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News 2007

Dotter's and her bad leg
Dotter, our old lady (10 soon 11 years) started to limp on her left foreleg in July. when it continuos we visited the vet, she get some pillar to take the pain. It helped, but when we stopped with the pillar she started to limp again, another visit to the vet, she was X-rayed, and it showed up she had sclerois in her neck, she got some new medicine.
It didn't work out very good, now she nearly didn't use her leg, and she looked very poor, it was pitiful to se, the vet was contacted again.
He suggested we tried a chiropractor. When I never have tried such treatment before, I asked other people, and learned, they have had good results with there dogs.
So we went to the chiropractor, In addition to to look at her neck, he found something wrong with her shoulder. So now after 3 visit we again have an old dalmatiangirl who enjoy live very much.


About our youngster (Idea)
September 22nd. 2007. Idea is now 6 month old, she just ended the puppies trainning course . She had been very glad to be together with the other puppies on her own age. What she has learned? something I think!
Reason of the coming winter we will now join the ringtrainning course, which is indoor.
Recently she was a weekend in Copenhagen (by train), we lived with my aunt, she behaved good. In fact I were proud of her. She also has had her show début, in spite of she don't likes to show her bite, the results is good.


September 1st.2007
Danish Dalmatian Club has this year a two days show in Silkeborg the 1st. and 2nd. of September. At saturday both Loke (Dallise's Important Inkspots) and Idea (Dallise's Incredible Idea) had their début. Many of the spring puppies where enrolled, The competitition for the puppies were open.
Loke was very promising male puppy 3.
Idea was very promissing

That was the first time we saw Loke and his family since he left home. Nice to see them again. Loke and Idea thought it was fun. What the photos beneath also tell.

Loke and John
July month

Summertime means our "puppies" on vaccation. Just now two littermates 3 years old, Abbey (Happy Helper), who lives in the northern part of Jutland and Casco (Handsome Heeler), who lives in Sandefjord, Norway. They have not seen each other since they left for new families 8 weeks old. They realy enjoy to meet again..

June 30. 2007
Iver now Morgan (Dallise's Irresistible Impulse)
now lives with the family Prudholm/Schmidt Olsen. They have had one dalmatian before.
29. June 2007
Silke leaves for her new home
Photos from her arrival.

Silke and Bijou

Silke (Dallise's Imaginative Icedancer)
now lives with the Andersen family together with her two spotted "sisters".
19. june 2007 - Silke has guests.


Silke's new family and one of her new "sisters" Bijou visited us, The puppies thought it was fun.

13. June 2007
Zabel celebrate his 13 years birthsday! And he is still going strong.

Zabel's birthsday cake

Start again
3. June 2007 - Dalmatian Club Show 2007

Zabel (Dallise's Charming Chappie)
still retaining the outline, coat in good condition, nice head and expression, and still moving gayly.
1. prize 1. winner veteran class
Judge: Brenda Smith, GB.

Dotter (Dallise's Darling Dotter)
10˝ black moving remarkebly well for her age, attractive head, dark eyes, nice neck, and level topline, ribs well sprung, and a deep brisket, nicely shaped hindquarters, and presented in good condition.
1. prize 1. winner veteran class
Judge: Malcolm Smith, GB.



Status May 20th.

Puppies are now 8 weeks old, and start to leave their first home.

Wilma (Ideal Ivory 'n' Ebony)
now lives with the Marker family, she is the third dalmatian they own.

Loke (Important Inkspots)
now lives with the Baisgaard/Jensen family, together with his big brother Thor (Hippic Harmony).

May 25th.
Samson (Invincible Ironman)
now lives with Mikkel Sørensen and Lonnie Yde, He is their first dalmatian.


First show of the year

Waiting for the train
February 17th. 2007 Danish Kennel Club got through the first show of the year at Odense Congress Center.
Somehow the first and last show of the year are something special, therefore I enrooled Goodie. When I only had one dog with me, we were able to travel by train instead of rent a car.
There were 26 dalmatians at the show, the judge was Leni Nousiainen from Finland.
It got a really good start of the year for us, as Goodie won the CAC and got the 2nd best bitch. Indeed a nice day. I was very happy. We also were so lucky we got a lift home, so we arrived home much earlier than expected. Certainly a day which deserve to be remembered.

Goodies statement:
Correct proportions and bones, a bit narrow in head, nice expression, correct ears, nice neck and topline, enough forchest, steep uperarm, correct body, nice rear, correct spottings and feets, moves a bit close in the rear, correct drive 1. winner openclass CK. CAC, 2nd best bitch, res.cacib

Visit at the vet.

After a sad experience last year, where a visit at Timanka's Just Harvesting (Mulle) unfortunately not resulted in, Goodie got pregnant, (she was inseminated, because Mulle had had an accident and had hurt his back, therefore they were not able to mate on the normal way). I had decided this time, Goodie had to be scanned. The 16. of February we visited the veterinary, he told us that she was pregnant, it was a wonderful message to get. Now we just look foreward to see the puppies. Expected day of birth March 25th.

Goodie in Sweden

The 20th of January Goodie and I went to Sweden to visit Bosson (Jilloc Loverboy) who lives in Goetene by "Team Jilloc & Timanka". We left Denmark on a day when the rain was pouring down and flood some parts of Jutland, and a stormy weather resulted in an overdue ferryboat at Frederikshavn.
In Sweden we arrived together with the first snow (we were told). Owing to the stormy weather the snow covered up the road signs and made it difficult to see what was written on them. Luckily we had to follow the same road all the way. However, it was getting dark and a little bit hard to make out how long way we had back.
At last we found the house in Goetene, and immidiately Bosson and Goodie saw each other they fell in love. See more about this here.

The photoes to the left is the hotel where we spent the night.
It was a really great place, where dogs in truth are welcome. Situated in the neighbourhood of Bossons home.
Here Goodie was extremely spoiled, she was allowed to go to the break- fastroom, here the reception clerk fed her with meat by the hand, and she also gave Goodie a newmade sand- wich intended for her own coffeebreak.
Goodie was very satisfied, it seemed like she thought the service was OK.
We also had time for a walk in a very wonderful snow covered forest nearby the village. We brought the camera with us, but unfortunately the extra set of batteries were in the car. So after one picture of Goodie (without forest) the batteries were empty. I was too lazy and did not went back to the car for the other ones, so we only have this single photo.