

April 16th
Our puppies from J-litter, have thier 1 year birthday today. HURRAH! Then kept celebration, Linette called and told me how it went on with Jade, she had a really good day. since it is Linette birthday, the same day there was a double birthday party. And Obi's mother Berit wrote: We celebrated both children and dog. My twins filled after all 10 years, 17 April. Then there was singing and gifts to both children and dog.

March 2010

March 28th
Camilla has sent 12 pictures of Jazzy and Victor. She had tried to send the pictures several times, but had them back again but this time succeeded. I'm really happy for photos and think the visitors should be allowed to see a few of them, they are very good..

March 22nd.
WHOOPS! Birthday today, Idea and the rest of the I-litter will be 3 years, Congratulations, I am ashamed to admit that I had forgotten all about, I thought of those who have birthdays in April, but had forgotten that I litter was born already in March. But then I got a lovely email from Silke's mother Maiken, where she drew attention to it. That is not to understand that time passes just as quickly.
Therefore Idea got a special birthday meal, where especially the dessert fell in good soil, it was dog food mixed into the whipped cream --- very good ---

March 19th.
Today got our holiday child Wilma home to Vejle again. She's been here a few weeks while her mother Susan has been traveling with a friend in Africa. The two sisters, Wilma and Idea have had great joy of each other, and have been playing a lot.

March 14th.

March 14th. DDK.5, unofficial show in Braedstrup. As usual a really nice event where you could meet a lot of old acquaintances, and it is great. This year, Lissy and Coco participated, it was their debut as exhibitors. In addition I had joined Wilma, whether she was a rookie. The results of these efforts were:

Coco Good A bit more ring training
Idea Very Good
Wilma Good Lack of veterinary certificate
Goodie Exellent 4th. best veteran
Dommer: Henny Andersen, DK

Danielsen-photo also was at the show, both Coco, Wilma and Goodie was photographed, click the image to the left (the picture of Idea), and go to their website to see the pictures.

The 3 debutants in our corner.

March 11th.
Coco (Jungle Jasmine) came to visit with John and Lissy, we went for a walk in the fields, perhaps the last walk this winter, we let Dotter, and Zabel to stay home (they received bribes) so we had only the four others with us, it was so wet that the dogs only looked after the swans as they flew.

March 10th.
Charlotte went on a brief visit, she arrived late at night, and was off again in the morning at. 07.15.
She sat on the couch with Goodie, our holiday child Wilma, and Dotter and watches television, then Idea, also want to be there, it seemed that it was a bit difficult to see the television but with a little practice, then it succeeded.

February 2010

February 27th.
This day was a day of joy. Dotter went home after that had hospitalized at Lund Animal Hospital since Wednesday. Wednesday morning, she had a fever of 39.9. I got her down to the vet, he was immediately realized that she had pneumonia, he said, she is an elderly lady (13 years), so there is no guarantee. But now it seems she recovers. Today is also Nuppe (Elegant Nuppe), one of Zabel's sons, birthday, he becomes 12 year, and he has a wonderful birthday.

February 25th.
A greeting from Jackpot (Jilloc Jackpot) with pictures. Helle wrote: I have a dog that thrive and now has given himself permission to occupy one of the house sofas, a great pleasure for both Jackpot and Niklas. There they spent many funny moments together, and not least, there are also slept heavily. Absolutely been Jakpots preferred place to stay besides of course the stove when it is switched on. When the world can not be better for a dog.

February 24th.
Greeting with images from Obi (Just a Jewel).
Berit wrote:
It goes really well with her. She proves to be a very sweet and sensible dog. She is often praised by people who come here in the house because she is so calm, it's nice. The children are so happy for her and vice versa :-)

February 2010

Finally I got asked if it was allowed to use the group photo that was taken to the ring training 26 January, on my homepage, were permitted, so here it is. Both of the Tuesday team is in the picture. Click image to enlarge, click again to close the big picture.

February 15th.
A greeting from Camilla and Jacob. They have had some problems with Jazzy, a somewhat contrary lady. Now it seems, fortunately it goes better, it was a really lovely news, I promised to see if I can find some exercises, they can train their dogs. Here are a few pictures of the lovely dogs Victor and Jazzy.
February 2nd.
Tanja wrote in my guest book that she and John became parents of a little boy called Jonas, Jan. 17, he thrives well. Joy is still a little surprised at what he's like. It was a nice novelty. I still have no photos of Jonas, so I will spend a couple of pictures of Joy, which I got for Christmas. However, I called Tanja to say congratulations on the family increases, and she promised me that she will send a picture of Jonas.

January 2010

January 31st.
I got an email from Bella's mother Pia, who wrote: Now I have been checking the vet a few times, Bella is about to be nice again, and it seems that we have got to grips with eczema. Vet believes that it is fleas / flea saliva she can not tolerate, so we must give her a preventive cure for fleas once a month for the rest of her life, so now I only hope that this is what has been wrong ... See, it was very good news.

January 29th.
Charlotte and her dal Happy had been visiting for a few days. Charlotte and I had been in Horsens and sniff around a bit on Thursday, without having problems with the car. But when she backed out of my driveway on Friday, then put the brakes stuck. A couple of young guys got the car into the driveway again. It was not a good situation. So Charlotte phoned auto help (Falck) to find out how they come home, after a while came a rescue truck that could drive them both and the car home (nearly 200 kilometers), a somewhat different return than they had anticipated. Charlotte phoned later that evening and told that they had come home to Taars easily. Happy had been satisfied with the journey. Click for larger image.

January 21st.
It may be time to update the site, I have a lot of unfinished business dating back to before Christmas.
We enjoy ourselves much with winter weather that makes it possible to use the land to walk on. Zabel like his coat much while Dotter only wear her coat, if it is "cold weather". Click on an image to enlarge.

Next comes a selection of the many Christmas greetings.
We had a nice Christmas greeting from Bella (Fyn) and her family. Unfortunately, they also said that Bella had coat problems, she lost her hair and scratched. they did not quite know what the reason was, but had changed to a special dog food to cope with it. We hope they will find the reason for her problem. There were also new images of Bella.
A Christmas card from Laurits and Edith, who had Bella's sister, also named Bella told that their Bella was not here more, she had been hit by a car and had to be euthanized. They told me they had 5 wonderful years with her and had a lot of good memories. Unfortunately, I have not had phoned them yet, but I must see to get it done.


There was both a Christmas card and a mail with pictures of Jade from her family, Jade has had an advent calendar, where she got a gift every day, and she got a big bone for Christmas. The family were eager to know what she would say to New Tear evening. I think we hear about it later..


From Tanja, Johm and Joy, we got a Christmas card with a CD with photos from her first time in the North Jutland, I have chosen to display a few of the newest here. Joy has completed a 4 month puppy courses in DCH, in the final test she scored 94 points out of 100 possible - Congratulations - really nice! Shortly will Joy be "big sister", Tanja and John expect a baby late January.


Before Christmas, I got an unexpected package from Dainty family Døstrup by Hobro.
The package contained a Christmas card and a Christmas gift. In brief the family sadly say farewell to Dainty in August. Dainty was one of Dotters sisters (the last alive) and nearly 13 years old. The last time the family had had Dainty they also own a mixbreed puppy, and the two dogs had been very pleased yogether. Hanne Grethe, Dainty owner, said that the two dressed hiamdem and it certainly was not impossible that again should a dalmatian into the family. Hanne Grethe write in the card that the package contained something she thinks that I should have, it was really sweet of her. There was also some pictures of Dainty.
Christmas present from Hobro

Christmas card 2009
A merry Christmas from Thor, Loke and the hole family at Hals. Merian kept her Christmas in the U.S., so they had to celebrate Christmas without her last year.
January 1st.
A brand new year has begin, with joy and sorrow. It is always exciting, what it will bring.