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News 2008

Idea for mental test
The 23-24/8 2008 held Icelandic sheep dog club and the Dalmatian club mental test in Aarhus. There were 11 dalmatinere that was tested. Most of less than 2 years, which is the maximum age for the outcome will be registered in the Danish Kennel Club database. Both days were both Icelandic sheep dogs and dalmatinere to the test. Most dalmatinere was tested on Saturday. Idea was tested as raisins in the pudding ends Sunday. She was a little more cautious than I had expected, but made the experiences fine. The result can see here. (pdf).

Greetings from Morgan
We got a greeting from Morgan's (Irresistible Impulse) father with recent pictures of him. Let me bring here, he is indeed been a nice guy.
Morgan's father wrote to me:

As you can see, he has been a great and very handsome dog, he has really fallen in the family and become friends with both children and cats ... We are very happy for him, he is both intelligent and with a beautiful mind!

... where it is just great to get such a greeting!

17th August exhibition in Vejen
My friends Joke and Henk Kentin from Holland, were at the exhibition with their youngest dog Shadow (Gwynmor A Shadow in the Mirror) and their grandson Joey to 6 years. It was a warm pleasant day (but there was little many hornets).
I get kisses from the ShadowJoke, Henk, Joey and Shadow.

Shadow    Very Good 1    Juniorclass
Idea Very Good 4 Intermediate class
Goodie Very Good 3 Openclass
Judge: Wera Hübenthal, Norge

   Casco's a little confused departure
It was supposed Casco was retrieved by his family late at night on 29 July when they were with a ferry from Denmark to Norway next day.
But on my way home from visit to Thor and Loke, I was called by Marinko (Casco's owner), their flights had been delayed, and they had lost the plane to Copenhagen in Prague. It flew no flights until early the next morning, it resulted that they could not reach their ferry to Norway and would drive home through Sweden instead. He would ask if I could get Casco to Copenhagen. Since I do not have a car, I had saddened him that I could not cope. Then he said that when they will came and fetched him the next day.
When I arrived in Horsens, however, my phone rang again, it was Louise, Marinko's friend's daughter, she had promised to take Casco to Copenhagen, so he was there when their plane arrived. She would like to get him now as they were off early in the morning.
So Louise and her venninde kept waiting for me when I came to Astruplund, and they g0t Casco with them home. Casco even think proved that it was quite OK, he has previously been with Louise and think that she's very sweet. And then there was indeed done a great stuff of him.
And on this little chair around way, Casco came home from his holiday in Denmark.


Visit to Thor and Loke
I got a ride to the North, and took the opportunity to visit Thor (Hippic Harmony) and Loke (Important Inkspots) and their families. The Spots and their family moved in the spring from Nørresundby, and now lives in the countryside with 3 horses. It was not a particularly long visit when Casco (Handsome Heeler) was due to leave later in the evening, and I therefore had to be home again.
Here they live now, and has a
Araucaria araucana!
Thor and Loki agree on a teddybear. Rikke, Mathias and John with Thor and Loke
It is hard to be big brother. Two good friends, Mathias and Thor. We had an icecream on Hals harbour.


The giggler Wilma

We had the pleasure of having a visit from Wilma (Ideal Ivory 'n' Ebony) in a few days while her family was to their daughters wedding.
She is a real giggler and not to stand for.


26. July Dan and Charlotte came back from holidays south

Dan had a brief break here, and then drove home to there maledog Nuppe, who was submitted in their home by his dogsitter in the morning.

Charlotte and Happy / Abbey was here in a few days extra.
It was supposed we have to work, but when the sun shone in the day from a serene sky, it was too hot. Therefore we relax together with the 7 dogs, and enjoyed the weather.

Idea had obviously come into season, and therefore could not be with Zabel or Casco. It was a bit tricky.


24. July visiting Ebeltoft
I had the opportunity to visit Jacob (Humble-Bee Hunter) and his family Aage and Jette in Ebeltoft.
It was a long time since I had seen them, therefore, it was really nice to see they all had it good. It was a nice day, with plenty of sunshine, where I was a tourist in Ebeltoft, with Jette as a guide

I also had seen the frigate Jutland, what there was much to see and where it was exciting.
The day ended with a beautiful sunset, we enjoyed from the balcony of their house before the trip went against Astruplund again


The 24/7 we were also the result of Idea's X-rays, it was AD = 0/0 - HD = A/A.



Three good friends
We had a couple holiday children, the two siblings Casco (Handsome Heeler) and Abbey (Happy Hel-per) at 4 years, a few weeks here in July.
They and Idea (little sister 1½ years), was almost inseparable. They had a nice time, and was playing all day.
The mother to all three, Goodie, then released in exchange for being alloy aunt for her youngest child all the time.
She seems to enjoy, to be able to relax a little of her to counter the children that they must up-keep properly, and then enter and take a nap on the sofa with Dotter.


Zabel's 14 years birthday


Zabel got 14 years old June 13th. (He is still a thief, I expect we have to live with it).
The day had to be celebrated, therefore a birthdaytable was made with flags and candle.
The menu consisted of 14 mini rissoles each one decorated with a paperflag with a wooden stick, In addition a bun was used as a clip for two bigger flags
Zabel was introduced to the titbits, and in two minutes (I checked the time) he succeeded in swallow: 14 mini rissoles, a bun and nine paperflags with wooden sticks.
I was a bit uneasy about flags the sticks are toothpicks and they are shapen.
I went to a family reunion at Zealand in the weekend, so I called home to my dogsitters, and ask about his health. Nothing to at notice, they said. But they thinks I was a bit crazy, when I fed him with toothpicks.


Skipper visited us

June 12th we had a visit from my friend Margot and her poodle "Skipper".
Margot met with an accident in the spring, where she was injuryed. Therefore she had not been so much on tours with skipper, as she used to. Skipper has in moment no playmates in the neighbourhood.
So we thought, it was a good idea, if Idea amused him a little.
Idea had never met Skipper before, but after she from a save place (between Margot and me on the garden bench),had made sure of, there was a frindly creature underneath the curled hair, and then I think the photos speak for themselves.

1st of June dogshow in Varde
Idea og Goodie was at show on a hot summerday with full sunshine.
Idea VG  juniorclass
Goodie VG3 openclass

On our way home, we enjoy our packed lunch on a lay-by in the neighbourhood Varde Stream, and then we had to see the stream before we drove on.


Dalmatian Club Show 2008
Idea and I went to the Club Show June 24th. and 25th. at Vig.
Idea god "very good" (red ribbon) both days. As you see at the photos below, there is something we have to practice on.

In combination with the Dalmatian Club Show, we visited Grethe and Martin at Asnæs, where also Goodie's bror Oliver (Dallise's Gift from Gregor) 7 years old and his "lille sister" Freja 2 years old, live.
We recieved there hospitality, through the weekend. It was some wondeful (mini) summerholiday.



Wilma on a weekend stay May 17th. maj.

Such a pair of teenagers are really sharp, so decorate
the garden. They have so much energy!! Something happen around them.
But yes - you can get tired.

Fragments from April month

April 30th Goodie's 7 years birthday
A day to celebrate, so we laied the table for birthday.
I belive, Goodie only was interested in the eatable. And yes she looked like it was OK.


Charlotte, who lives together with Nuppe (Dallise's Elegant Nuppe) 10 years old and Happy-Abbey (Dallise's Happy Helper) four years, had started to have dogcourses in Hjørrig.
Therefore she wanted to make a homepage, where she could tell about the courses. we made a appointment about she had to come to my home a friday so we could take a look at it.
She had to be home again before sunday owing to her course, so we had to work hard to finish the homepage in time, she got really tired in the evening and she felt asleep. Happy-Abbey, who was with her also felt asleep.

We succeed in, finish the hompage late saturday evening. So she left by midnight, she had two hours driving home. You can see our efforts on:

Charlotte is allowed to use a picture of Fie, Annette Vieler's old bitch, as logo. Fie had a wonderful smile.


Saturday April 12th.

Samson on tour with grandmother, mother and sister Idea

The 12th. of April we wanted to make a puppy-meeting with the litter from last year. It shown up to bee a bad day, only Samson and his owners Lonnie og Mikkel were able to come. But it was really fun to see them agian, we had a nice afternoon, and Idea and Samson were very glad to se each other again. It could had be fun so see the other also, we will try to connect them all later.

Samson, Lonnie and Mikkel sit nice
Samson smile!


Benno (Memory Dalsjø's Benno) came on vaccation for one week, when his family was on the Azores.
He is nearly 7 years, but Idea took care of, he kept his condition. She thought it was great than an "uncle" visited her.

First in April Jørgen (who is "father"
to Goodie's sis- ter Freya) came for a cup of cof- fee. He said hello to our guest dog Wilma, who still was here, and of couse he also said hello to the dogs of the hou-se.
It was nice to see him.

Jørgen says hello to WilmaBenno and Idea

Et feriebarn i marts
Wilma (Ideal Ivory 'n' Ebony) came om vaccation in her old home for a couple of days.
Idea got very happy. It was nice to have a visit of a sister. They played and run in the garden, and shared the dogbed even it was a bit to small for two. It was just cosiness.
Wilma has a nice smile, and she smile all the time.



Easter Saturday March 22nd. 2008
Idea got one year old - and the winter came at last to Denmark, she woke up to a white garden, and met snow for the second time in her live. She also was celebrated and got a little to eat.


Sunday March 16th 2008
Idea og Goodie attended at the unofficial show at Brædstrup with the following result:

Incredible Idea:
Good size, good proportionered head, exellent neck, typical topline, correct underline, good angles behind, moves excellent for her age, wonderful positive temperament.
VG.1 juniorclass, BOB.
Gossip Goodies:
Bitch of good size, good proportinered head, good neck, typical topline, a bit low tailset, good forlegs, correct underline, moves excellent for her age.
VG.1 openclass

Judge: Tinna Grubbe - not aut. for the breed.


Feburay 13rd 2008
Now today Zabel is 13 years and 8 month. On the photo he shares his bed with Dotter 11 years old .
Zabel enjoys life and he still steals from the table, if he can.. In fact he is the biggest thief of them all.
I love to share my live together with my "gold pieces" I feel very luckey and rich because they still are healthy.
Older dogs are very special dogs, maybe because they have a lot of experience.

Now Christmas and New Year evening got through, and peace felt on
Of course Christmas is a wonderful time, You hear a lot news from friends and your dalmatian-children.

We received this wonderful photo of Samson (Invincible Ironman). He is grown up and look handsome, and he is also a big smiler his family tell me.

There also came a more serious message, as Silke's (Imaginative Icedancer) family told she broke her leg in the middle November, but she is inrecovery and the vet is confident.

From the older generations we for instance got a greeting from Dotter's sister Dainty (Dainty Dancer) family, she had past her 11 year birthsday late in October fine. They told she was a little bit to fat, but this part of the Dalmatian family, are extremely glad for food.

I hope to see all my youngster in the spring.