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News 2006

Visiting Bella (Jutland)

Click at the photo for a bigger size underneath.
The 21th of Maj there was a possibility to visit Bella (Dallise's Horsy Hope), now 2 years old, and her family in Højslev nearby Skive.
Besides Bella, the dalmatian, Edith and Laurids have lots of different birds, a talking green parrot inside the house, and many dashing richly coloured birds outside. But also a white duck hatching out goose eggs.
An ornamental lake with fish, here Bella has her special place by the lake, where from she can watch the neighbourhood.
The house is too big for two people, therefore they have bought a smaller farmhouse in a village nearby. And they will move in the autumn with all there animals.
A really cosy afternoon it was, and it was nice to see how happy Bella is.

  Nougat - thanks for everything

Nougat (Dallise's Brenda Brown) was quitely put to sleep in her "mother" Annette Vielers arms the 19th.of Maj. She got 13 years and 8 months old.
Nougat was as far as I know the last left out of Livas puppies. So with Nougat a epoch ends.
- EVEN both Liva and Nougat still are here during their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. In this house it is Dotter (daughter of Nougat), Goodie (grandchild) and Goodies children (great grandchildren). Thank you for everything Nougat - you will allways be in our hearts.
Birthsdays cakes
During the spring I recieved photos of the dogs birthsdays, there they are.

Oliver (Dallise's Gift from Gregor) 5 years April 30th.
Owners:Grethe and Martin Kristensen

Abbey (Dallise's Happy Helper) 2 years April 28th.
Ejere: Dan Petersen and Charlotte Larsen

Nuppe (Dallise's Elegant Nuppe) 8 years February 27th.
owners: Dan Petersen and Charlotte Larsen

From the Danish Dalmatian Club

Zabel recieved this diplomas from the Danish Dalmatian Club, which shows, that he was best Oldie (over 7 years)in the years 2004 and 2005.

 Hedensted - Danish Kennel Club - 02.04.2006
Name Class Results Judge
Dallise's Happy Helper Intermediate 2.w. Tony Moran, Irland
Dallise's Gossip Goodies Open 4.w. Tony Moran, Irland
Dallise's Darling Dotter Senior 1.w. CK Tony Moran, Irland

  Welcome to Denmark Diva
French Kiss vom Hause Cideri (Diva).
The family Skov Andersen again have a spotted familymember after the tragic dead of Dalton in January.
With this we welcome French Kiss vom Hause Cideri called Diva. Born 28/11 2005.
We wish Diva and her family a long and happy life together, and look forward to meet her.

Warning to all dogowners

In deep grief, I can tell, one of Goodies puppies, Dalton (Dallise's Handy HTML) died januar 8th. 2006. He got only 20 months old. After he left us he was obducered, while his family want to know the reason of his dead. It was found as raisins.
Dalton stole a box of raisins at the breakfasttable 4.1.06 he ate both the box and the plastic, so his family did not wonder while he got a little sick, they did not know raisins was dangous after 2 days they went to the vet but then is was to late to safe him. The vet did not have knowledge to the dangous of raisins. But when he seach informations, he found this.

Grapes and Raisins

Ingestion of grapes and raisins has just recently been associated with the onset of acute renal failure in dogs.
Literature is sparse, and signs and treatment are based on case reports with no firm scientific research as a backup 2. No specific breed predilection or geographic location has been noted. Neither the toxin nor the mechanism of action has been identified. Toxicity varies and has been reported with ingestion of just a few raisins or grapes up to several pounds.
Homegrown grapes or raisins appear to be just as toxic as those purchased in stores Vomiting partially digested grapes or raisins occurs 1 to 3 hours after ingestion and is followed by anorexia, severe abdominal pain, and diarrhea with partially digested grapes or raisins in feces. Later signs include central nervous system (CNS) depression and decreased urine output. Results of serum chemical analysis taken 24 to 36 hours after ingestion are consistent with acute renal failure.
Treatment is symptomatic and includes early and aggressive intravenous (IV) fluid diuresis or peritoneal diuresis in anuric dogs. Signs may last from a few days to many weeks. Prognosis is good if treated early, although sporadic deaths have occurred in well-treated cases.

In memory of Dalton
Dalton December 2005
A warm thank for their love and care for Dalton and sympathy with there lost to the family Andersen who own him in his short life.