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News 2009


December 2009

December 6th.
Hi Lise!
Here are just a little Christmas message from us.
June and Dodo was weighed today, June now weighs 21 kg. while the Dodo is up at 24 kg, though he is 2 months younger:) So he becomes a big boy!
Here you have some new pictures of two beautiful youngsters!
Hope you and all the dogs are doing well.
With the desire for a happy Christmas and very Happy New Year.
June, Dodo, Mikkel and Lonnie.
June in the office.Dodo
Dodo and June says hello!Dodo and June enjoy.
Dodo is the family's youngest member, who came to after Samson's tragic death. There was indeed so empty after Samson, as Lonnie and Mikkel told. But it definitely seems that Dodo would be a worthy successor!

November 2009

November 26th.
D. Jilloc Jackpot 7 months
Since the puppies meeting we have had Jackpot on vaccarion. Friends help me to take a picture of him, he is a little nice gay.
The last time in Denmark is has been rainy weather, awful.
While Jackpot has been here, we went to ringtraining twice. First time together with his sister Coco and her owner Lizzy, last time we were just us, and he tried to drive by bus for the first time. Jackpot thought we came to the traing to play with the other dogs. Two of the bitches were in season, so it was very difficult to get his attention, but we had fun.

The male dogs Zabel and Jackpot take a nap.
November 15th.
Puppies meeting 2009, a really nice afternoon, good to see everybody again.

From the left Nana and Jeppe with Joker, Lis and Ole with Goodie, Helle and Niklas with Jackpot, Nellie with
Idea, Tanja with Joy and at last Lizzy with Coco.

November 13th.
Phone call from Jade mother, who told me that Jade is a loving quite puppy, and she smiles.
She is now in her first season.

12. november
Oliver (Dallise's Gift from Gregor) is now with the angels, we will mis him. But his bag was not good, so Grethe and Martin think, that the best, they could do for him was to put him to sleep.
Oliver had 8½ wonderful years with Grethe and Martin first together with his "big sister" Regitze and in the latest years with his "little sister" Freja
Some of the latest pictures of Freje and Oliver, lovly mamories of him.
November 1st.
Joker and his family visited us..
They brought cakes for the Tea. Nice to see them all.

October 2009

October 19.
A lot of wonderful glad pictures from Jade's new live and home, she is spoiled little one..
Click the picture for full size, and clik once more for closing.


Greetings from the 3 malepuppies

October 14th
A greeting from Jackpot, everything is very well they really enjoy their new familymember..

October 13th.
Jazz family tell that he very much like to be the boss of the house. they do not let him do this, and they are glad for him, he also have very many good sites

October 7th.
Joker's family aks me to care for him the last weekend in October.
I am looking forward to this event.
Joker (Jumping Joker)


October 3rd.



Jade left for her new home.

Jade's new family


September 2009

September 5th -
At the Danish Dalmatian Club's dogshow at Silkeborg September 5th, Coco came to her first dogshow. She became best baby puppy.

Both I and her owners were proud - of cause.

    Best Baby - Silkeborg 05.09.2009        
Coco (Dallise's Jungle Jasmine)

August 2009

August 31st.
A greeting from Tanja, John og Joy (Just Joy) who lives in Northern part of Jutland. Joy looks just great.

August 28th.
Goodie and her daughters Idea og Jade run in the field. It is great fun.

August 17th.
Dotter, the 12 years old thief of the house.

August 10th.
Helle and Jackpot
Helle came to take Jackpot home his vaccation was over, we took the puppies on a walk before she left..

August 8th.

We got this sweet picture of the tweens Sascha og Sammi and Obi (Just A Jewel).

August 1st.
Lissy og Coco (Jungle Jasmine) came to se us
Coco was very glad to see her family again, she had a nice time.

Goodie, Idea, Coco and Jackpot.

Dotter, Goodie, Idea and Coco.

Coco and Idea, Goodie watch them.

Lizzy wants Coco to sit, Idea, Goodie and Dotter look at it.

July 2009

July 31st.
Goodie's son from her first litter, Jakob (Humble-Bee Hunter), visit us. It was really nice, he does not come so often.
Jakob keeps an eye with the puppies.   Goodie's children Jakob, Idea, Jackpot og Jade.    Jakob watchs the puppies.

July 2009

July 21st. - Jenny leaves
Then it was Jenny, who gets a new family, she is going to live with Camilla, Jacob (and Victor a Icelandic sheepdog). Jenny liked Victor at once, I think they will be good playmates.

Camilla called same evening, and told me, that the travel to their home had been trouble free. Next morning she called med, and said, that Jenny slept all night long.

July 20th.- Puppies new homes
I got good news from the puppies new families, it is great to hear everything is fine. Here are some photos from their new homes.
Samson, June and Mikkel in the garden. Samson and June share Samson's bed. June just felt asleep on her way.
Jackpot rests under the table Jackpot arrives to his new home Jazz had found a nice place to rest

July 16th.- Jackpot leaves

Jackpot leaves home. His new owner Helle thinks he has grown a lot since the first time she saw him.

Jackpot lives together with a Maine Coon cat.

July 13th. - only us
Both Benno and Mille have left for their homes today, so now we are only ourselves. A bit strange, there have been many dog here in the last weeks.

July 10th. - Mille visit us for the weekend
We have to care for Mille (cockerapaniel) this weekend. Puppies think it was exciding she looks difference..Mille is an old lady 11 years old, she do not like the puppies that mush, but went her own way.

July 8th. - Joker leaves
Ole and Lis came to take Joker home. They have 3 children 6, 10 and 13 year.

Later that day Wilma left, Wilma was very happy to see her mother again, she smiled and smiled.

July 7. - Bloodtest for DNA

Jette Mauritzen came to take me, Goodie and the puppies to the vet. He made som bloodtest from the puppies and Goodie we had to send to Germany, where they had found the DNA for deafness, the want to se if the Danish and the Germany dalmatian DNA is the same.

Juny 3th. - Benno on vaccation
After June left, Benno came for vaccation while his family was in Italy. He was lucky this year here were two playmates (Wilma and Idea and of cause the puppies.

Benno is now 8 years old, but even then he layed all the time.
Here he rest. But his two playmates are total finished!

July 3th. - June leaves

Mikkel, Lonnie and big brother Samson (Dallise's Invincible Ironman) came to take June home. They brought dinner for us all, very nice.

Wilma and Samson met for the first time since the left home 2 years ago, they had a nice time together.

Both Wilma and Samson smile a lot. I have got a greeting from Lonnie and Mikkel, they tell that June also smiles - fun.

July 1st. - Juwel leaves
Berit, Sascha, Sammie and (Peter?),came to take Juwel to her new home.


June 20. - Wilma on vaccation
Wilmas father is on the hospital, and Wilma is on vaccation untilll he comes home.
The sisters wilma and Idea thought it were realy fun.
Wilma met 2 playmates more, her brother Samson and Benno, she had a fun time.

Juni 18th. - Jasmine leaves
Then Jasmine was picked up by John and Lissy, She is only moving 20 kilometers away from here, so we hope to see her often.

June 14th. - Charlotte and Happy visited us again

Charlotte, Goodie, Happy and Dotter sleep.
Happy and Charlotte came for two days. Happy and the puppies now play together,

June 13th. - Zabel has 15 year birthday
Birthday dinner was 15 warm mini meat balls.

June 13. - Joy leaves
John and Tanja came from the northern part of Jutland to take their new family member home.
They brought also breakfast for us all very nice.
Joy is to live with 3 cats.

June 12. - Jazz leaves
Ken, Lise and their grandchildren came to take Jazz home
He is the number four Dalmatian the family have had.

June 9th. - Hearing test
Vi var til høretest i Odder, det var hvalpenes første biltur, og det gik fint. Nogle kastede en smule op, men det meste af køreturen sov de alle.
Jeg havde taget Lis med, hun passer sommetider mine hune, og har tidligere arbejdet på Brædstrup Dyreklinik, det var en rigtig god hjælper, at have med.

June 5th. - Jette and Jens (Kennel Friheden) visited us
Jette og Jens kom på besøg for at hilse på hvalpene. Det var Jens's fødselsdag, jeg havde købt cacao og flødeskum, det tror jeg, at jeg glemte at sige. Men vi fik kaffe og kager. Jette hjalp med at tage billeder af nogle af hvalpene. Og Jens, tænk ham har jeg slet ikke noget billede af, de er nok blevet slørede, jeg har stadig besvær med at indstille kameraet rigtigt.


May - Wilma and Idea
Idea havde sin søster Wilma (med rødt halsbånd) på feriebesøg i et par dage. Det synes de begge to var rigtigt sjovt, men Wilma synes nu også, at det var rart at blive hentet igen.

Friends come to see the puppies
Dagen for Storbededag kom der en del venner, de fleste har, eller har haft, dalmatinere herfra. Det var rigtigt hyggeligt. Hvalpene blev studeret grundigt, og de blev fundet rigtig søde og fine. Hvalpene selv synes, at det var alletiders at have så mange at snakke med.

Birthdays in April og May



03. maj
F-kuldet, der består af Freja, Oskar og Oskar, børn af Zabel og Dotter fyldte 10 år. Jeg fik intet gjort ved det - skam mig - men jeg rejste hjem fra Sjælland den dag, og et kvarter efter jeg kom hjem, kom der mennesker, og kikkede på hvalpene. Bagefter var jeg bare lidt træt, jeg var kommet noget sent i seng om natten
Men jeg må jo se at få ringet og høre til dem.


30. april
Hvalpemoderen og hendes søskende (G-uldet) fyldte 8 år.
Jeg må med skam meddele, at jeg ikke fik gjort så meget ved det, da min egen bror fyldte rundt den 1.maj og holdt fest den 2. maj, der skete lige lidt meget på en gang.
Jeg skulle jo til København og fejre ham, og samtidig sørge for pasning af mine hunde herhjemme. Men Olivers familie har jeg da snakket med, han havde en fin fødselsdag.


28. april
Goodies første børn (H-Kuldet) fylder 5 år. Det er helt fatastiskt så hurtigt tiden går. Jeg fik snakket med nogle af deres mennesker, og alle havde det godt. Jeg fik sendt et par billeder af Casco's fra hans familie i Norge. Han er stadig en frisk fyr, siger de.
Freja (Fabulous Freja) 10 år 3. maj
Oliver (Gift from Gregor) 8 år 30. april
Casco (Handsome Heeler) 5 år 28. april
April 19th - the first visit

Sunday morning some of my friends came to seen our babies.
They brought fresh bread form the baker for breakfast it was very cosy.
It was a sunny morning and became a good day. My friends also took some fotos of Goodie and her children, and I was very pleased as my own camera is broken.

Spring greetings from Oliver


Martin the owner of Oliver (D. Gift from Gregor) always takes wonderful photos of him.
Oliver lives together with a Dalmatian bitch named Freja.
They live very close to the forrest and the sea, and have good walks.
Oliver is Goodies brother, so he had just been uncle again.
I thought everybody should see the photo.




April 16th - Charlotte as birth helper
Charlotte (who has 2 Dalmatians Nuppe (D. Elegant Nuppe) 11 years old and Happy (D. Happy Helper), who is nearly 5 years). Just in the moment she get some treatment from a specialist in the neighbourhood. Therefor she often visits us. She came April 16th, and she had planed a short visit. But when Goodie delivered her first son just in front of her feet, in the middle of the lunch, she decided to stay.
Charlotte had never seen a birth before, and she says, it has been a great experience. She learned a lot that day. Goodie got her last puppy at 02.25 in the night, so we were a bit tired the next day.


April 09-2009 - Easter!!
At last spring and sunshine. We all enjoy it. When all neighbours are in the garden there is a lot to watch. We are looking forward to the new dalmatianbabies arrival the waiting time is soon over.



25th anniversary


Idea between the two pensioners of the house, Zabel 14 years and 9 months and granny Dotter 12 years and 5 months.
In these days it is 25 years since my first Dal- matian, Førby's Flirty Jazzy Jenny (Jenny), came into my live, and this is a kind of a anniversary.

At Jenny's breeders, Kennel Førby, I saw, that they had put all the ribbons from dogshows on one leash. I thought it looked very smart, so I wanted to do the same thing .

You can see the result to the left, the seven dalmatians, who had lived together with me in the last 25 years, have everyone a piece of leash, the leash is divided by ribbons with their names, so I can see which ribbons, there belong to each individual dog.

It has been 25 wonderful years with the spots, lots of funny happy times. Shows are just a little part of it. I am looking forward to many years to come together with these spotted creatures.

Idea's and her littermates 2 years birthday

The 22nd of Marts the youngest of the house and her littermates became 2 years.
Idea was celebrated duly got her whiskers singed by the candles, her birthdaygift was a nice clothes dolphin. Her sister Wilma's owners called to say happy birthday.
In the evening her halfsister Happy came to celebrate her. All in all a very good day to remember.

Goodie 18.03.2009
The 14th and 16th of Februry Goodie and I visited Jilloc's Spermbank (Love) and Lotta at Delary near the city Älmhult in Sweden. Love is owned of Team Jilloc & Timanka but lives with Lotta and her family and dogs.
Goodie and Love immediatly felt in love, the result of the love affair is now visible, puppies are expected 19th of April.
It is the first time Love will be father (he is also a boy, first 2 years in the summer), in retaliation to this it is third and last time Goodie will be mother. So you can say, she was the experienced in this affair.
Love has been shown three times, and he had got a CAC - magnificent!!
Goodie also ownes a CAC.

Opdates 09.03.2009
At last some updates. When screensize 800 x 600 nearly is histroy, I started to update to 1024 x 768. I am not yet finish, but think, I can start to upload the site now.

I belive the problem that the topmenu disappear in the Firefox browser is solved now, but to be sure I still keep the Quickmenuen.

When the topmenuen is modifyed, there can be links, which do not work properly, even I had tested the menu, if you have problems, I will be pleased if you let me know about it :-)?.

More sites are updatet some of them are Puppies and Sitemap.


Christmas greeting from Martin and Oliver

A new year has begun.
An unprinted piece of paper, and lots of experiences are awaiting us. I can not think of a better way to begin the new year than this wonderful picture of Oliver (Gift from Gregor).
Martin (Olivers father) sent the picture to me just before Christmas.